ESC to close 3.52 (by 1809 users)sunao ni narenakute
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized sunao ni narenakute
english Hard To Say I Love You
literal Hard To Be Honest
aka Hard To Say I'm Sorry, sunanare


genres drama, life, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 15 Apr, 2010 - 24 Jun, 2010
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Thursday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.52 of 5 by 1809 users
total users 3055
rating 6361
favorites 110



The five main characters have been friends on Twitter for a while, one day Ichihara Kaoru suggests that they meet face to face. It sounds easy but after meeting each other, the hidden emotions and lies surface and each has to deal with it alongside the difficulties of their own everyday lives.




Nakajima Keisuke
Mizuno Tsukiko
Park Seong Su
Nishimura Hikari
Ichihara Kaoru
Matsushima Kenta




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14 Oct, 2010
A lot of people say it has parallels with last year's "Last Friends", and I can totally see how that comparison is being made; five young people played by five hot actors (Eita and Ueno Juri included!) dealing with issues of friendship, love, and making it in the world. A lot of "heavy issues" are covered and *extremely* complicated relationship polygons are formed.

Though I had mixed feelings about "Last Friends", I dove into this one. In the beginning I found myself a little annoyed; the direction, transitions and music from the Ting Tings made me wonder just how hard this show was trying to be hip, and whether it would end up that shallow.

When I watched "Last Friends", I would do it in spurts. I couldn't do this with "Sunao"... A the point I think that many say the story dragged along, I thought that SO MUCH happened in every episode I found myself overwhelmed. I had to quit and reflect on every episode. While the acting was generally good (save for how painful it was to watch Jae-Joong) and the stories were certainly riveting, I found myself not exactly satisfied. For some reason, I wasn't as blown away as Ueno's acting in this show -- I wonder if that's because she's not playing an "alternative" character like she usually does? And I can't really place my finger on why that is right now, but it's something I'll definitely think about...

While I didn't love the ending, I didn't hate it, either. It was a fun watch, and I found myself taken for a ride even though I'd encountered some spoilers before I watched the show. And in the end, I would say that it probably was shallow, but overall, I enjoyed it.
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18 Sep, 2010
I think what I loved most about this series was seeing the fantastic aerial shots of Tokyo every episode, plus the footage of the familiar sights around Shibuya. Nostalgia for me.

Was glad they kept the Twitter element to a minimum. It would've been really lame if they overplayed that.

With its great cast, this series started out most excellent. 5-star till about midway, when it began to drag under the strain of eleven episodes of awkward relationships and ultimately came to a grinding halt in the "finale". It seemed like the last episode would never end. Despite this, still a fine work of drama with simple, everyday dialogue throughout.

And once again Eita could not have Ueno! Will he ever get another opportunity? Maybe next time he'll have to change his look a bit more. A little too much like Takeru here.

They gave this the very appropriate title 素直になれなくて which really literally just means "can't be straight-forward" or "can't be honest". The way it gets translated depends on the circumstances it is referring to. So here they called it "Hard To Say I Love You", but it could refer to anything. You could translate it the opposite, "Hard To Say I Hate You", if it were the case.
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04 Aug, 2012
Both dramas are about a group of friends and also have topics such as friendship, love, and more.

29 Nov, 2011
Both series are about a group of people who meet 'by chance' and end up building a strong friendship between them. Also, characters in both series hide some dark things in their life and the plot touches on topics such as homosexuality or suicide.


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invincible 10 Jan, 2014
The ending
-Ehhhhhhhhhhhh this is end???
I think somehing missed in this ending but the rest was really good
sayitaintsojoe 13 Nov, 2012
I really enjoyed this series.

I'm mostly happy with it, but also a little disappointed in the ending. On one hand I'm happy that it wasn't cliche, but on the other hand I think it could've used about 10 more minutes to patch up you know what. Don't want to spoil it.
doramaaprncss 14 May, 2012
this drama was so sweet, but yeah, like everyone else said, when it came to the ending, I was like, "that's it?"
from the very 1st episode, I sincerely hoped that nakaji & haru dont end up together; i really wanted this drama to surprise me. I wished he would end up with peach or kiriko or even linda for crying out loud. the ending was way too typical for my liking.

& doctor was hot, so its fine.
goguma 29 Apr, 2012
@shiroko I absolutely agree with everything you wrote. Maybe...I don't even need any explicit thing like kiss, but there should be some sign of getting together in the end. And I just didn't get her relationship with Doctor.
Did they admit in the end that it wasn't love or...what? So strange...
sonjarr 24 Apr, 2012
totally have to agree with shiroko when it comes to the ending.. I was pretty disappointed.
daredaniel 24 Feb, 2012
Watched 1st episode... WTH is wrong with the soundtrack? The Ting Tings, seriously? their songs spoiled the dramatic parts of the 1st ep.
lunelle 12 Feb, 2012
The reason I closed my Twitter account ^^
shiroko 17 Jan, 2012
It was nice drama about friendship and I gave it 4/5 but
ending dissapointed me a little. I know,it was happy, but I missed 'something stronger' like kiss or at least hug.And Haru's reaction after confession of Nakaji was strange. She liked him too,but did nothing with this. It was frustrating.
I must admit that Eita was great and next to Linda liked his character the most. The last thing is a wonderful soundtrack including beautiful compositions by Craig Armstrong and Hans Zimmer.