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  • 2015
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized i'm home
aka aimu hoomu

Based On

based on book
title i'm home
author Ishizaka Kei (石坂啓)


genres family, mystery


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)


date 16 Apr, 2015 - 18 Jun, 2015
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Thursday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.45 of 5 by 170 users
total users 316
rating 586



Ieji doesn't have a good memory of the last five years of his life due to an accident. He feels disconnected from his wife and child of five years and drawn to his ex wife and other child. He decides to find out more about his past and discover what kind of life he lead before the accident.


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Ieji Hisashi
Ieji Megumi
Ieji Yoshio
Nozawa Kaoru
Nozawa Subaru
Hifumi Tsutomu


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keepingbreath 26 Sep, 2015
Is it okay that I'm pissed off on his second wife and son already on the 2nd episode? They're so annoying and unpleasant but in fact they didn't nothing wrong (yet). His ex wife and daughter seemed more nice characters.
hidde 13 Aug, 2015
It was a slow paced mystery drama. Overall I enjoyed watching it. It have some nice messages about the importance of trust in a relationship. And how we can't judge people from what we see outside, everybody wear a mask anyway.
I honestly didn't like Megumi until the truth revealed one by one, showing us that she was the one who hurt the most. Wow, she's a strong woman.

But I should agree about the ending, over melodramatic indeed.
The firefighter seems useless. And the scene in the hospital when Ieji wake up and want to see Megumi, I even felt sorry for the nurse who got pushed by Ieji ^^;

Btw so many famous guest xD
When Sawamura Ikki appear I was like "Sagara sensei what are you doing here????" xD
guren 25 Jul, 2015
@kirtil @zaharisa -
Well I would expect Yoshio-kun to show his dad the cookies and ask about the meaning of her words, as for Subaru - although generally she was old enough to be able to stay alone at home (and her aunt kept on coming over too, so "mondai arimasen") and the family was still broken when the ex was hospitalized so bringing in a half-outsider-ex-daughter would have been made the situation at home even more awkward (mostly from the wife's point of view + cuz of ex'es wish to cut all ties with Hisashi) ... I also had some of that wish, mostly - it would have been nice if Yoshio gained a sister that would visit her dad and him once in a while.

(not so much of a spoiler, but to avoid trouble or confusion)..
Anyway, the drama was "very good", even more so for acting, but I rated it as "good" since Japanese family dramas are not really to my taste anymore. But I agree with the person who said it's a good "feel good" drama.
rikatokato 07 Jul, 2015
I really enjoyed watching this drama
zaharisa 02 Jul, 2015
@kirtil Eh.. I had exactly the same vision! :) But they did.. kind of.
Subaru met him at the hospital and thanked him for "borrowing his father." She knew who he was. :) but I was sad his mother and he didn't.. I really waited for that scene too.. and maybe- one in which Subaru tries to play with Yoshio in his room or something.

Also- the end was over-melodramatic... XD
kirtil 02 Jul, 2015
Aah how I wished it so @zaharisa!

I kept waiting for the scene where Hisashi bringing Subaru to their home to his wife; telling about mother in hospital and asking her to allow her to stay with them until she is out, and the awkwardness and eventual kindness it follows. I kept expecting her to stay with them while her mom is in the hospital.

Would have made a better ending than just a swift cookie hand over to Yoshio imo.

In the end everyone got close and a kind of closure except Subaru and Yoshio. They never had a chance to know each other.
zaharisa 02 Jul, 2015
Same as @kirtil , although I felt a bit disappointed by Ieji's behaviour towards Subaru.
I really hoped that he will get Yoshio to know Subaru.
Also- some at the scenes in which her mother was at the hospital.. and she had to stay alone at home. At that time I though that or her aunt or Ieji had to take her at their home and not let her be alone in there. That came some time after he claimed that she will always be his daughter. :(
But even so- he was there for her- when she needed him.:)
The good things prevailed :)
kirtil 02 Jul, 2015
Looking at poster, I was expecting something much darker.

It was fun to watch. good "feel good" drama. Nothing exceptional but nothing bad either. I liked acting (supporting actors included), story and characters (again; included).