ESC to close 4.33 (by 640 users)eungdaphara 1988 응답하라 1988
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized eungdaphara 1988
english Reply 1988
literal Answer To 1988
aka answer me 1988


genres comedy, drama, family, friendship


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 06 Nov, 2015 - 16 Jan, 2016
episodes 20
duration 110 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 19:50 - 21:40
status released


avg. score 4.33 of 5 by 640 users
total users 1154
rating 2770
favorites 114


eungdaphara 1997
2012 TV kr
eungdaphara 1994
2013 TV kr


Five friends and their families live on the same street. Their lives connect with each other as they go through happiness, love and hardship together.




Kim Jeong Hwan
Seong Seon U
Choe Taek
Seong Deok Seon
Ryu Dong Ryong
Lee Il Hwa




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19 Jan, 2016
Answer Me 1988 follows its predecessors in being a successful story about youth and the trials of growing up.

This time around, the focus is more on families, with the parents stepping in to play a larger role. And it works out great, as the relationships become more meaningful because this isn't just about five families who happen to live on one street, it's more about one large family who happen to live in different houses.

The acting is great, with the ensemble cast melding well. From the veteran parents to the new-actor kids all embrace their roles; willing to do what's necessary to make the characters heartwarming.

The writing, like all the shows in this series, knows how to create a world that's fulfilling, making even small moments seem monumental. The slice-of-life approach gives everyone a chance to grow and the time-jumps shown in an effective way so that it isn't too jarring. It makes you yearn to have lived on this street with everyone.

The only weak point is that each episode's run time is long, so there's the occasional moments where the plot slows down. But because it often picks the pace up again, and because everyone is just so lovable, it's a small point in a large, successful show.

A definite recommend.
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samanthawoo 10 Jul, 2017
I really loved this drama but the ending got me disappointed.
Although I knew she would choose Taek (it was obvious after the first 5 minutes of the 1st episode), at the beginning deep inside I hoped she would choose Jeong Hwan, because Deok Seon's husband seemed to have more of Jeong Hwan's personality. But then through the drama they started changing that character to give an audience a clue. Then I switched to Taek, because Jeong Hwan took too long.
But what was the biggest disappointment is
they showed more romance between Bo Ra and Seun U than the main couple, especially in the last episode. I was more interested in Deok Seon's love life than Bo Ra's.
Overall, I am leaving this drama 4 out of 5, and this drama leaves me great memories.
sweetchan91 05 Nov, 2016
After ep 19 my heart breaks in 1000 pieces.
Why she choices Taek?
kamilles 06 Oct, 2016
I really liked this version - better than the 1994 version, but it did not top the 1997 version. I really love how unpredictable the husband is, and I was not disappointed with the ending. I did feel like an hour and a half per episode is dragging it waay too much, so it has a lot of slow moments.
eunhye 01 Sep, 2016
F*ck this life, where
Deok Seon and Jeong Hwan

aren't together. I'm gonna find a new universe for me.
Monthes passed and i'm still depressed with the ending. And it takes me so many powers not to hate
Park Bo Geom
because of those scenarists... At least his new drama is good and i can love him again.
But gamn...
And i still think this drama was great. It pissed me off so much and i still love it. And I want a new Reply so much. I now, they're going downwards with this series, but i reeeeally want to watch reply 2000-2005 or smthg.
ageupaulo 09 Jul, 2016
Roteirista, deixo aqui meus sinceros VÁ TOMAR NO SEU C*, filha da p*ta, desgraçada!

Como vc ousa transformar aquela declaração do Junghwan numa brincadeira?! Pq simplesmente não fez a Duk Seon rejeitá-lo? Pq teve que ser tão cruel?!
leylachan 14 Jun, 2016
Well I'm a fan of the "Reply" series.
This one was good too and I cried a lot. But the ending felt super rushed compared to the general pace of the drama. And what happened to
Jung Hwan
?? I wish they had developed the character more, I feel so bad for him.
My favorite character would be Dong Ryong, cuz yeah I like weirdos.
This is a must watch if you like warm family dramas filled with emotions. No dramatic plot, no makjang, no clichés. Just a feel good drama, young and fresh.
ilate 24 May, 2016
It took me quite a while to finally decide to watch 'Reply 1988' and the only thing I regret is that it took me so long. Beautiful, nostalgic story of a friendship in a fast developing country. All actors did an amazing job (even Hyeri, who, honestly, was the reason I didn't want to watch the drama at first). I feel like every person can find a soulmate within the characters (mine was Jung Hwan :D ). As some people said earlier, this drama was cliche-free
(I think that's why many people were disappointed Deok Seon didnt end up with Jung Hwan but with Taek - because we were expecting a typical for Korean dramas ending).

I cried, I laughed, I reminisced. Truly a masterpiece!
cncll 06 May, 2016
This drama was beautiful. Truly beautiful. It has very little romance and therefore even if you suffer with SLS it won't affect you much. Even if you start watching for the romance you end up watching for other characters. They've shown the stories of them all. I loved every single one. Acting was so on point as well and my favourite character turned out to be Dong Ryong in the end. Loved his dance moves :D

This drama is filled with warmth. If you live away from your family like me prepare for some nostalgia and homesickness to kick in.
What I loved the most is that drama bits were realistic. Dramas that we can all encounter in everyday life. Not some overdramatic bull**it.
It was also cliche free. Each time I thought: 'Oh, I've seen this in kdramas so many times before. I know how it's gonna end.' I got surprised in the end. Every. Single. Time.

For me this is truly a masterpiece. I think it was better than the original Reply 1997 which I thought was good but didn't experience as many emotions as I did with this version. Despite over 1.5h long episodes I never felt bored and never felt the urge to skip.