ESC to close 4.12 (by 2327 users)maou
  • 2008
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized maou
english The Devil (literal)


genres drama, suspense, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 04 Jul, 2008 - 12 Sep, 2008
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Friday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 4.12 of 5 by 2327 users
total users 3556
rating 9581
favorites 387


2007 TV kr
same setting


Serizawa became a detective because of an event in his past. One day he receives a strange tarot card in the mail, and soon after ignoring it, somebody he knows dies. Another tarot card arrives, and he decides to look into it before somebody else is hurt, and the only person that keeps showing up in every step in his investigation is the lawyer Naruse.




Serizawa Naoto
Naruse Ryou
Souda Mitsuru
Ishimoto Yosuke
Kasai Hitoshi
Takatsuka Kaoru




07 Mar, 2012
Mawang (The Korean original) is one of my all time favorite dramas, so I was pretty excited to see this being remade to see how Japan would handle it.

There are so many wrong things with this show, they turned an otherwise well paced, provocative story into a comedic almost laughable plot with stale, storied acting.

The casting is horrible for every character (As much as I like Oono), the writing was slow and they tried to cultural link too many things together and it doesn't work and feel cohesive.

I felt the soundtrack was weak as well (I'm also an Arashi fan, and I like Truth solo as a single, but in terms of this show was bad), and it drew away from key plot points to being completely out of place most of the time.

The filming was ok, but lacked intensity and polish, sometimes shaky handi-cam feel came into play on character close-ups.

The dialogue was rather dumbed down from the original, and it's been made more accessible losing all the appeal that made the Korean version great.

If you have the chance to watch this, don't, watch the Korean version first, then watch this. This version is a very bad remake on virtually lower level.
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22 Nov, 2010
I would've dropped this drama if it hadn't been for Oonos amazing acting and I have to say I'm glad I didn't drop it in the end!

In the beginning I was very thrilled, because I found the story and characters extremely interesting, but I soon realised that Touma wasn't up to his role and there were many other flaws in the rendition. Touma's acting skills weren't good enough to play a person with so much sorrow and depth. Then, for the first few episodes the story was just dragging along. There were so many people to be killed and so many mysteries and secrets to solve that I felt kind of annoyed when after several episodes still nothing had really happened... and Touma was still just shouting and running around senselessly.

After the 7th or something episode things got more exciting, but in the end the one thing I'd feared happened - they scrammed all the murders and secrets leftover in the last few episodes, which made everything seem hasty and took a lot of tragedy and depth from the story.

Nevertheless, thanks especially to Oono, this drama was really good. He played his part so perfectly and his acting skills were so stunningly amazing that the Drama got me hooked despite all of its flaws. But honestly, Touma's acting really seemed ridiculous next to Oono's. With one glance Oono could convey all of the sorrow, grief, bitterness, evil and self-hatred that Touma couldn't.

Then, even though things dragged along in the beginning, the story got more exciting in the end and finally THE end was really touching. They hurried through the deaths leftover, but they took enough time for the last scene between Serizawa and Naruse in which even Touma played really, really well. Even though I was expecting something like this, the ending made me cry.

Still, they could've done better with some changes in the cast and some difference in the plotting.

Now I've got to watch the Korean version to compare!
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Both dramas tell a story of a revenge for a beloved one's deaths. Both the police and a criminal underground are involved too. Also, in both Ikuta Touma plays one of the main characters.

18 Aug, 2014
Both dramas deal with the revenge of family member's murder.


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lukaz 17 Jul, 2017
Watched up until the 5th episode.
I feel like Ikuta just isn't suited for playing short-tempered characters that get mad and overreact every five seconds. Oono's acting on the other hand was good until now, especially the slight alterations in his facial expression struck me as very positive. I also liked Tanaka Kei's and Shimizu Yutaka's performance.
For the story, while watching I thought that some developments are kinda easy to guess - like you've already seen a similar plot somewhere else. Also, Sakita's ability feels a bit too plot-convenient to me. Actual investigation, which is at times difficult to present in a compelling way, could simply be omitted, as Serizawa just has to ask his friendly fortune-teller when in need for some clues.
A really positive aspect is the soundtrack composed by Sawano Hiroyuki, which fits in well with the story and the christian themes that occur throughout the drama (church, devil/angel, ...).

A 2/5 for me at the moment ...
leviathan 06 Apr, 2016
That was very intense Japanese melodrama, i don't know if it's worser or better than original Korean version but i must say i really liked it, every single episodes made me thrilled. Acting was realistic unlike other J-dramas with unique story and realistic plot-twists. Not to even mention about great soundtrack.

Only thing that i've complained about was final episode, felt that they rushed everything, it wouldn't be bad they made that few more episodes i guess... (i didn't watched Korean version yet maybe situation might be same as well since usually Korean dramas have worst final episodes) But overall it was great. Need more Japanese melodrama shows like this...

r0lan 28 Feb, 2015
The character emotions were exaggerated quite a bit, especially Toma's character which kinda... was slightly off putting. This is the first time watching an Ohno drama (excluding that all star Arashi movie) and his side shot glances remind me of Fujiwara Tatsuya! But nevertheless it was bearable. That last episode was a shocker but somewhat satisfying haha :)

2/5 :D
yurisama 25 Oct, 2014
The korean version was better when it comes about acting(which I perfer), but anything else, Nope.
yurisama 27 Sep, 2014
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lorekk223 28 May, 2014
I've cried a lot. Like, really. You all should watch it.
yuukarin80 24 Apr, 2014
This is my all time favorite drama! I watched it when it was airing and 6 years later, I still remember A LOT of scenes and dialogues that really had an effect on me! everything is so pulled together! the cast, the directing, the plot and the OST is so great! I would never get tired of rewatching this drama! I still feel pain whenever I remember lines or scenes from it! it's that powerful! I tried to watch the korean one but as a lot of you know the dragging was a turn off so I kind of just skipped through important scenes and I can say the japanese adaption had better twists IMO but both are good.
I totally recommend this to everyone who likes suspense dramas because the tricks and twists are really powerful! trully a masterpiece!
elisaaraus 06 Apr, 2014
Really Wonderful. The story, theme song ..... is a master piece.