ESC to close 3.28 (by 553 users)bameul geonneun seonbi 밤을 걷는 선비
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized bameul geonneun seonbi
english Scholar Who Walks The Night
aka the scholar who walks the night, the scholar walking at night, scholar of the night

Based On

based on manhwa
title bameul geonneun seonbi
author Jo Ju Hui (조주희), Han Seung Hui (한승희)


genres drama, suspense, romance, vampires, fict. history


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 08 Jul, 2015 - 10 Sep, 2015
episodes 20
duration 75 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.28 of 5 by 553 users
total users 1071
rating 1812
favorites 9



Kim Seong Yeol is a scholar and a long time friend of the crown prince Jeong Hyeon. Before his planned marriage with the girl he loves, Seong Yeol learns the horrific truth about the royalty of Joseon and the existence of Gwi, a powerful vampire who demands submission from the king himself. When the plan to destroy Gwi fails, Seong Yeol loses everything he holds dear, including his love and humanity.




Kim Seong Yeol
Jo Yang Seon
Lee Yun
Choe Hye Ryeong
Su Hyang


original creator
original creator


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24 Jul, 2015
Both are supernatural romance dramas set in Joseon, with Lee Jung Gi in the leading role.


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missiealice 31 Oct, 2016
Se o dorama fosse refeito com foco no Gwi e trama em cima do Gwi até com romance sem que ele perca o estilo maléfico e humorado, nossa, seria meu sonho! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
lovelyashley 18 Oct, 2016
I enjoyed it,however, I don't like when the things aren't developed properly or when they don't pay attention to when
scholar's face was burning bc of the sun but suddenly he was able to talk with the crown prince in the room during day time and he didn't have his black robe on... o.O

I'm also not satisfied with the end...
is she going to become a vampire? if not, she will grow old and then die but what happens to scholar then ?! plus I just can't imagine him being with the old her :P wtf or hmmm, how come he was able to bit her and resist her blood so easily ? and many more things like that...

I do recommend it, I was curious all the time what's gonna happen next and there were exciting moments :)
danisensei 13 Sep, 2016
I liked it a lot. Lee Jun Gi has my heart! XD
I liked the plot, the OST, I even liked Gwi. Srsly, I wished
there were a happy ending for him as well. I didn't want him to die.
alexadm81 09 Apr, 2016
I don't understand the negative comments about this drama, not a masterpiece, but still, quite an interesting one and it gradually became more and more interesting.

The acting was amazing as always from Lee Jun-ki, but I liked the others' acting also. I was impressed by how good Lee Soo-hyuk played a villain!

Indeed, I wished the ending to be something more, but still, it was alright! The OST was really beautiful! 4/5.

I don't know if she really commited suicide, all that was showed after the explosion happened one year later. And it makes quite sense for her to be alive.
ellenasabina 01 Nov, 2015
Already rewatching it ^^ Interesting story, awesome cast, acting and unforgettable OST! ★★★★★

The only thing that bothered me:

The ones who turned into vampires looked like they were transforming into animals or monsters.
I don't know why I have always believed vampires were just elegant, dark assassins :P
deema 27 Sep, 2015
I waste 4 days
and .... the most ridiculous story ending
it's early stupid!!
deema 24 Sep, 2015
Totally agree !! , Just don't watch it ! even OST is not that good :(
leylachan 22 Sep, 2015
Boring, waste of time.
Gwi was kinda cool though...