ESC to close 3.65 (by 243 users)algernon ni hanataba wo
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized algernon ni hanataba wo
english Flowers For Algernon (literal)
aka algernon ni hanataba o, arujaanon ni hanataba wo

Based On

based on short story
title Flowers for Algernon
author Daniel Keyes


genres sci fi


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 10 Apr, 2015 - 12 Jun, 2015
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Friday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.65 of 5 by 243 users
total users 523
rating 886
favorites 6


algernon ni hanataba wo
2002 TV jp
same setting


Shiratori Sakuto is a challenged 28 years old man who sees the world through the eyes of a six year old boy. Sakuto works in a company for problem youth that distributes flowers, and one day he meets a woman named Mochizuki Haruka on an assignment to deliver a bouquet to her. Haruka works for a research centre that expertises in physiology where one of the professors has been rapidly succeeding in improving the mental performance of a mouse named Algernon.

Sakuto undergoes surgery, and like the mouse, he improves his mental abilities and becomes a genius. However, soon Algernon's newly obtained state is beginning to fade and it begins to slowly die. That's when Sakuto realises that his fate is bound be the same.


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Shiratori Sakuto
Mochizuki Haruka
Yanagawa Ryuuichi
Hiyama Kousuke
Kokubo Kazushige
Kawaguchi Rio




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22 Jul, 2016
Sakuto is mentally challenged and always behaves like a 6 year old. But he works in a flower shop and has found friends there, that at least tolerate him. One day, he meets Haruka and starts to like her. Through her, he also gets the chance to undergo a surgery, that makes him like a normal 28 year old. But the side effects of the medicine aren't tested yet and soon Sakuto has to face the consequences.

Where to start with this story? It is a good story, no doubt. It makes you think about how you behave yourself and how you react to other people. It warms your heart how Sakuto is and his words are cute. Everything flows well. But then, there is the final, where I was thrown off a bit and I didn't quite like the ending. I am just not too sure if I like the conclusion and especially if I liked Haruka.

Where we find my next issue. I think Yamapi did a decent job playing Sakuto. But I didn't like Haruka and her way of liking Sakuto. Thankfully, it wasn't only about her. There were all of the friends of Sakuto and they made the story for me. I love how his friends develop and how they get closer. How they also get their own love-line and grow with Sakuto and his problems.

So thanks to all those good points, I still gave it 4*.

I was not too touched by the story, didn't have to cry too much, so I recommend it to those who want to see a good drama and like thinks that are making you think about human relationships. Also for those who like Yamapi. If you can't deal with a good portion of fantasy, this might not be your cup of tea, even though I feel like they tried really hard to explain how Sakuto got so smart and everything.

Overall, I think this was a good drama and can recommend it to those into the genre or the actors.
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22 May, 2015
Plot is VERY interesting and even before watching it seemed already that I'll propably cry a lot while watching this drama. And I wasn't wrong - the main actor acting as a 5-year old was so good, also his storyline is so sad...

This drama makes you think a lot about what is the real happiness about, and how far the science should involve into our lives. Is this really necessary to be so much intelligent? Is intelligence really making us better people?

Also, the main role actor is really acting well. His character changes a lot, not only gaining intellignce, but also changes at his heart. I'm happy that even after being so much hurt by people and all those misunderstandings, at the end he can see the truth, and who is his real friend or what is really imortant.

This story is just simply beautiful, makes you cry a lot. There's many sad moments, especially when we see a young girl, who is rich, but even then can't stop her disease progress. She's slowly turning into a flower. It must be really hard, but she tries to smile. And that Sakuto friend, who seems to like that girl so much, and he can't see her turning like this...
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sillysym 20 Jul, 2016
Yamapi was great, the drama lacked something, but it was good.
i cried a lot
hiroyuki 24 Mar, 2016
Yamapi was really great. This drama is light, sad, but not the best drama I've seen. I'm happy I watched it but won't re-watch. Wasn't a waste of my time. :) Recommend to Yamapi fans.
hiroyuki 22 Mar, 2016
Yamapi is a great actor and I like all of his dramas. I'm at episode 3 and this drama is pretty good. The story is interesting, supporting actors are also good. :)
kirtil 10 Mar, 2016
I was thinking Yamashita Tomohisa as barely an average actor until I watched ending planner. Having pleasantly surprised I tried to watch more of him. In 5 to 9 he was good again, his character was a good match.

But here the role needed someone who could convey more with his body language I think. The premise was ok, the story good and supporting actors good enough. But somehow I just couldn't feel for his character.

In all fairness this was a much more demanding role and he did good; just a hair from good enough.
victorique 11 Feb, 2016
I finally was able to watch last two episodes and all I can say about this drama - it's simply beautiful & made me cry a lot. It makes you think about a lot of things that are really important in life. I also love the acting, especially Yamashita Tomohisa as Sakuto. I wish to watch more dramas like this :)
aqu135 31 Jan, 2016 so boring towards the last 4 episodes...pretty average
sayitaintsojoe 29 Jan, 2016
It was really great! A very touching drama. And Yamapi actually acted pretty good here. I enjoyed it a lot.
mokyulpwns 03 Sep, 2015
Is this drama really that good? People keep talking about it.
I adore Yamapi but his acting is kinda....