ESC to close 3.79 (by 602 users)sunjeonge banhada 순정에 반하다
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized sunjeonge banhada
english Falling For Innocence
aka fall in love with soon-jung, fall in love with soon jung, sun jeonge banhada


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network JTBC


date 03 Apr, 2015 - 23 May, 2015
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 21:45 - 22:55
status released


avg. score 3.79 of 5 by 602 users
total users 1018
rating 2284
favorites 16



Gang Min Ho pursues only one goal: The ruthless investment director wants nothing more than to destroy HERMIA, the company his uncle had stolen from his father after the latter passed away, which drove Min Ho's mother into committing suicide. But the tough man hasn't much time left himself, as the same illness which cost his father's life threatens to end his own in the near future.

Kim Sun Jeong, one of the best secretaries at HERMIA, is preparing to marry her childhood friend and long time boyfriend, detective Ma Dong Uk, when her happiness is brutally destroyed: Dong Uk dies in a hit and run accident, leaving his fiancée with nothing but memories.

When Min Ho's heart eventually fails him, he is lucky enough to get a heart transplant, the donor being no one else than the late Dong Uk. Soon, the cruel investment director and the strict secretary are connected by more than what they assume, as Ma Dong Uk's heart is now beating strongly in Gang Min Ho's chest.




Gang Min Ho
Kim Sun Jeong
Jun Hui
Han Ji Hyeon
O U Sik
Gang Hyeon Cheol




03 Jun, 2015
Falling for Innocence has it's peaks and downsides. Well acted with a great leading couple, the show does have some gaping plot holes. However, it's still an entertaining watch.

We start off with a male lead that's a large jerk and quickly raises the question of how we'll come to even remotely like him. That changes quickly following his heart transplant. And while the change is for the better (there's no where else to go frankly), the show never really manages to make the transition smooth. The lines between new and old are really blurry, and sometimes used as a jump rope. That being said, watching him fall for the female lead is a blast and more than makes up for the other issues.

While the idea of cell memory and taking on someone else's personality is interesting, the plot never manages to make the most of the story. Questions are left unanswered and some of the characterizations could use fleshing out. But when the characters are winning, they manage to knock it out of the ballpark and make up for the lack of strength of the others.

An enjoyable watch, it could be better but it could also be worse.
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29 Mar, 2016
Both are about someone who gets a heart transplantation and later falls in love with the significant other of their donor. In 'sunjeonge banhada' there is more comedy than in the other drama.


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danisensei 02 Jul, 2018
I didn't expect to like this drama this much. Gang Min-Ho is at first the typical chaebol we see in most dramas. Sun Jeong, differently from most female leads in those 'Chaebol dramas', is strong, smart and the supportive. (What a beautiful smile she has!!)

Because it was sometimes funny and sweet, the leads having 'normal' behaviour (no overacting) and the 'bad guys' not being annoying even having plotted a lot for power, it was a light series to watch.
There are dramas I found draggy and couldn't finish them yet, but this one took me less than a week.
It's far from being a masterpiece, but it's worth the time spent watching it.
purtysunshine 07 Oct, 2017
The story line was by the books melodrama makjang but managed to somehow still stay light and sweet, which allowed it to be watchable and even enjoyable. I have always been a fan of Kim So Yun though her performance here is pretty basic. Jung Kyung Ho shines—as always—and will forever be the most adorable man-child. He is definitely the reason I kept watching despite the angsty premise.
eidolon1 13 Jun, 2016
This is the first kdrama I have ever watched, I literally finished the last episode today. I was hooked from minute one of this show. I kind of just put it on for the hell of it because I was bored one day and I am so glad that I did because I fell in love with this show. I am definitely going to watch a lot more kdramas now! I am reading some comments that say that this wasn't the best show, and I loved it, so I can't wait to watch more, especially if people thought this one wasn't one of the best. I am a noob so I don't know anything, but I wanted to post my comment.
nanael 11 Feb, 2016
I don't know what to think about this drama. I loved the comedy parts but hated the drama ones. Joon HI and the girl were really annoying and pathetic.
meakoo 07 Feb, 2016
I had fun watching this drama. I'm gonna miss wendy, tinker bell and captain hook team :( .
jihye 01 Jan, 2016
Jeong Gyeong Ho foi incrível como Gang Min Ho <3, o drama ficou muito melhor por causa dele, já que a história em si é simples
bluediamonds 31 Dec, 2015
A nice drama, worth watching. It's my first time seeing Jeong Gyeong Ho in a drama and i have to say that he was amazing! I loved him!

It's a classic rom - com drama, don't expect something different but it's an enjoyable one!

I agree with another comment
what happened with the heart attack he had on episode 16? Was it so unnecessary to not explain how he was saved? I thought he actually died when she saw him walking on the other side of the road..

I rated it with 4/5 stars.
ilate 10 Aug, 2015
Had a great time watching this drama and I will definitely miss it :)