ESC to close 4.05 (by 1296 users)taeyangui huye 태양의 후예
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized taeyangui huye
english Descendants Of The Sun (literal)
aka the descendants of the sun, descended from the sun


genres drama, romance, medical, military, war


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 24 Feb, 2016 - 14 Apr, 2016
episodes 16
duration 75 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 4.05 of 5 by 1296 users
total users 2023
rating 5252
favorites 157


tto mannayo taeyangui huye special
2016 TV kr


Gang Mo Yeon is a highly skilled doctor working at a hospital as a surgeon and seems to be the likely candidate for a promotion, but her idealism is taken away when she is passed over for another surgeon with connections at the hospital. Yu Si Jin is a soldier who is dedicated to his job because he believes he is protecting a good cause and the lives of his loved ones.

When the two of them meet, they are instantly drawn to each other and have a first date only to find out that their ideals and goals in life are totally mismatched, one of them working to save lives and the other's job is to take them. Then, one day, Yu Si Jin's team is sent on a 'holiday', an eight month deployment to Uruk without emergency missions. Eight months later, Gang Mo Yeon, who turned down the hospital's chairman's advances, is sent to the same location as the volunteer team's leader.




Yu Si Jin
Gang Mo Yeon
Seo Dae Yeong
Yun Myeong Ju
Lieutenant General Yun Gil Jun
Lee Chi Hun




19 Apr, 2016
Descendants of the Sun is a show that demonstrates the many benefits of a fully pre-produced show in an industry that favours the live-shoot system. The story is successful in all three aspects of the trifecta: acting, directing and writing.

The show is well casted with regards to the four leads. Song Jung Gi runs away with charisma, remaking his career. Jin Gu plays off Jung Gi well, making for a great bromance. And the ladies also do great, having great chemistry with their respective partners.

The directing and cinematography is gorgeous, clearly reaping the benefits of having time to plan, shoot and edit the scenes. The scenery is beautiful, the shots smart, the editing allowing for the stakes to be felt and the emotions to run.

The weakest aspect of the show is the writing, in as much as there's no large overarching plot beyond the romance. There are big, impactful moments (both romantic and suspenseful) which make for an enjoyable watch, but the rest of the story is fairly insubstantially, existing more to get from impact moment 1 to impact moment 2. There's little character growth to be seen, but the characters start strong and stay strong, never become weaker images of themselves.

Descendants of the Sun is a show that you either love or hate, but regardless it will make you a fan of Song Jung Gi and the pre-produced format.
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Both dramas were written and directed by the same people and feature similar type of playful language and concentrate specifically on the relationships between the characters in a similar manner. Although the genres are totally different, both dramas give similar vibes.

17 Mar, 2018
In both dramas, the medical teams have to deal with the aftermath of earthquakes and lack of resources.


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deformedchrist 08 Feb, 2018
I don't understand the bad reviews regarding this drama. I found it super adorable and the love story (both of them) are so nice.
pyapi 12 Mar, 2017
Up until episode 14 it was a decent drama. Sure, it has its shortcoming (as others mentioned before, there's no overarching story besides the romance) but it still managed to keep me watching. What they did in the last 2 eps seriously lowered my enjoyment, though....

Kill them both off out of nowhere? That they were both going to "come back" was way too predictable and made all the angst feel unnecessary and thrown out there as a last "twist" before the drama ends. Terrible decision imo
bhagwanti 21 Feb, 2017
@kirtil I'm not saying it was worse or better, didn't watch enough of it, but the point is
when i heard he asks her "should i apologize for the kiss or confess" and she says "apologize, ill take your apologize"... I think I never heard worse dialogue in my life.

And the other point is that it totally doesn't deserve the fame it got.You are beautiful was better in at least this that it didn't have serious topic like army and here we have a soldier who
makes a decision to not listen to the other army and his own captain, but lets woman who he was on 2 dates operate on Arab leader. That could end in with huge consequences, but he did it for her, not to safe a life or anything
. It's not the worst thing I saw neither, but considering the fame it got it's a big mistake.
kirtil 21 Feb, 2017
@bhagwanti wow, vomit? really?
I accept that this was no game changer or anything, not a masterpiece but come on.. This was not even the worst of what Kim Eun Suk writes.

I don't think this was any worse than you are beautiful, to the beautiful you or personal preference, just to name a few.
bhagwanti 21 Feb, 2017
I didn't expect much, but since it become such a big hit as a lover of Korean draamas had to try.
And...really? Actors did proper job, but not more than that. Story in some moments naive and stupid. Tht's what I thought at the beginning, till I saw the sceene with "Should I say sorry or should I confess"? I thought I'm gonna vomit. Not because it was cheesy, but because it was stupid. Drama should have end at this moments and for me for now ends.
sunkeener 10 Feb, 2017
Watching a k-dorama that lacks any Korean atmosphere is awful. Dropped after the 3rd episode.
missdrama 12 Dec, 2016
Bad action, but the romance somehow kept me watching this.

Ep 8 ending !! I was grinning like a fool the whole Time :D
limenora 23 Oct, 2016
Maybe because of the enormous hype around this drama my expectations were too high... I'm at episode 4, and so far I find it super boring. Joong Ki is still a cutie, and super hot in military outfit.
When I was in Korea in august, I could not walk on the street without bumping into some D.O.S. commercial in every 10 minutes. It was such a big hit in Korea, so maybe that's why I expected a bit more.

Anyways, I'll keep on watching, maybe it'll be better with time.