ESC to close 3.63 (by 1935 users)yeopgijeogin geunyeo 엽기적인 그녀
  • 2001
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized yeopgijeogin geunyeo
english My Sassy Girl
literal Ghoulish She
aka that bizarre girl

Based On

based on web novel
title yeopgijeogin geunyeo
author Kim Ho Sik (김호식)


genres comedy, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 27 Jul, 2001
duration 123 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.63 of 5 by 1935 users
total users 2757
rating 7023
favorites 94


ryoukiteki na kanojo
2008 TV jp
wo de xin ye man nü you
2016 film kr ch
yeopgijeogin geunyeo
2017 TV kr


Based on a true story about a man, Ho Sik, who posts a series of stories online about his girlfriend. These stories later become the plot for the book and then the movie, my sassy girl.

In my sassy girl, Gyeon U describes his meeting with an unnamed girl on a train. Afterwards he gains a responsibility towards her. Thus begins his relationship with the girl, who at times can be quite charming and at times violent. The girl turns his passive world upside down.


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Gyeon U
Gyeong U's Mother
Her Father
Gyeong U's Father
Her Mother


director, screenwriter


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23 May, 2011
When you lose the person you love, you think you’ll never be able to love again for many reasons. But eventually you meet someone who’ll surprise you, and that person will help you healing and move on, and you’ll find yourself treasuring him/her. That’s what happens to the girl here, and I can understand her behavior, having been through the same experience. She’s carefree, and wants to enjoy life. And this guy turns out to be her medicine. I can understand his feelings trying to figure out who she really is and why she behaves that way. It’s bittersweet, and amusing.
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The same girl stars in both, and both movies are cute, strange, and sad at the same time. Also, in both movies the main guys are very good friends with the girl.


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eyeslikefirefly 30 May, 2017
I hope I keep forgetting how this movies ends forever, because it ALWAYS hits me when I re-watch it. This is probably my fourth or fifth watch-through, but I always wait long enough to watch it so the ending can surprise me.
I think you need to have watched it shortly after it came out to really have the nostalgic attachment most of the people who love this movie have? This watch-through, parts of the movie bugged me, but once you get to the end it's all worth it. (And that's all I have to say about that. See you all in another 4-5 years).
sweetsuga 18 Jan, 2017
Será que vou receber hate se postar um comentário negativo? Pensando se vou... Não levem pro lado pessoal e nem me odeiem por discordar de vocês. Primeiramente, não entendo como alguém pode dar cinco estrelas para esse filme quando nem eu consegui dar 3 (que é considerado "bom" por aqui).

Como esse tipo de relacionamento pode ser tido "fofo"? (Li comentários assim). Sério, gente. Eu não iria querer alguém que topasse tudo o que eu quisesse (seria chato). E nem esmurraria ou chutaria meu namorado (isso faz algum sentido?). Ninguém fala em relacionamento abusivo por aqui, mas é uma forma de (ainda que de um jeito "soft" - através da comédia). Aliás, quem ainda ri desse tipo de humor? Parece aquela coisa dos anos 90s, quando o cara era feito de escravo e apanhava pra caramba.

Outra coisa: o roteiro muda completamente e válida as ações violentas da personagem?? Não sei não...
aqu135 08 Aug, 2016
watched this long ago, but forgot to add it on my list...its an okay movie with some funny scenes...but thats about it
kimihan 19 Jun, 2015
Finally watched it, and it was nice, but I'm really not sure why people rave about it so much. [4]
mavstark 22 Feb, 2014
Finally watched it, and it was nice, but I'm really not sure why people rave about it so much. [3]
leylachan 17 Feb, 2014
[2] Finally watched it, and it was nice, but I'm really not sure why people rave about it so much. [2]
089110 13 Feb, 2013
I love this movie. It's sweet and hilarious. (=
maysa 17 Mar, 2012
O final vale por tudo.