ESC to close 4.33 (by 658 users)eungdaphara 1988 응답하라 1988
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized eungdaphara 1988
english Reply 1988
literal Answer To 1988
aka answer me 1988


genres comedy, drama, family, friendship


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 06 Nov, 2015 - 16 Jan, 2016
episodes 20
duration 110 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 19:50 - 21:40
status released


avg. score 4.33 of 5 by 658 users
total users 1174
rating 2849
favorites 115


eungdaphara 1997
2012 TV kr
eungdaphara 1994
2013 TV kr


Five friends and their families live on the same street. Their lives connect with each other as they go through happiness, love and hardship together.




Kim Jeong Hwan
Seong Seon U
Choe Taek
Seong Deok Seon
Ryu Dong Ryong
Lee Il Hwa




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19 Jan, 2016
Answer Me 1988 follows its predecessors in being a successful story about youth and the trials of growing up.

This time around, the focus is more on families, with the parents stepping in to play a larger role. And it works out great, as the relationships become more meaningful because this isn't just about five families who happen to live on one street, it's more about one large family who happen to live in different houses.

The acting is great, with the ensemble cast melding well. From the veteran parents to the new-actor kids all embrace their roles; willing to do what's necessary to make the characters heartwarming.

The writing, like all the shows in this series, knows how to create a world that's fulfilling, making even small moments seem monumental. The slice-of-life approach gives everyone a chance to grow and the time-jumps shown in an effective way so that it isn't too jarring. It makes you yearn to have lived on this street with everyone.

The only weak point is that each episode's run time is long, so there's the occasional moments where the plot slows down. But because it often picks the pace up again, and because everyone is just so lovable, it's a small point in a large, successful show.

A definite recommend.
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cncll 06 May, 2016
This drama was beautiful. Truly beautiful. It has very little romance and therefore even if you suffer with SLS it won't affect you much. Even if you start watching for the romance you end up watching for other characters. They've shown the stories of them all. I loved every single one. Acting was so on point as well and my favourite character turned out to be Dong Ryong in the end. Loved his dance moves :D

This drama is filled with warmth. If you live away from your family like me prepare for some nostalgia and homesickness to kick in.
What I loved the most is that drama bits were realistic. Dramas that we can all encounter in everyday life. Not some overdramatic bull**it.
It was also cliche free. Each time I thought: 'Oh, I've seen this in kdramas so many times before. I know how it's gonna end.' I got surprised in the end. Every. Single. Time.

For me this is truly a masterpiece. I think it was better than the original Reply 1997 which I thought was good but didn't experience as many emotions as I did with this version. Despite over 1.5h long episodes I never felt bored and never felt the urge to skip.
dodii 29 Apr, 2016
Just finished it... almost 3 am and I have to wake up early omg! But I enjoyed it so so Much <3! Totally recommend it :)

But really sad that Ds didn't end up with JH 3. Why didn't he never tell her. He had so many chances 3 break my heart.

I also love when all the adults built the snowman, they were so concern but so much love put into it. The neighboorhood was just <3
berrytm 25 Apr, 2016
I think I cried too many times in this drama haha this was great. I don't even know what to say it was good.

Damn, Taek is such a confusing character for me xD He looks so innocent but can pull off such passionate kisses (lol) and smoke and everything >_> Anyway, I'm really curious about an ending with deokseon x jeonghwan
cncll 25 Apr, 2016
Finally decided to watch it. I'm into the 4th episode and I am already crying. There's been so many spoilers out there that I know who the husband is and
it just hurts me too much. Before I started watching I was very happy to hear that Park Bo Geum's character gets the girl but now... #teamjeonghwan ;-;
dodii 25 Apr, 2016
Just started it this afternoon. And I just realise how long each episode was. I was like, Oh I'll just watch the first 3 episodes and looking at the time now, I'm rushing to finish my homeworks TT.TT ~ But really loving it so far <3
lilijp 15 Apr, 2016
Eu olhei o tamanho dos episódios fiquei na dúvida se iria me empolgar, e no fim fiquei querendo mais! Faz um tempo que não me emocionava tanto, muito bom!
frejho 17 Mar, 2016
Это настоящая история о жизни.
Обязательна к просмотру!
Я даже теперь сомневаюсь какая часть лучше R1997 или R1988. На данный момент я без ума от последней)
Про финал хотелось бы отдельно сказать:
Why? Why??? WTF!!!!!! Она должна была остаться с Чон Хваном!!!! Какого черты вы замяли его???? Выкинули его его из финала, не дали им объясниться?? Как же вы бесите! 미치게!
ally 17 Mar, 2016
The producers got greedy with this Reply, with a 2-hour and 20 episodes long drama. They tried to show almost EVERY single thing that happened in the lives of each family member, and at some moment, it got boring. And even with that, the last 3 episodes were totally rushed, and didn't show the development between Duk Seon and his future husband.