ESC to close 3.6 (by 147 users)i san 이산
  • 2007
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized i san
aka Yi San, Wind of the Palace


genres drama, history, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 17 Sep, 2007 - 16 Jun, 2008
episodes 77
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.6 of 5 by 147 users
total users 269
rating 529
favorites 17



In the late 18th century, because of a dream, King Yeong Jo locks his son, Crown Prince Sa Do, into a rice storage chest without water and food. Sa Do's son, Prince San, tries to carry food for his father. He meets with Seong Song Yeon and Park Dae Su, and they help San, but the children don't know who is he in fact -- he wears eunuch's uniform and says he is Mu Duk, an inferior of Prince San. They become friends that night. Song Yeon and Dae Su help their friend and save him many times from death.

(Had three specials.)




Park Dae Su
King Jeong Jo
Seong Song Yeon
Choe Seok Ju
Jeong Hu Gyeom
Queen Hyo Ui


martial arts director


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05 Nov, 2013
Both dramas are about a female artist who has romantic feelings for a royal.

12 Mar, 2012
Both of the stories are about a king that meets a girl in his childhood and then, after being separated for a period of time, is reunited with her again.


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aquariia 25 Apr, 2014
When I was looking for new sageuk to watch I noticed this drama is quite popular. After watching it I don't understand why. That's very long drama and I managed to watch it till the end so it can't be bad either but I wouldn't include it in my favourite drama list.

There were a few problems I had with this drama.
First. The lack of balance.
This drama is mostly about politics which is not written badly. The king is not only sitting in his chair and give orders. There's something happening all the time. I find the king's assasination plot very interesting.The problem is that even something good can end up being boring if there's too much of it.

Of course there's bit of romance and comedy but both are just so so. There were a few funny characters in Painting Bureu but they didn't make me roll on the floor.
The romance is weak as well. The main couple could pass as brother and sister for most of the drama. When they becoming the couple there's no chemistry. Maybe because those two aspects of drama were lacking I didn't feel like having break from politicial part and end up being bored many times.

The second problem I had here were the characters. Most of them were either black or white. Which for me means predictable.

The king was pretty average for a main character. I like his warrior side. He was able to protect himself. Those scenes were cool but that's all. The king suppose to turn from week Crown Prince into someone who is able to rule the country but I didn't see much change from the acting. This is my very first time to see Lee Seo Jin and unfortunatelly I didn't become a fan.

Song Yeon was big dissapointment for me. I know this is drama about Yi San but all she did was smilind and bowing. Oh wait... She was painting. If only those scenes were as beautiful as those in Painter of the Wind.
This character could be saved if she had chemistry with the king.

Thanks God there was Hong Gook Yeong. He was an excelent character and overshadowed everyone.
The other great character was the Queen. She was gentle but strong at the same time.

Summing up. Yi San is a good drama but not good enough to deserve to have 27 episode extention. I was very tired of this drama at the end I'm sure my impression about it would be much better without the extention.
watashiwachiaki 13 Mar, 2013
yeah this drama is actually nice if you're hardcore sageuk fan.

I skipped lots of episode lol
kiaibarashi 11 Jan, 2013
@xoxo Huhu sorry but can you make your comment spoiler :( I should not have looked at the comments in the first place :(
xoxo 08 Jan, 2013
It was sad!!
Song Yeon died and then the King too..
But I enjoyed it :P
sarah 28 Dec, 2012
Kinda boring. I skipped a lot of parts :/
lothiriel 07 Nov, 2012
@sangochan, when I wrote that comment, Yak Yong had not made his appearance yet. But yeah, true, he's clever indeed :D -- nem-nem, 4 résszel a vége előtt nem adom fel XD
sangochan 07 Nov, 2012
@lothiriel not true! yak yong is the most clever in this - ne add fel csak ezért :(

its true,after ep 65 it becomes boring,nothing much happen,then after suddenly,everything become fast and then it will end so sadly :((
kiaibarashi 18 Oct, 2012
@australasian Referenced your comment so I gave this one a try. You're right, and I'm liking it so far :)