ESC to close 3.72 (by 100 users)hanyeodeul 하녀들
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized hanyeodeul
english Maids (literal)
aka the maids, housemaid, servants


genres drama, romance, fict. history


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network JTBC


date 23 Jan, 2015 - 28 Mar, 2015
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 21:45 - 22:55
status released


avg. score 3.72 of 5 by 100 users
total users 269
rating 372



Guk In Yeop is a daughter of noble family. One day, her father is accused of treason and as a result, she is demoted to slave status. After being dragged away from her wedding ceremony, In Yeop ends up as a maid in the household she used to visit as a noble and is forced to live with servants she used to mistreat. Now, In Yeop is trying to find out why her father became a criminal as she struggles with her new status.




Guk In Yeop
Mu Myeong
Kim Eun Gi
Guk Yu
Kim Chi Gwon
Heo Eung Cham




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vanelya10 31 Jul, 2015
I loved it so much....can't believe its over, it was amazing and I loved Jeong Yu Mi as In Yeob, best strong independent character in my oppinion

after i started getting the whole story behind Mu Myeong's past I thought that this drama would had been a great one if it had continued far beyond the 20 episode

my version of the whole story

------in my opinion i would have started from a glimpse in Mu Myeong's past which had involved his mother and the king, after, the dissappearance of his mother/birth of Mu Myeong/death
-----then i had already been seeing My Myeong as a future king, after struggling in becoming one/being accepted and after, trying to make In Yeob his wife/queen by any means necessary
------then the dissappearance of In Yeob as it continues in the drama originaly, this time in my version long after Mu Myeong becomes the Crown Prince, he decides to find her, assassin's everywhere/killing/reunite
----and of course, a child in the end, his child and a happy ending :D

just that simple, a good amazing/ long historical drama to watch
balassada 29 Jun, 2015
amazing drama..
I liked it so much..
Kim Dong Uk is the perfect actor in all of this drama..
how he put the feeling on his face... waw!
I liked his character so much..
& also the story line is perfect..
I am waiting for next drama for the writer-nim..
liyirna 06 Apr, 2015
@nami24 yes, jTBC is THAT good. You can try Secret Love Affair (as heartwrenching as Maids) or more light-hearted Seonam Girls High School's Detectives. And, of course, Heartless City.

I loved the first half of series with all that horror and hints of passion in Mu Myeong's eyes. Sadly, it didn't best Slave Hunters, though great series in its own right.
nami24 01 Apr, 2015
finished it..........................
this drama was amazing T.T
but i keep wishing no one died at the end.. sawol such a sweetheart i miss her and at that last scene when she was following in yub omg sawolah ;-; <3

although i feel the ending is not that good but like maybe if they dragged it on it would be boring.. and so amma be satisfied with this ending! *-*
now i wanna watch another historical drama..
JTBC dramas are good as this? maybe i should search other JTBC dramas...
secrethanae 31 Mar, 2015
What is with this ending?! Are you kidding me?!
stehcamine 24 Mar, 2015
This is so awesome. Really good! This weekend I started watching first episode and just stop on 16. I've already watched 17 and 18 and: WOW. What a amazing drama! I'm already missing it.
nami24 17 Mar, 2015
finished 15 and 16 *0*
why was there no preview tho D:<
/sobs/ how can i wait for next week ep like this T.T
PS sawol is still just so adorable <3
shayaqus 17 Mar, 2015
so great <3 love it!