ESC to close 3.43 (by 617 users)producer 프로듀사
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized producer
english The Producers


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 15 May, 2015 - 20 Jun, 2015
episodes 12
duration 80 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 21:15 - 22:35
status released


avg. score 3.43 of 5 by 617 users
total users 1239
rating 2118
favorites 7



The entertainment world is not a bed of roses. Baek Seung Chan, who just started his work at the KBS television network, gets to know it first hand. He meets people responsible for creating television programs from the scratch and those who take part in them, including charismatic production directors, Tak Ye Jin and Ra Jun Mo, as well as an aspiring singer, Cindy. Seung Chan tries to not only find his place in the new environment, but also to bring some empathy to the team. Yet each one of them struggles with more than work related problems, attempting to build their private lives and relationships which are heavily influenced by their profession.


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Ra Jun Mo
Tak Ye Jin
Baek Seung Chan
Byeon Mi Suk
Kim Hong Sun




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29 Jun, 2015
Producer is what all shows set in tv production should be aim to be like.

The format is experimentative, blending reality with dramaland, so we have fictional characters interacting with those from real life, along with references to many actual shows/music and concepts. The meta is piled on high, and the show never shrinks away from any references it can use.

And the characters, while taking some time to settle in, are fun to watch. The core group of four and the tangled lines they make is entertaining. Everyone is well cast and well acted, although some take a bit longer to find their footing.

However, the episodes clock in at about an hour and a half each, making for a long watch at one time. So while it does feel like the story flows, without being cut off, it also occasionally feels draggy thanks to the run time. And the experimental format, while retained throughout the run, tapers off as it continues, making it lose of the fun and freshness that drew me into the show in the first place.

A good watch for a drama viewer, whether seasoned or starting out. The jokes, the new format and the great acting will keep you entertained. Just slot a fair amount of time aside for each episode.
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23 Jun, 2015
This drama ended up being a lot better than I expected initially.

The set-up in the beginning is more like a mockumentary style, which I wasn't a fan of as I thought it made the whole pace a bit slow. After the first couple of episodes though, they smooth out the bumps and things start flowing a lot better. If not for the awkward pacing in the beginning (which is somewhat characteristic of mockumentaries I find), I would have given this drama 5 stars.

The best part of this show was the cast. Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin are amazing and their roles in this drama are no exception. Kim Soo Hyun and IU also did well in their roles. I loved the development of characters and the relationships between them. The characters are all somewhat petty, but they each have their own charm. There's a lot of dry humour and cheesy humour. The dynamics between the characters are what made me continue watching past the first few episodes.

I thought it depicted the romance aspect quite well too. The way characters dealt with situations felt realistic and there were no overdramatic moments that are so characteristic of kdrama romances.

There are a lot of Korean culture references and cameos, and if you've watched a few Korean variety shows then I'm sure you will enjoy them.

This drama isn't one that is full of action and dramatic events. One might consider it to be slower in pace, but I never felt that the drama dragged too much (after the initial couple of episodes, as I mentioned). If you can make it through the first couple of episodes, I would say this drama is rewarding with its charming array of characters that leave you with a satisfying feeling at the end.
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07 Jun, 2016
Both are about the Korean entertainment sector.

09 Jun, 2015
Both dramas talk about the production side of Korean TV. One is about the making of a drama, the other the making of a variety show.


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lilja 31 May, 2017
need season 2
warmlia 21 Feb, 2017
My favourite KSH acting so far.
I didn't really like him in My Love from the Star, but here he was really on point. Super cute!
sharkyil 13 Jan, 2016
Great drama with a great cast. I liked the unusual concept: connection variety show and drama.
I'm still sad that Cindy and Seung Chan were not a couple :(
cocci 13 Jan, 2016
I liked it but I've got the feeling it was only because I love the main actors and I was once a fan of 1N2D. I'm pretty sure it would have been better if they didn't change the formula they had planned.
ilate 02 Dec, 2015
Decided to give it a second shot, but I'm going to drop it again.... There is only one good thing about this drama - Kim Soo Hyun (surprisingly, because I think he is overrated). His acting is superb in this drama. But the rest of it... Just no.
The main reason I took another try with this drama was Gong Hyo Jin - she is in the top 3 of my personal list of favorite Korean actresses. But I just can't stand her here.
Everything about this drama is so predictable it hurts. I can't stand all the fights and complaints. I can't stand the uncreative plot. I can't stand the predictable characters (I'm really tired of those self-centered idols in dramas). I feel like they wanted to cover up all those flaws with popular faces and tried to squeeze as many celebrities into one episode as possible.

I'm pretty sure I won't give this drama third chance.
sandersone 21 Sep, 2015
Super cute drama. And so many hilarious moments.
First 10 episodes were perfect, but the last 2 episodes felt way too rushed.
The lovelines were weird though... And the ending was just weird...
It kinda annoyed me how they made couples in like the last 10 minutes of the drama, like Yejin + Junmo didn't seem to happen throughout the entire drama, cause it mainly focused on Seungchan's feelings for Yejin, but in the end they're like; ok yeah lets make it happen.
IMO it would've been alot more enjoyable to watch if Seungchan got over Yejin a little bit earlier in the drama and then started falling for Cindy
labooboo93 01 Aug, 2015
it was aight, but the episodes were waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.
jessicarose 30 Jul, 2015
This drama was awesome!! One of the best dramas I've ever seen!!! So fresh and well acted!
The ending couples disappointed me though.