ESC to close 3.44 (by 34 users)parangsaeui jip 파랑새의 집
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized parangsaeui jip
english Bluebird's House (literal)
aka bluebird house, blue bird nest, house of bluebird


genres comedy, drama, family, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 21 Feb, 2015 - 09 Aug, 2015
episodes 50
duration 80 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 19:55 - 21:15
status released


avg. score 3.44 of 5 by 34 users
total users 99
rating 117



The story focuses on several families and their sometimes surprising connections. At first, Kim Ji Wan is unaware of them but only later, while looking for a work, he discovers that his best friend's father, Jang Tae Su, knew his own father and owes him a debt of gratitude. At the same time, the story of Gang family unfolds, entangled with both of them.

But will those quarrels and old debts really bring happiness to their children or will they end up hurting them more?


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Han Eun Su
Gang Yeong Ju
Kim Ji Wan
Jang Hyeon Do
Jang Tae Su
Han Seon Hui




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milisia 09 Aug, 2015
Well drama ends and i can say that i'm little dissapointed:
So maybe i will write it in points :P
1. Family line: well, the ending was so full of rainbows and unicorns :P i get the idea, that nobody wanted to take a grudge, but to be honest i was hoping that Tae Su will pay bigger price for all his doing, even if he wasn't at fault about death of Kim Ji Wan father. Still, he take whole business as his own, and didn't support his family as much he was able to... Hyeno Do was still annoying with his belive on his father, to the very end...ok, he was mad here and there, but still...duh...

2. Love lines: oh well... Do x Su wasn't cute for me, more annoying. Also they both were very weak to the very end. Then i was supporting Ji Wan x Min Ji, but they just cut it in the middle with any conclusion, and before even something bigger started :/ sad, because they look, their more and more close to each other. Yeong Ju x Ji Wan also has no conclusion, and it's..ugh...i watched last episode in raw so i belive she confessed to him, but from his face i can't read anything and also the ending don't give any answer so... duh:/

Anyway it was quite cute, warmhearted story at the beginning, then it change to the serie with a lot of cliches, stupid things, and sometimes unnecessarily elongated, threads. Still, many characters was quite cute, and honestly i stayed to the very end, just for Ji Wan XD
milisia 18 Jul, 2015
Well this drama start to piss me off, from some time. Don't get me wrong, i'm still enjoy it, some parts it's annoying:
I start to hate more and more Jang Hyeon Do. He's so cocky all the time, always paying attention to his own problems and ignore a good friend. Or i dunno if they are still a friends with Kim Ji Wan. Just it's annyoing how Hyeon Do messed up things with his father, and is not even trying to understand his friend, and how much his father hurt him. It's some messy revenge for opposing his relationship with Eun Su? Just wake up man, it's your father, ok we get it, but saving his ass like that...anyway i hope he will wake up and stop playing and confusing Ji Wan, and i hope that Eun Su will be the person who shake him a lil bit or his own father will show him a middle finger
jessicarose 21 Apr, 2015
I like it xD Specially Hyeondo and his mother haha
berrytm 08 Apr, 2015
Overused plot line, with the CEO and inheritance, etc. But I'll be watching for the romance <3
Eunsu and Hyeondo, such a cute couple <3
nami24 05 Apr, 2015
why do i feel like Eunsu and Hyeondo will turn out brothers and i will end up crying to much.

its hard waiting a week to watch only 2 eps ;-;
sobs this drama is so much fun ;^;
btw the spoiler don't read it until you reach ep 10 u.u
rooomanoooma 09 Mar, 2015
@nami24 yup sweetie I was lucky enough to remember about the drama ^.+
It's been awhile since I had watched dramas on KBS world channel coz most of them are a week or two behind the ones that have been aired in Korea .. It's pretty fast to watch them with subs on sites rather than waiting to watch them on the channel , isn't it chingu ??
except for such cases when there is a delay in subbing some dramas which really irritates me the most to watch such long dramas without subs TT^TT
anyhow I'm really greatful for your helpful comment (^____^)
I wish to have plenty of time to watch all the promising ones, too
jeongmal Komawayoo chinguuyaaa ❤ . ❤
nami24 08 Mar, 2015
@rooomanoooma yaay ~ ur welcome ^-^
drama lovers should help each other out u.u
did u catch today's ep? *-*
rooomanoooma 08 Mar, 2015
@nami24 I'm glad that I read your comment yesterday ^.^
I almost missed watching the 1st ep ... it gives a gloomy atmospheric in the beginning but gets much better towards the end of the episode .. hope there will be so many exciting moments as the previous drama which was a whole package of family emotions ^____________^
thanks a bunch chingu ;D