ESC to close 3.24 (by 206 users)spy 스파이
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized spy


genres drama, suspense, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 09 Jan, 2015 - 06 Mar, 2015
episodes 16
duration 50 minutes
air day Friday
at 21:30 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.24 of 5 by 206 users
total users 524
rating 668
favorites 2



In North Korea, the general Jang Seong Taek is killed. One day, the North Korean Government requires the reactivation of one of their spy, Park Hye Rim who has spent a lot of years in South Korea as an ordinary housewife. Her mission is to turn and bring her own son, Kim Seon U in North Korea. Seon U, a quick witted genius but also a very warm person with the ones he loves, is an information analyst on North Korea who works for the NIS (National Intelligence Service). His girlfriend Yun Jin instead is a tour guide for Chinese tourists, even though she can't speak Chinese. The two of them will fall in love when Seon U will help her with the translations.

Suddenly Hye Rim will be forced to choose between her son and country.




Kim Seon U
Park Hye Rim
Hwang Gi Cheol
Lee Yun Jin
Kim Hyeon Tae
Song Jung Hyeok




12 Mar, 2015
Spy has an interesting plot that should have you on the edge of your seat. Unfortunately, it doesn't manage to wholly succeed. However, the show does stay somewhat interesting.

The premise of the show - a loving mother/son duo caught on opposing sides, trying to protect each other without revealing anything - is something that should have been taut with tension. There should have been a fast paced story, emotional tugs on the viewers hearts, and a villain that seems undefeatable. Spy has none of those. The story jumps right into the premise, but then lingers. There's a lot of exposition, little action and the key points are, frankly, not very important.

So while the acting is great, you don't get the sense of urgency that the show is trying to portray. The big bad isn't that big, and you wonder if the characters are really as good spies as constantly mentioned.

That being said, this show has one of the best family units around. The parents have an amazing marriage, and they deal with the problems as a team, which makes you root for them if only because anyone this happily married has to make it through.

A good watch to see Jae Jung's improving acting and for any fans, not such a great watch for fans of the spy genre.
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victorique 19 Mar, 2015
I'm not really into spy stories, and this genre, but this drama was okay, mostly because of Jaejoong :) He is really a great actor. Also it was exiting to watch, but sometimes annoying & boring.
superboink 21 Feb, 2015
The storyline sounded really promising so I was really excited to watch this drama. And it had Jaejoong too which is an added plus for me, being a dbsk fan. From the start, I noticed that JJ's acting was mediocre verging into bad. However i was willing to look past that issue and just focus on the story development instead. But even that fell short of my expectation.... And in the end I also realised that having a really bad actor for the main character really does ruin the show.... So ye, dropped.
jangminhae 19 Feb, 2015
The story sounded good at first but I just can't bring myself to watch another episode.
Average: 2/5
alex3 03 Feb, 2015
ehh i was so looking forward this but im really disappointed after 4 episodes
rojoong 16 Jan, 2015
so excited \ *w* /
victorique 09 Jan, 2015
OMO, another drama with Jaejoong!!! After watching "Triangle" I'm super exited to see this xD
miduhyo 28 Dec, 2014
I'm looking forward to this. ♡ Joongie fighto! ♡