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  • 2014
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized massan


genres life


language Japanese, English


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NHK BSP (NHK BS Premium, NHK BSプレミアム)


date 29 Sep, 2014 - 28 Mar, 2015
episodes 150
duration 15 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
at 07:30 - 07:45
status released


avg. score 3.71 of 5 by 24 users
total users 109
rating 89


massan spin off
2015 TV jp


When Masaharu was leaving for Scotland to study, no one could imagine that he would return married. Ellie, who followed her beloved Masaharu back to Japan is not accepted by his family and the couple has to face many obstacles to stay together. The drama follows Masaharu's dream to create the first real whiskey in Japan and his marriage with Ellie who remains his biggest supporter.

The role of Kameyama Ellie (亀山エリー) is played by Charlotte Kate Fox.




Kameyama Masaharu
Kameyama Sanae
Kameyama Masashi
Okazaki Chikako
Kameyama Sumire
Tanaka Daisaku




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02 May, 2015
Massan and Ellie meet the first time in Scotland, where Massan wants to study how to make Whiskey. They fall in love and she decides to go to Japan with him. The thing is, back in the day - around 1920 - it was not common at all to be a foreigner in Japan and on top of that married to a Japanese guy. But they decided to ignore the disapprovement of their parents and still live together. Massans dream is to make the first Whiskey made in Japan. But it is a hard and long road and even though Ellie supports him, they have to overcome hard times to fulfill his dream.

This drama is my first "asa drama" (morning drama) to watch. Even though it says 150 episodes, it's only 15 minutes each and thus over pretty fast.

The reason this drama is so good is probably the chemistry between Massan and Ellie and also how they communicate the cultural problems. I could connect with Ellie a lot and adored her. She is the person that makes us see Japan and it's faults, without making it more beautiful than it is most of the time. But she also shows the lovely sides of Japan, which also reminded me again of why I love that country so much. It is a good series to get to know the problems of Japan, even though a lot of them might not be too relevant recently. I still think Japan has it's issues with foreigners and a lot to work on, so this only shows how much things improved already.

Aside from the cultural aspects, the story itself is so heartwarming and motivating, a modern fairy-tale and good love story. It isn't your usual drama, but something that gives it's best to show the ups and downs of life.

The only downside is the crying-festival this drama had during the last 30 episodes. The problem is, that series that play in that time of the world will sooner or later come across the years of the second world war and thus have to spend some time with the war - which was a very devestating time, in Japan as well, naturally. And this the drama turned dark and sad, making it hard to not cry, if you already love the characters so much from the beginning. I cried a lot, sometimes it was because it was beautiful and touching, sometimes because it was so sad and harsh.

I really recommend this drama to you, if you are interested in Japanese culture and are together with someone from a different country than yours. It also is recommended for those who like good love stories, without all the drama around them. At least I think they did really well to portray a normal couple.

I will miss Ellie and Massan and am sure, I'll re-watch this drama at some point. 5* and a good recommendation to anyone.
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honey 02 May, 2015
I will get to write a proper review in a few minutes, but for those that don't read reviews:

This drama is starting off lovely and cute and then turns into a crying-fest for the last 30 episodes or so. At least I couldn't stop crying a lot, because I loved the characters so much. It is awesome. Please watch it.
pinkrevolution 22 Mar, 2015
Only two weeks left... I don't want it to end, I'm gonna miss them all so much. T-T
yashii 08 Mar, 2015
Nice short drama with a really interesting topic, at least to me. When you have a Japanese boyfriend it is, of course, difficult to know everything about his culture and character traits, but if there is love you can overcome the most problems. Thank God my parents and his parents aren't like theirs.
zaharisa 28 Nov, 2014
The topic must be hot, I assume, since "in the latter days" Japan is more open to foreighners. Glad is played by a foreigner. Otherwise it would have looked ridiculous. In planned.