ESC to close 2.71 (by 59 users)bonjour♪ koiaji patisserie
  • 2014
  • web
  • Japan

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romanized bonjour♪ koiaji patisserie
english Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie
aka bonkoi, bonjour: koiaji patisserie, bonjour♪ koiaji pâtisserie, bonjour♪ koiaji pâtisserie, bonjour koiaji patisurii, bonjour 恋味パティスリー

Based On

based on game
title bonjour♪ koiaji patisserie
author Interspace (インタースペース)


genres food, romance, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format web
network Nico Nico Douga
by Silver Link. (SILVER LINK.)


date 10 Oct, 2014 - 20 Mar, 2015
episodes 24
duration 5 minutes
air day Friday
at 22:00 - 22:05
status released


avg. score 2.71 of 5 by 59 users
total users 119
rating 160



Haruno Sayuri enters a famous bakery school on a scholarship. Together with her handsome teachers and classmates she works hard at improving her skill in making sweets. The school has the rule that romance between teachers and students is forbidden. How will Sayuri cope when she gets more involved with the new people she meets?






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Both series feature a female lead who attends a prestigious school to evolve her talent. She is surrounded by pretty boys, but according to the school rules, romantic relationships are forbidden.

29 Nov, 2014
Yumeiro Patissiere and Bonjour Koiaji Patissiere are two anime series with the same themes. A girl with a passion for sweets is admitted to a school with many people skilled at baking. However, while Ichigo and Sayuri show different characteristics at first, their talents are of the same caliber. Upon entering the special school, they both meet prince-like guys who help them adapt to their new circumstances, and there is an obvious hint of romance. Overall, Bonjour feels like a shorter but enjoyable version of Yumeiro. They both give off the same feeling and are captivating from the moment they begin.


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Random chan 06 Apr, 2015
Omg ending was soooo bad (I mean the last few eps) XD.
monjaelisa 29 Nov, 2014
@Random chan hardly one to judge! I love otome games too.. xD tho yea... some of the storylines really are.... unique..... rofl
But hey, in the least they are unique... << hmm.. I think its an otomege yea.. pretty sure..... its a game for sure... and it seems otome styled.. as much as can be.... also, nothing wrong with going fangirl on a few bishounens every now and then... just dont tell your guy about it.. xD
Random chan 29 Nov, 2014
@monjaelisa rarely happens ;o. Is there a game for this one? :o It'll be super awesome to play it and droll over bishounens (.__. please don't look at me this way XDDD). I love otome games although most are stupid :P.
monjaelisa 29 Nov, 2014
@Random chan IKR? And the comedy style is totally unexpected... omg...
I honestly wish they would have made it longer..... but hey... for now... we should simply enjoy the anime while we have it c:
maybe they'll make a longer version eventually.. or even a 30 mins ova on 2-3 eps... that would have been awesome...
Random chan 29 Nov, 2014
@monjaelisa I actually like this one. It reminds me of otome games :D.
monjaelisa 29 Nov, 2014
haha, somehow I always seem to find myself watching these animes.. its a short anime, but its really funny by now... its definately worth watching!!