ESC to close 3.47 (by 91 users)pink to gray
  • 2016
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized pink to gray
literal Pink And Gray

Based On

based on book
title pink to gray
author Katou Shigeaki (加藤シゲアキ)


genres school, friendship, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 09 Jan, 2016
duration 119 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.47 of 5 by 91 users
total users 204
rating 316
favorites 1



Kawada Daiki moves with his family from Osaka to Yokohama, where he meets Suzuki Shingo, who is the same age. They become best friends and they continue to spend middle school and high school together. In high school they have an opportunity to be reader models for a magazine, which then later gets them a contract as entertainers. When they later go on to university they move in together but then Shingo has his big break and begins his new life as a star whereas Daiki is stuck doing extra roles in various projects. The situation becomes too much to handle and they go their separate ways. With their separate lifestyles they were never meant to meet again, but one day they do and at that moment the wheel of fate takes hold of both of their lives.


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Shiraki Rengo
Kawada Daiki


original creator
director, screenwriter


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senchen 05 Jan, 2018
The main idea and relationships between all heros are shown completely different from original manga, but can't say that appeared to be bad idea, it added completely different meaning to the film. But manga is no longer connected to this movie.
iluvlynx 13 Sep, 2017
I really enjoyed this film. It's probably one of my favorite Japanese films to date. The acting was top-notch, the OST was pretty good and had memorable songs (I plan to try to find and download it after this), and character development was visible. The synopsis on this website doesn't do the movie justice. There was a twist in the middle that made me pause the movie and made me second guess everything I had seen prior, and until the movie reached the end did I accept the truth.

The movie was interesting stylistically in a way that a normal viewer (i.e. not a film major) could understand, as long as you gave it a little thought. It made it obvious so that you had to think about the meaning (or it wouldn't have made much sense or had much point). The ending hit home. I wondered about the title Pink and Gray all the way until the last couple of scenes.

I did wonder, however, about what they were trying to say about
the suicides (Gocchi's and his sister's). Were they advocating thinking twice about how suicide impacts those around you (and the stages of grief, although it doesn't quite align with the Five Stages of Grief), or were they telling the viewers to simply accept it (as when Gocchi doesn't stop his sister from killing herself), or can this be used as some sort of coping mechanism to deal with the suicides that exist today?

This story was interesting, because it was told twice, in a way. Or maybe 1.5 times. The first story finished in the first hour or so and the second story began, and it was hard to see where the movie was going (which I didn't particularly mind; I just didn't know how a whole additional hour could possibly be taken up).
sweetsuga 01 Jun, 2017
Meio confuso.
lorekk223 16 May, 2017
milisia 11 Mar, 2017
Too deep for me, definetly :/
trixi 23 Jun, 2016
I really enjoyed this film, it was a bit confusing in the middle but after getting past that it was great. Really good acting from all the lead characters!
watashiwachiaki 21 Oct, 2015
I'm so proud of Shige!!! bwahahaha