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  • 2016
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized nobunaga concerto
aka nobunaga kontseruto, 信長協奏曲(ノブナガコンツェルト)

Based On

based on manga
title nobunaga concerto
author Ishii Ayumi (石井あゆみ)


genres comedy, drama, history, time travel


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 23 Jan, 2016
duration 126 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.65 of 5 by 92 users
total users 190
rating 336


nobunaga concerto
2014 TV jp


Oda Nobunaga is faced with the fact that if history does not change soon, he will die this year. After he has got used to his life there and has found friends and even love in the ancient times, he refuses to give up and die in the way he learnt Nobunaga dies in his history class. Japan needs someone to unite the country and bring peace, and Saburo is determined to be the one to do it. But there is also the real Nobunaga, who has his own plans, and Hideyoshi, who still is thirsty for revenge.


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Oda Nobunaga
Ikeda Tsuneoki
Hashiba Hideyoshi
Maeda Toshiie




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04 Oct, 2016
What an awesome final to an awesome series! Saburo faces the fact, that Nobunaga will soon die, if everything goes according to history. After he got used to his new life in a different time, he doesn't want to accept his early death and starts to fight the flow of history.

While I think it was totally unneccessary to wait a year or something for the final movie and send it in a cinema, I really liked the movie a lot. It was touching and lovely, I love how they made the ending and everything just clicked well. I had to re-read some parts of the series because the final came out too late and my memories were a bit vague.

In general, I can't find anything bad to say. There is female power, there is revenge, history, awesome acting, love and war. There is everything you could want in this series and thus I can only rate it with 5*.

Recommended if you want to study some very important japanese history, love time travels or action or if you like any of the actors. They really did a wonderful job. I also recommend it for those who want to watch a good drama that doesn't revolve around love but has a good part of it in it.
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iluvlynx 10 Mar, 2017
More or less predictable ending, but still not bad.

Some loopholes but I did like how some things ended out.

Like how did the westerner find out Saburo's address to send him the letter? Also, how much time has passed in the present? We are not told.
alex3 16 Aug, 2016
so ...
he never got to return to this era after he 'died'? I'm kind sad but I understand *sigh* :(

Really awesome series & movie
d0npian0 30 Jul, 2016
Man I'm so glad
that Saburou survived in the end. I think they wrapped it up nicely without changing the course of history. I also liked how they managed to give Akechi Mitsuhide a reason to kill Nobunaga without demonizing either of them.