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  • 2008
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized rookies
aka ルーキーズ


genres drama, sports, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 19 Apr, 2008 - 26 Jul, 2008
episodes 11
duration 58 minutes
air day Saturday
at 19:56 - 20:54
status released


avg. score 3.8 of 5 by 1047 users
total users 1784
rating 3983
favorites 102


rookies sp
2008 TV jp


Kawato Kouichi is transferred from his previous school due to an incident which tarnished his name as a good teacher. The new school is quite infamous for its problematic baseball club. The club members are a bunch of hopeless, good for nothing kids. Nonetheless, recognizing the talented pitcher named Aniya, and the buried dream of the students, Kouichi tries to revive the baseball team with the aim to go to Koshien (famous Japan baseball tournament).




Aniya Keiichi
Mikoshiba Tooru
Kawatou Kouichi
Okada Yuuya
Hiratsuka Taira
Wakana Tomochika




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27 Jan, 2014
Both dramas are about baseball clubs with relatively inexperienced members who work hard together and aim for Koshien, the national Japanese high school baseball tournament.

25 Jul, 2010
The teacher helps the kids to find the right way in life!


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priceless 03 May, 2013
In short, "Have a dream, and flourish!" 4/5 :)
suki034 30 Sep, 2012
I love how there are so many Crows Zero cast members featured in the different episodes, besides Kenta Kiritani and Sousuke Takaoka in the supporting roles. It's almost like a reunion!
golden91 10 Jul, 2012
Amazing, I love it .. the friendship and student-teacher relations are expressed amazingly in the drama ^()^
masterpiece ..
malice 20 Nov, 2011
woo i remember watching this when it aired XD but because the subs were slow i had to put it on-hold but i finally finished watching it..after 2 years O.O'
it was a good drama about following your dreams and never give up until you achieve it.
neoluchs 04 Nov, 2011
I'm surprised at how violent this feels sometimes.

Is this drama supposed to be unrealistic?

How in the world did Enatsu escape attempted murder charges (assuming the victim lived, they never really addressed that)? And honestly, what school would take on such a liability afterwards, just for the sake of his ~mad skillz~? They had plenty of other decent baseball players.

Also, have the Japanese never heard of the concept of "self-defense"? If a group of freshmen thugs start beating the shit out of you, you have every right to fight back in order to protect yourself. Any authority that would penalize the victim is really stupid. Would they seriously rather just have them lie there and risk death by bludgeoning? Just for the sake of a reputation? I don't see how that's humane by any standards.
samurajdreamer 05 Sep, 2011
madziavelmadzik 04 Jul, 2011
me & my friends have counted the 'dream' word in the 2nd episode. 27 times. new record lol. i've seen that only 2 eps and to be honest, i don't feel the need to watch more xD and i don't really have to, cuz i already know how it'll end. the action is way too predictible. also its pace was so slow, always talking about the same thing, just the background changes.
but this drama has some good parts. some of the moment were very hilarious (mostly with the teacher lol XD he was great XD ) and this drama has a really beautiful message (lol but the 'dreams' word was way too much XD ).
so overall - this drama is for someone who has lots of free time and likes the stories like 'gto' or 'gokusen' (:
hiroshi 09 Jun, 2011
I liked it. And I'm going to watch the special and the movie for sure . It's not boring at all. I cried several times though the plot was rather predictable but still very good. I like Sato Takeru.))
This drama reminds me a lot of Tumbling. Though baseball and rhythmic gymnastics are so different the dramas have a lot in common. A lot. I know that at first Tumbling seems to be weird. Like... you think boys in gymnastics ... kimochi warui... And the covers of DVD make you sick at first. But Tumbling is about yankees, too. So If you like Rookies really much ... give Tumbling a try, too. You'll like it, too.