ESC to close 3.14 (by 779 users)tsuki no koibito: moon lovers
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized tsuki no koibito: moon lovers

Based On

based on book
title tsuki no koibito
author Michio Shuusuke (道尾秀介)


genres romance, work


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 10 May, 2010 - 05 Jul, 2010
episodes 8
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.14 of 5 by 779 users
total users 1353
rating 2449
favorites 18



Hazuki Rensuke is the president of Regolith, a design company quickly rising to the top. Wishing to expand, he buys a factory in Shanghai, where Xiu Mei, a poor worker taking care of her sick mother, is employed. On the news of the purchase, the workers begin protesting. In the hopes of ending the protest, Rensuke makes Xiu Mei the model of the company. Trusting Rensuke to keep his promise of keeping the workers employed, Xiu Mei travels to Japan where she becomes close friends with Ninomiya Maemi. Upon discovering that Rensuke has fired everyone, Xiu Mei vows to capture and break Rensuke's heart as revenge. Meanwhile, Oonuki Yuzuki, the daughter of a rival company and a model, and Maemi are both in love with Rensuke, too. Rounding off the cast is Sai Kazami, Rensuke's right hand man who has his own agenda.




Ninomiya Maemi
Hazuki Rensuke
Sai Kazami
Oonuki Yuzuki
Liu Xiu Mei
Kijihata Tougo




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darkbluedoll 11 Dec, 2013
wow I hate the ending : Xiu Mei and Rensuke should be together and not Maemi it's obvious -___- the last episodes without Xiu Mei were so annoying : I don't see the point to focus on her and finish the drama with Maemi -_- I'm disgusted.
skloy 05 May, 2012
yup totally agree that it will be an awesome drama if it was maemi and rensuke centred! Xiu mei is totally annoying ... the way she talks ... just dont really like the way lin zhi ling portrayed her character ... plus they kinda rushed to the part where maemi and rensuke are together!! haix ... too hasty in ending the drama ... they dragged out the rensuke and xiu mei part for way too long in my opinion! xiu mei and kazami looks better together!!!!
misekeith 01 Apr, 2012
Can I actually tell this was one of the best dramas I've watched so far? Maybe I have this feeling because lately i feel like I can't find too many that catch my interest, but 'Tsuki no koibito' was just right. The right dose of 'Hana Yori Dango'-ness a romance drama should have according to my personal standards, the right dose of 'down-to-earth'-ness, lovable characters with some kind of personal growth, drama in the right proportions.
And Kimura Takuya was epic - maybe just because I needed a tsundere character, but he left me speechless.
Nice watch - first time in some years I feel like rewatching a drama, to telle the truth.
cinderella2442 06 Nov, 2011
I love it, but I would've love it even more if
it was more Maemi/Ren centered.
Well I'm only on ep 5 so maybe I'll be surprised, but somehow I doubt that. I did look the ending and I'm very pleased. :P
reiko92 02 Sep, 2011
If I were Maemi I wouldn't care and let him kiss...
meili 16 Jul, 2011
xiu mei so anoying, and lol girl who don't want shota it's ridiculus
alicia 09 May, 2011
this drama was quite boring :/ but i liked the ending ^^ i was always cheering for those two :)
guren 01 May, 2011
Pretty good!

tough I reaaly hated that tall chinese bich and that panda girl. -_- especially xiu mei - sooo annoying...

ah! and happy about the ending! One that I was wishing for ~~ :]