ESC to close 3.74 (by 119 users)mondai no aru restaurant
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized mondai no aru restaurant
english A Restaurant With Many Problems


genres drama


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 15 Jan, 2015 - 19 Mar, 2015
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Thursday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.74 of 5 by 119 users
total users 220
rating 445
favorites 5



Tamako's female friend is made to bear responsibility for a failure in her department by having to strip down in a room in front of sixteen of her male colleagues including the company president. Everyone remains silent about that incident, and on top of it conspires to spread nasty rumours about her. Tamako decides to take revenge for her friend by rising up alongside other women who had similar negative experiences and open a rival restaurant.

Friendship blooms between the women and they learn to become stronger and fight for themselves.


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Tanaka Tamako
Monji Makoto
Nitta Yumi
Kawana Airi
Hoshino Daichi
Ameki Chika




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ayume98 02 Apr, 2017
Nicely put kirtil, yeah this is a good Womance drama! :-)
Love all the female characters here. But one character that really stood out for me as every episode goes by was Airi. I thought that she was a very annoying character but,
turned out that she was way more of a very strong character above all the females here.

The episode where she started to cry in front of Tanaka-san and the others in the apartment of theirs as she explained how she was taught and instilled in her about how a woman should behave, or how society that being mostly ruled by men works etc., she just broke my heart. I cried a bit at that part as I watched her shed into tears and still tried to be strong in front of them, making excuses like "all I want is to go to karaoke and just sing" and walked out there.

I enjoyed the drama. It was so much fun and warm all at the same time. Though I wished to see more of Monji-kun and Tanaka-san sweet romance moments still it was a light-hearted and fun ride for me.

Is it me or the restaurant
on the last episode, is that where Summer Nude drama filmed? That was the restaurant right?
And Usuda Asami, I think I saw her on Saiko no Rikon Special where she played as the first love of Uehara Ryou, where Maki Youko is the main lead too in the drama and she played Uehara-san's Wife.
berrytm 17 Oct, 2015
Decent :) Enjoyed it~
zaharisa 28 Jun, 2015
At the beginning of episode 6. I'm proud of Airi's progress .. but totally scared for Nitta. And- of course- as expected- Monji is just adorable :)
aqu135 02 Apr, 2015
i didn't like how the females were angelified and the males were vilified, to be honest. i really wanted the show to address harassment since its a big deal in Japan (people don't even help if they see someone being harassed). i was watching for the lawsuit, but it didn't turn out how I expected and thus felt disappointed with the show. I really liked Monji and Kawana though, they were truly bad people (at times lol)
misekeith 27 Mar, 2015
The stripping obviously is an extreme case. But the kind of harassing that both Tanaka-san and Airi-chan have to stand is pretty common. Stalking is pretty common too. Sexual comments, casual really NOT casual touching also happens. Especially if you're cute. If you're not, the harassment changes in kind: the comments are about how you're too fat, too ugly, too much a foreigner, not too much a foreigner, whatever. That doesn't mean you won't be sexually harassed at a certain point, but.
It may be difficult to believe, but if you try to be/work in Japan for more than a few months, you're bound to encounter these kind of situations. :(
kirtil 27 Mar, 2015
@zaharisa completely agree.

I can totally imagine power harassment at companies in Japan because like my country; the women (and men) there also are conditioned by society. I saw and heard some people commenting on how younger generation is not following the old customs but this kind of conditioning (men's job is to take care of women, family is sacred and should not be discussed openly, you should not bring shame to your family, etc) is not so easy to break.

By itself these are not that critical but they are very easy to warp or abuse. These kinds of things lets men feel entitled and women suppressed/oppressed. Of course this is by averages, it can easily be reversed for genders and still be true.

But I seriously doubt that stripping thing would be possible without consequences. A major company, 7-10 participants to the crime... it would be open and shut case if it came to court. The main defense on harassment is that the initiators claim that they did not intend or realize they were causing discomfort for the victim, they were just playing, or it was just a joke or they were just trying to make the workplace tighter by breaking some walls etc. None of them could apply that. It was a clearly illegal and unlawful act.
I can't nearly call it a harassment; it felt too much like an assault for me.
zaharisa 27 Mar, 2015
But the stripping in episode 1 doesn't happen, right? :( It was so horrible. For the most of the episode I wanted to kill Tanaka's bosses, but that time.. really.. ;(
and do men really throw yourself on women like that ;( ?

OMG.. just reading your comments with @kirtil and I just ;(
No matter how many people are there- that should never ever happen to any human anywhere of the world..

womance, huh :D
kirtil 27 Mar, 2015
This drama left me with lots of warm (as they call their food) feelings.

I had couple issues with how some of the things are handled like how the resolution of one of the main driving points was glossed over but in the end despite giving it only 3 stars, I had immense fun watching it. It tackled some very serious issues but instead of being weighted down by them and turning extra serious or making fun of them and turning extra light, it focused on the characters and how they supported each other.

To me this was an excellent womance (apparently female version of bromance is called that) drama.