ESC to close 3.07 (by 547 users)sangnyusahoe 상류사회
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized sangnyusahoe
english High Society (literal)
aka chaebol's daughter, a chaebol's daughter, the chaebol's daughter, the billionaire's daughter, the tycoon's daughter, true romance, jaebeori ddal, 재벌의 딸, 트루 로맨스


genres comedy, drama, family, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 08 Jun, 2015 - 28 Jul, 2015
episodes 16
duration 75 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.07 of 5 by 547 users
total users 1009
rating 1677
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Jang Yun Ha is the unloved child of a very rich family. Her mother is restrictive, her sister is everyone's favourite child, and her older brother quarrels with another sister over the family inheritance. Yun Ha tries her best to escape that world. To this end, she goes working at a local supermarket and rejects marriage candidates provided by her parents.

Working at the supermarket with her friend, Lee Ji I, she comes across the incompetent Yu Chang Su, the manager who is helped by his friend, Choe Jun Gi, in running the store. Jun Gi, who comes from a poor background, despises the rich and is sceptical of love. The microcosm of the supermarket results in the clash of four people from different social backgrounds.


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Yu Chang Su
Jang Yun Ha
Choe Jun Gi
Lee Ji I
Min Hye Su
Jang Won Sik


singer, composer


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22 Jan, 2016
I enjoyed this drama more than I thought I would due to the other comments about it. People say its cliche, but everything is going to be a cliche so I wish we could toss that word out the window now. Thing is, there is a very good balance here between what is typical and what isn't thanks to the fact that there are 2 main couples. Also, the main characters themselves are a breath of fresh air when you really pay attention to how they act. Some of the supporting characters are also fresh. I liked that

As much as I found this okay and very enjoyable in some areas I can agree that it was lacking in certain things. Had it really followed through with the storyline it was building things could have been very interesting, but for some reason the writers tossed the especially dramatic and exciting issues aside just when they were climaxing. That was very disappointing. It seems they truly wanted to focus on the relationships of the 4 main couples as lovers and friends to each other, despite the fact that it initially kept showing us other relationships which they then dropped the ball on. The whole business end of the drama was interesting too, unfortunately the writers took us deep into this area then in the last few episodes they just excluded us from what was really going on.

The acting was decent, especially on the part of Hyeong Sik and Im Ji Yeon. Seong Jun was also good but with the way his role is written and the fact that he has to feed off of Uee's performance really didn't allow him to shine in anyway aside from his looks (and the intelligence of his character) . As for Uee, I am actually a fan of hers but I can easily say there are some characters she just doesn't fit well. I think she has an idea in her head of how a Chaebol's daughter should act and so couldn't break that in order to give a good performance. She was extremely robotic. Her eyes looked dead and she was fairly expressionless 99.9% of the time - this especially sucked because there were instances that called for the character to be seemingly emotionless (defeated internally etc) but because she was that way throughout most of the series at these certain times she really let you know she was Uee trying to act out a part as opposed to a character going through some things. Had they given this role o someone else I think this drama could have gone up by so much more (and I really hate that I had to say this but Uee was just so bad in it).

Still, I enjoyed it enough and I think its one of those dramas that impact individuals in vastly different ways. This is definitely one of those dramas where comments and reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.
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01 Aug, 2015
High Society is a show that's got a premise ripe with conflict and emotion; a rich woman pretends to be poor in order to find true love, only to discover that her boyfriend's known about, and has been after, her money this whole time. Revenge ensues.

Unfortunately the show never manages to fully succeed in tapping into all the possibilities. The main couple make little sense, with their actions seeming to flip flop. The second leads carry the romance, being cute and engaging.

The plot never seems to barrel ahead, feeling like it's always holding back. The revenge isn't anywhere near the proportions it's said to be, the arcs drag and the acting seems to follow par.

That being said, the second leads carry the show, and there have definitely been worse. Not something to go out of your way for but good for filling up any dry spells - just have the fast forward button ready.
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In the both dramas the poor guy builds relationships with a rich girl to promote his interests first. Gang Ma Ru and Choe Jun Gi start their relationships to achieve their own plans, but then realise that it isn't so easy.


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seoltang 04 Jun, 2017
Melhor casal secundário de todos os tempos. <3
keieri 21 Jun, 2016
I really love the actors, but the screenwriting was a little poor i think =( the cast was good however, they did their best but it was very slow to watch!! i tried about three times to re-watching but i didn't do it at the end.
liyirna 14 Jan, 2016
No heart. no soul. While having a lot of potential and being somewhat original HS wanders listlessly.
Seong Jun's acting is appalling and beta-couple's chemistry can't compensate for wooden alpha.
The end is giving feeling - what was all this about?
eunhye 25 Dec, 2015
Somehow i liked it. Drama was simple and mediocre, with tons of cliché, but it fitted my mood very well.
nimwoo 16 Sep, 2015
Some parts were interesting but the drama overall was too cliché and got kinda boring after eps- 10~11. Sungjoon's and UEE's loveline was really boring for a main couple. Park Hyung Shik as always did an awesome job here and his role was what kept me watching it.
carroline 18 Aug, 2015
Not really interesting, not really funny, not "heart-racing" and badly acted: 2**
Just go watch something else :D

It really hurted me to see Seong Jun acting so badly :|
I really liked him in other works, but here, in a romantic drama, it should have played the "cool guy" not the "emotionless one". For all the time he looked to me like a piece of wood :|
Uee was pretty bad too, but probably it's not just they're fault since their characters were so badly written!
They're relationship was really cold, weird and superficial because they didn't do anything romantic or special together and were not passionate at all.
On the other hand the second lead couple was cheerful and funny and cute... And the only thing that save this romantic drama from being a total failure XD

So, the starting idea of responsability for job or position were kinda interesting for me (Heirs would have been much better if they would have really talked about "the weight of the crown") and also was the relationship in Uee family... but at the end the give up on explanations and just ended the show kinda coldly.
koriya 17 Aug, 2015
I know it's everyones personal taste, but i really dont think that it was that bad as it's portrayed by some people here:) i enjoyed it and i recommend if someone of you have a bit of time; it was funny and incredibly cute drama, especially when it comes to Chang Su and Ji Yi relationship! And for me, the end was just perfect :) overall, i gave it 4 out of 5 stars because i didnt like the way they ended the "company" matter with Yoon Ah's sister and their brother. The drama presented different problems (family, friends, love) and showed that it doesnt matter what status we have, we are all the same.
It's true that it might be a bit too predictable drama (really predictable, but yeah, no one should take this drama too seriously :p then there wont be a feeling of "wasting time") but i think if someone liked "Heirs", should definitely try out this drama too. Oh, and the OST was really, really good :)
Dont have a high hopes of it, just watch it when you have a plenty time to spend ^^
deema 14 Aug, 2015
its tooooooo BAD
i try to complete it just for Hyeong Sik Acting which is the only thing to call act in this Drama !!

just don't watch it ! its waste time in watching !
it doesn't worth it :)