ESC to close 3.58 (by 155 users)date: koi to wa donna mono kashira
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized date: koi to wa donna mono kashira
aka deeto: koi to wa donna mono kashira, デート〜恋とはどんなものかしら〜


genres comedy, drama, life, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 19 Jan, 2015 - 23 Mar, 2015
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.58 of 5 by 155 users
total users 292
rating 555
favorites 1


date: koi to wa donna mono kashira ~ 2015 natsu hitou
2015 TV jp


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Yabushita Yoriko
Taniguchi Takumi
Shimada Kaori
Washio Yutaka
Shimada Soutarou
Yabushita Sayoko




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reyascapes 24 Oct, 2016
Exceptional, heartfelt drama. Anne is such a treat.
watashiwachiaki 15 Dec, 2015
I really liked it. it has now become one of my faves! the best part is,
since I have a 2nd lead syndrome I wanted her to be with washio, and so they showed us they dont actually belong together. and that she should be with taniguchi.... plus Anne and Hasegawa Hiroki have an oozing chemistry!! haha!
honey 16 Jul, 2015
I really liked this one! =D The characters made me laugh soooo much and the story was really interesting! ^^
I wanted her to end up with Washio, until she actually got together with him and I saw, how bad they fit... Then I knew what would happen in the end. XDDD
I really wanted them to kiss during the cyborg cosplay, but I also really liked the idea with the apple! Just, like lonelily said, the kiss was sooo awkward. D: Why can't you kiss a bit more realistic. >.<'''
lonelily 12 Apr, 2015
loved every moment of it until the end :) it was fun, smart, cute, and quite touching, actually. (the last episode and that
scene, i feel like it's been a while since my heart went all mushy.)
(if only the kiss was a biiit less awkward~)

it was all pretty well done imo. because, i might be some easily entertained and clueless girl and all, but i must say that until the very end i wasn't that sure of how it'd all really end. and i'm satisfied with that ending. (even tho i can hear and understand kirtil's rant in that 2nd comment, too... but i guess it didn't bother me more than that.)
jan1991 11 Apr, 2015
I started this expecting nothing (watching Anne really) but 5 episodes and I have to say this is really Cute~ :3

The poster however, doesn't really fit the show. [2]-

@sayitaintsojoe totally agree, I think a poster of them in the Opening credits get up is more fitting!
sayitaintsojoe 05 Apr, 2015
That was really great! The poster however, doesn't really fit the show.

@cheshirecat - i agree, except for the washio part.
aqu135 02 Apr, 2015
the beginning was just overacting and screaming, but it got way better after episode 5 and i liked the ending.
cheshirecat 30 Mar, 2015
I loved almost every minute of this ♡ Had a lot of funny moments and great character development as well. T & Y were really nice together.
Although I felt really sad for Washio most of the time. Even if it was totally predictable from the start that he won't end up from the heroine I kept wishing for it to happen.

Still the ending was perfect in a way.