ESC to close 3.9 (by 851 users)neoreul gieokhae 너를 기억해
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized neoreul gieokhae
english I Remember You
literal Remember You
aka hello monster, hello monseuteo, 헬로 몬스터


genres crime, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 22 Jun, 2015 - 11 Aug, 2015
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.9 of 5 by 851 users
total users 1492
rating 3315
favorites 40



Without any actual memories of the past, Lee Hyeon decides to follow a mysterious anonymous letter back to Korea. The criminal profiler is determined to catch the murderer of his father and to find his little brother, hoping that the latter is still alive. Hyeon eventually joins the local special investigation unit around Cha Ji An, a police detective who seems to know the sharp tongued man a bit too well, although they are seemingly meeting for the first time.


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Lee Hyeon
Cha Ji An
Gang Eun Hyeok
Jeong Seon Ho
Choe Eun Bok
Son Myeong U




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ally 14 Oct, 2015
Indeed, this drama is fantastic. Not your usual, everyday k-drama.

The storyline was very well written and planned, I was hooked till the last episode! Although yes, I wanted a lil more for the ending, it could've been worse.

Each case was so interesting and well though, each character was unique, and uGH the relationship between Lee Hyeon and Min was SO CUTE! I was giggling and smiling every time they interacted.

And the romance, as everybody says, wasn't very strong. But I liked it anyways, it was real. I like how there wasn't any cliché and cheesy moments.
dollstar 25 Sep, 2015
I think this drama sets the bar very high for K-dramas. It makes shows with similar themes like You're All Surrounded or Bad Guys seem like child's play. Aside from some minor gripes with the first few episodes and some music choices, this drama is a complete tour de force. It is well thought out and planned from the very beginning to the end, only becoming better and better along the way instead of going downhill like so many Kdramas usually do. There is always subtle foreshadowing of some of the twists to come, but most of the important revelations are made obvious very early on, the show being more interested in the why's and how's instead of the who-is-who.

I think it was episode 6 in particular that elevated this drama from good to amazing for me. The first few episodes will probably not make you guess how deep and though-provoking this drama will end up being. The main characters are all complex and layered people and their struggles and inner conflicts are made very palpable. There are no blacks and whites in this drama, nor is redemption for the immoral actions of some of the characters served up on a silver plate. The drama goes into the nature vs. nurture debate of psychopathy, but doesn't offer any easy answers because there really aren't any. The villains are humanized and their motivations are explored, but their actions are never condoned. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to strike up this perfect balance.

The romance, while not taking center stage, is one of the most realistic, healthy and believable I've ever seen in dramaland. It also helps that Cha Ji An is actually capable at her job, speaks her mind and is not a damsel in distress whose life revolves around the male lead. The acting is really good on all fronts. I already knew Seo In Guk and Jang Na Ra were capable actors, but boy did Park Bo Gum and Choi Won Young give one hell of a performance. And their roles were by far the hardest.

The drama does require thinking on part of the viewers and their abilities of deduction and reading between the lines. It doesn't treat the audience as people who need everything to be spelled out for them, so keep that in mind while watching. No wonder the ratings in Korea were bad. The reason why I wrote this huge wall of text is because people need to see this gem and see what awesome work is being produced in dramaland along with all those flavour-of-the-month cliche dramas we keep seeing and forgetting about soon after. Must watch!
jangminhae 12 Sep, 2015
@thefreak Yeah, you're right. I just felt like it was like that but still wasn't.
The thing is that he lived his whole life as someone else and there was no answer if he would give up this name to live as Min -and therefore turn himself in- or not...
thefreak 12 Sep, 2015
I think Min's decision was pretty clear as he left the papers at the hospital ^^ That means he's not going to live as someone else, an identity set up by Jun Yeong, but as himself. What's left to our imagination is if he 1) turns himself in, 2) finally gets any help or 3) goes into hiding.
jangminhae 07 Sep, 2015
I don't know if I actually liked this drama, but I really couldn't take my eyes off the computer screen!!
I'm not sure why, but even though I literally marathoned this drama, I'm not that excited about it...
Maybe it's because of the ending; there isn't an ending more open than this one..
Yes, Lee Hyeon and Cha Ji An are finally together, but we don't know what Min's decision is after all or if they will ever be able to catch Lee Jun Yeong..

The romance is weak; you cannot call "I Remember You" a romance drama. However, I can say I'm relieved that there weren't any cheesy scenes for once..
One thing is for sure: the soundtrack sucks. I admit that I've found myself humming it once or twice, but it was because of hearing it so much, not because I liked it. Because I didn't.

It's a good drama, it's worth watching, but the ending is a bit dissatisfying...
Very Good: 4/5
hellyelly 26 Aug, 2015
To be honet I started watching this drama because of Seo In Guk, but i don't like the fact that he is the only character to bring some action in it and the detective team seems to be really falling behind with their job... but I still have hope it will raise my interest :)
meakoo 22 Aug, 2015
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Well written drama, everyone was so good, and the scenes with the three guys alone were intense and got me on the edge of my seat!!
I cried!! I thought his brother died and when I saw him I was like WTH!! I cried for nothing >.> the relationship between him and his brother is so touching
Absolutely one of my favourite this year.
unknown 22 Aug, 2015
i really do hope they will do another season ...
...the ending was everythong else but satisfying. i mean...what about Min? and, why didn't they catch jun yeong? NOT SATISFIED! ..
...4/5* ...such a pity ._.