ESC to close 3.9 (by 851 users)neoreul gieokhae 너를 기억해
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized neoreul gieokhae
english I Remember You
literal Remember You
aka hello monster, hello monseuteo, 헬로 몬스터


genres crime, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 22 Jun, 2015 - 11 Aug, 2015
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.9 of 5 by 851 users
total users 1492
rating 3315
favorites 40



Without any actual memories of the past, Lee Hyeon decides to follow a mysterious anonymous letter back to Korea. The criminal profiler is determined to catch the murderer of his father and to find his little brother, hoping that the latter is still alive. Hyeon eventually joins the local special investigation unit around Cha Ji An, a police detective who seems to know the sharp tongued man a bit too well, although they are seemingly meeting for the first time.


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Lee Hyeon
Cha Ji An
Gang Eun Hyeok
Jeong Seon Ho
Choe Eun Bok
Son Myeong U




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zaharisa 22 Aug, 2015
@unknown Oh, Mask is a good one. But I will start this one today. I hope to like it the same way you do. :)
unknown 21 Aug, 2015
I just couldn't decide between this one or mask...i just randomly said 'i watch the first few minites of both and then decide'...didn't even need to start mask...this one already had me and i don't regret it. I'm already hooked up! And i don't know why but...i don't really think often about seo in guk but every drama i watched with him were great! I hope this one will be good til the end :D
rooomanoooma 18 Aug, 2015
Absolutely loved this drama... and I'm very satisfied with the way it ended (2) ❤ . ❤
thu it's not comparable to the american series but it has its unique plot plus many nerve wracking moments, too ^.+
superboink 16 Aug, 2015
I found it boring.... Am I the only one who can't get into In Guk's acting? Sigh. This drama was lacking for me... Those supposedly "intense" scenes will not be intense at all if not for the background music... If Korea's police are actually like it was here then there is definitely something wrong with it... Totally overrated.
thefreak 15 Aug, 2015
"I Remember You" is a great mixture of mystery, suspense, humour and crime with an interesting plot larded with a whole cast of amazing actors/actresses, who play a bunch of loveable, intriguing and -most important- 3-dimensional characters. The script is smooth and the directing doesn't show any great mistakes. The music is a bit repetitive and cliché, but it doesn't disturb the scenes either.

What makes this drama a real gem amongst others is the character constellation and the portrayal by the chosen actors and actresses, who kept me so engrossed in the whole ensemble, right down to the last sidekick. Seo In Guk, Park Bo Geum and Choe Won Yeong nailed every single scene and when they were together, the screen was literally on fire because of the suspense, the tension or rather the chemistry between the actors and their respective characters. I think we can say that Park Bo Geum had kind of a breakthrough performance as Lawyer Jeong – his facial expressions were magnificent.

I really liked the fact that the romance was a side story and developed slowly, but steadily, starting with Cha Ji An and Lee Hyeon becoming friends and partners, and then evolved into something more because of mutual understanding and trust. Adding that we finally got an awesome and root-worthy heroine in Cha Ji An! I wish for more female characters like her!

"I Remember You" is about making decisions and living with the consequences. And how the view of good and bad can differ from person to person and their state of mind or experiences.

that they made killers likeable. They gave them a character, a history and a past. And thus kind of an explanation as to why things happened they way they had happened.
Okay, I have to admit that they casted a really good-looking actor for Min, who mastered the puppy-face to perfection, and I'm kinda mad about all the fangirls who squeal about him not going to prison because he's way too handsome blabla....BUT in the end, the drama gave a lot of hints about Min and his future plans and I'm of the opinion that he's going to have to take responsibility for his crimes (and get professional help).
As for Lee Jun Yeong....I found him to be a really interesting, although creepy and scary, character, who was far better than the one-dimensional villains we see way too often on TV.
jongkook 14 Aug, 2015
Absolutely loved this drama... and I'm very satisfied with the way it ended.
In life, the line isn't always black and white, in fact, there's more grey to it. LH, LJM, and LJY portrayed exactly that aspect - LJY's especially. The things we do in life that one may see as "good", another person may view it as "bad". It happens and it makes sense. Although LJY's character was portrayed to be a psychotic killer, there was still compassion and pity, in his reasoning to save abused children. All of them were designed to seem more humane, and in some instances like LJY, likeable/understandable. As far as finale goes for LJM, it's left up to the views whether he chose to follow LJY, turn himself in for LH's sake, or find a new path on his own. After all, LJY had told LH as a child - the path they take is one's own choice.

P.S. Romance progressed slowly, but I prefer it that way, since it seemed slightly more realistic.

I'm going to miss this drama a lot~
nami24 13 Aug, 2015
somehow the ending didn't feel the end.. idk.. i felt it was missing something
nevertheless i liked the characters and the story *-*
but the romance... not so much.. i didn't feel chemistry between them..
and Minnie.. oh Min.. T.T he is the heart breaker Min.. he doesn't know how much i cried for him...
I also kinda a little bit felt bad for joon young.. its kinda unfair to him.. i feel he doesn't understand what he does wrong and he is hated for that..
for Min there is hyeon to help him but for him.. no one can help him.. nor anyone can stop him.. unless hyeon catch him.. but idk it would be hard for him to understand...
kurumi 12 Aug, 2015
I was skeptical when starting this, but it turned out to be one of the best summer dramas*with not-so-summery plot, really* this year.

I will for sure miss it, it is rare to stumble upon a drama with such a strong storyline and characters, that it does not need cheesy romance and useless drama between characters. It has romance, but it's a weak one, which happens in dramas, which focus on other aspects rather than love-line.

I was so relieved Min didn't die. He is a contradictory character, but a very charming one