ESC to close 3.19 (by 402 users)neoreul saranghan sigan 너를 사랑한 시간
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized neoreul saranghan sigan
english The Time We Were Not In Love
aka the time that i loved you, 7000 days, the time i loved you, 7000 days, neoreul saranghan sigan, 7000il, 너를 사랑한 시간, 7000일


genres drama, romance, friendship


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 27 Jun, 2015 - 16 Aug, 2015
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.19 of 5 by 402 users
total users 799
rating 1282
favorites 2


wo ke neng bu hui ai ni
2011 TV tw


O Ha Na and Choe Won were neighbours and friends since they were little. Today, O Ha Na is a marketing employee at a boutique and appears to be a successful woman and Choe Won is a steward looking for his ideal woman.

When O Ha Na discovers that her fiancé was cheating on her, Choe Won, who was rejected by O Ha Na years ago after confessing to her, decides to try to cross the border from a friend to a lover




O Ha Na
Choe Won
Cha Seo Hu
Lee So Eun
Gang Na Yeong
O Dae Bok




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13 Oct, 2015
O Ha Na and Choe Won are together for as long as they can think. And what could have been a very loving couple stopped at friendship, because of some remarks they made when they were younger. Nonetheless, they share a very deep friendship and are there for each other whenever they need. Ha Na is a very succesful marketing employee and decides to give 100% at work, after she gets cheated on by her boyfriend. Choe Won hardly has any relationship since he travels as a steward all over the world. But both feel the clock is ticking and that if they want to have a family, they should start soon...

This drama shows what a girl wants: a trustworthy boyfriend who is also your best friend and takes you with all the unnerving tiny negative sides you have. And Ha Na has many of them. At points I was really wondering why they stayed friends for that long, if she is so hard to handle.

I think what makes this drama so charming is that their life is in the center, of it, not their love. You start to like their surroundings as much as their love story, and that's what made me like this drama so much.

I know there is a Taiwan version, that was really successfull. But I didn't see it and as a drama on it's own, this wasn't too bad. The only reason I had to deduct a star for was, that the ending was really weak. That's when the story turned into pure love and I felt like they didn't write the script for 16 episodes but rather for 13. The ending was a useless filler. I liked seeing Choe Won enough to not deduct more stars, but I can't say that it was perfect.

My other issue was Ha Nas decisions, but I can't really give it a worse rating for things I don't like that the character did. I understand that there really are people like her, but I don't have to agree with her.

Aside from that, it's a cute romance with beautiful settings and I really liked the comfy feeling the cast gave off. The second lead was a bit weak, but still good enough to enjoy.

Watch for a lovely romance or for the actors! Not if you want an exciting story.
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04 Sep, 2015
The Time I've Loved You tackles the popular and age old best friends love story. And while the premise was advertised as being about two friends whose timing never quite worked out for a relationship, the reality is...quite different.

The beginning is great, with amazing friendships and leads that are strong and relatable. Things start going downhill once Ha Na's ex Seo Hu appears. Things begin to drag, characters have personality flips within the same episode and previous points are ignored when convenient. The writing makes no sense half the time (likely a result of the multiple writer changes the show went through) with a lot of unnecessary secondary characters being thrown in. However, when the strongest parts are when it's just the two best friends.

It does manage to pick up and find it's original footing, but whether it's too late or not is debatable.

A possible watch for those that love the best friends to lovers theme or fans of the leads, and great for a lazy summer but not for much else.
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babydoll 14 May, 2017
ilate 15 Jul, 2016
I didn't have high expectations about this drama so it might be why I enjoyed it very much. It was enjoyable, the story was relatable and acting was on point :)
ilate 09 Jul, 2016
No second male lead syndrom luckily. I didn't know what kind of guy he was and was too quick to judge :o
ilate 08 Jul, 2016
Aaaaand here comes the second male lead syndrom AGAIN ... T^T
frannam 22 Jun, 2016
Aguentei a burra da Ha Na exclusivamente pelo Won, essa maravilha de homem que salvou o drama todo! Só meu amor por Jin Wook para me fazer aguentar uma personagem tão tapada!
bluediamonds 06 Mar, 2016
I still can't believe i finished it.
I loved this drama till episode 6-7(?), i think, then it started the usual cliches, annoying things.
It was getting on my nerves. As always it's a pointless drama that has so many episodes for no reason. I don't know how's the taiwanese version but this one is extremely bad.
The only thing i could like about it was the landscapes, the clothes, colors etc etc..
Anyway, last but not least let's talk about how low rom chemistry the two mains had. Who even thought of putting them together? They look more like siblings than a couple..

Ughh.. rated it with 2/5.
magicalzelda 26 Feb, 2016
I'm at ep.5 and I'm really starting to wonder why is everyone disliking it so much :O there are so many negative comments and I really didn't have high expectations but so far I love everything about this drama. Ha Ji Won&Lee Jin Wook's chemistry is amazing, they are such a good pairing. Though, I admit that Ha Ji Won's acting sometimes seems a bit awkward but I don't find her character annoying at all. Yes, the story is a typical rom-com but it's still nice, it has a lot of funny, cute and heart-fluttering moments. I really, really like it.
liyirna 20 Sep, 2015
Summer mediocre romcom at best.
Ha Jiwon really doesn't do cutesy stuff well, drama and action suit her much better.
Lots of brand clothes, jewelery and blatant product placement.