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  • 2010
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized oooku
english The Lady Shogun And Her Men
literal Inner Palace
aka oooku: the inner chambers

Based On

based on manga
title oooku
author Yoshinaga Fumi (よしながふみ)


genres action, fantasy


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 01 Oct, 2010
duration 116 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.61 of 5 by 497 users
total users 934
rating 1792
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oooku: tanjou arikoto iemitsu hen
2012 TV jp


In the Edo period, a mysterious disease befalling men only rages across Japan, killing 80% of them and bringing their total number to a fourth of the women. All important functions are filled by women and the world is reversed. In this world, the most important place is the inner palace of the female Shogun, a harem of 3,000 men where women are not allowed to enter. And now, one lone samurai is going to open that door...


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Mizuno Yuunoshin
Tokugawa Yoshimune





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Sequels Announced For Oooku akiraka 1 posts 17 Jan, 2012 by akiraka
Two sequels have been announced for the 2010 hit movie 'Oooku'. The first, beginning in October, will be a drama series, and the second, a motion picture, wil...


watashiwachiaki 22 Dec, 2012
YES YES YES!!! the ending is suppeeer good!! hahahaha! luv it =D
yumichan86 15 Sep, 2012
i really liked the movie and the ending was also very good.
ally 26 Jan, 2012
I loved Shibasaki Kou's acting. She portrayed her character very well.
As the movie, it would say it's okay. But one thing I must highlight is the scenario, costumes and soundtrack. Japanese old time was such a beautiful thing.
eunhye 18 Jan, 2012
Just as it been said, such a great idea and such a lame... I don't know ending?
No really... Are you serious? Instead of showing us the society, you're showing us first sex? lool.
And Ninomiya as the male lead... I apologize to his fans, but as for me, his only line will be "Asai Shouhei" from stand up!!
miyukiss 31 Oct, 2011
Shibasaki's role is an incredible female role model. The rest of this....what in the world, lol. First of all, HoriMaki's acting was very disappointing and I did not believe for a second that Nino's character liked her. That bothered me. Also, I was not expecting so much BL. I like BL, but there was something irksome about the way it was addressed (or not, really...) in this film.
If you know it has a lot of it and you are looking for it, you will enjoy it. By now, I forget the other things that bothered me about this.
But Ohkura was so beautiful in it.
so why did he have to die?!! That pissed me off, and Tamaki's character was so messed up, how dare he!

So some shallow complaints but yeah. It was definitely interesting, I'll say that.
Also, komorebi hit the nail on the head.
kiaibarashi 16 Aug, 2011
I watched this for Shibasaki Kou, and I was not disappointed by her acting at all. She's pretty much suited to these kind of roles. No wait, scratch that, she's pretty much suited to anything. So far that's my opinion of her. <3

For the movie itself, it's somehow like what @d0npian0 indicated. I was interested with the dire situation of the people at the beginning, but it eventually died out as the story became too shallow. And Horikita Maki.. uh. No comment.
soulmarket 22 Jul, 2011
@d0npian0: I couldn't have said it better. It felt like they touched on some really interesting topics but never ended up fleshing some of them out, and they missed a lot of great opportunities.

This movie had some really fascinating ideas and was pretty enjoyable on the whole, but I thought they could've done a lot more with it. Nino did better than I thought he would, but I'm still not sure it's a role that suits him entirely. I love him, but it's hard to take him seriously when he's trying to be a big, threatening samurai-type. It doesn't fit his physique or his acting style. (If you're in this for Nino, you're better off with GANTZ.) Still an interesting movie, though, and it had its moments, so I didn't dislike it.
d0npian0 20 Jul, 2011
I can't help but think that it's a waste what they did with a great idea. Instead of doing a complete thought experiment (~what does a peaceful premodern society with a strict patrilineal system look like when suddenly 80% of all men die out?) it was more of an excuse to create a situation in which both men and women lust after pretty young men. :|
I actually liked some details. I like how men were forced in a situation where their looks mattered more than all their other qualities. That part in Yoshiwara was great when all the prostitutes were dolled up men. I also liked that they didn't simply reverse roles but that samurai for example still acted like the warrior caste. You could still tell that the situation used to be different before the number of men rapidly decreased.
Still, everything seemed to come down to sex.