ESC to close 4.02 (by 1019 users)o naui gwisinnim 오 나의 귀신님
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized o naui gwisinnim
english Oh My Ghost
aka oh my ghostess


genres comedy, drama, food, romance, supernatural


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 03 Jul, 2015 - 22 Aug, 2015
episodes 16
duration 75 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:30 - 21:45
status released


avg. score 4.02 of 5 by 1019 users
total users 1595
rating 4095
favorites 61


omg phi phuan chuan ma rak
2018 TV th


Na Bong Seon, who is especially sensitive to spirits and constantly bothered by ghosts, goes through her days exhausted and timid, her apologetic attitude making her unpopular with her coworkers at top chef Gang Seon U's restaurant. Meanwhile, insatiable ghost Sin Sun Ae's antics have gained her an unsavoury reputation in the spirit community. Sun Ae is running out of time to resolve her unfinished business, and ghost beacon Bong Seon appears to be the perfect host to possess to seal the deal -- but the two might have more influence on each other than they expect.


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Gang Seon U
Na Bong Seon
Sin Sun Ae
Choe Seong Jae
Lee So Hyeong
Jo Dong Cheol




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29 Jan, 2017
Oh my ghost is a quality dorama about tasty food, love, and Korean shamanism. It even tried to be a detective story with two dead victims and one that managed to survive.

Even though I was hooked on dorama I cannot recommend it to anyone as I doubt its morality and do not support ideas that were delivered by its creators.

Both main characters from the very childhood were not typical children, they suffered from children's cruelty and were misfits. However, one of them coped with it and became a real self-made man.

Gang Seon U owns a well-known restaurant, stars in the TV shows and always checking his rating because reputation is what matters, his success cannot be damaged. But in my view, his life gets drastically changed by two girls. And these changes are not positive.

Na Bong Seon is a quite, depressed and most of the time sleepy introvert working for Gang Seon U and she is often followed by ghosts. One of the ghosts named Sin Sun Ae manages to possess her. After that, these two girls are getting as cruel as one can be trying to seduce our Hero. And this is the reason I gave the dorama only 3/5. I doubt its morality. Firstly, they are offering their virginity too openly and pushy. Secondly, Na Bong Seon's sanity is in doubt - she asks a ghost to help her to seduce Gang Seon U and then to give him to her when Sin Sun Ae accomplishes her goal. As the result, our Hero can't understand who he really loves. What the heck?

In the end (starting from ep. 13) he understands his feelings and realizes who his only true love is. But he does it all too fast. So as characters' development is happening all at once.

The pace of the story is also the problem. At the beginning it is slow paced almost dragging, then it gets funny and lots of actions are going one by one, after that everything is fluffy, cheesy and the same time creepy. It's only 16 episodes but it seems that starting from ep. 15 there are too many of them.

You may like it or not. I did not, but it made me write a review, so maybe it's not so bad. At least acting is very nice, scenes are beautiful. But the ideas are very creepy.
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03 Sep, 2015
Oh My Ghostess is a refreshing romantic comedy that shows how you can support a romance with a side of intrigue throughout the entire run.

The concept is quirky enough, with a possession story that's never detrimental to the romance. The writing is strong enough to mix it all together well while adding in the mystery of how the ghost died. And it never truly drags. The characters are ever changing and growing, which allows for the story to keep moving at a brisk pace.

And the acting is top notch. Jo Jeong Seok nails the tough but goofy boss whose both smooth and awkward at love (it's frankly adorable). Park Bo Yeong plays both personalities amazingly well, nailing all the quirks of Sin Sun Ae so that you know exactly whose in control of the body when. And Kim Seul Gi is as winning as ever.

A definite recommend for any romantic comedy fan or any drama fan in general.
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Though they are very different in every aspect, both main girls fall in love with a chef. Therefore, the romance itself is sweet and innocent in both. Also recommended for people who like dramas with loads of cooking and food.

13 Jul, 2015
Both are related to a female protagonist that can see ghosts and becomes possessed by them. Also the male leads are very stern and not interested in the female lead strongly at the beginning.


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mikomi0e 09 Jan, 2019
Nice one. It‘s a light drama with a lot of lovey dovey scenes. I enjoyed every second of it without getting bored. Well written, awesome acting and yummy food. :)
ryofanka 28 Feb, 2018
The only think I liked about this drama was the acting.
Everything else pretty average to me :(
jaimeedarling 24 Aug, 2017
Can someone PLEASE tell me what the heck she's using on her eyes in episode one when she almost falls asleep washing out that pot? I can't find it ANYWHERE!! T_T
Please and thank you!! ^_^
olszyna 09 May, 2017
I loved this drama! It was really interesting and chemistry between the leads was amazing. <3
Their acting was so natural and I could feel their love in the air. I wonder how it's possible for Jo Jong Suk to have a gf and at the same have so much chemistry with his costars on screen (here with Park Bo Young and in Jealousy Incarnate with Gong Hyo Jin). If I were Gummy, I would have died out of jealousy.

What I didn't like:
I'd be more satisfied if there were more lovely scenes between real Bong Sun and Chef. She changed drastically in the last episode but it wasn't enough for me. Chef was in love with Sun Ae inside Bong Sun's body. It was hard to believe he also loved Bong Sun because she didn't have a chance to show her charm. It was a big pity because I truly liked real Bong Sun. Bong Sun with Sun Ae inside was also cute but sometimes too much.
The second thing I didn't like was the part when Bong Sun went to Europe to study but didn't contact Chef for 6 months. I've seen the same thing in other drama and explanation was the same: "I didn't contact you because I would have missed you too much. I wanted to focus on my studies". In real life their relationship could end because of this. You have to cherish your love so that it lasts long. I didn't like that.

I know that some people think
Sun Ae should have looked for other reason for her staying as a ghost and not being able to depart in peace instead of virginity, but virginity itself is an enough reason in Korean culture. It's a part of Korean beliefs. There are a few kinds of ghosts. One of these ghosts which can't leave Earth are virgin ghosts (Cho-nyo-Gwishin 처녀귀신). It is believed that one of the most important duty of a woman is to get married and bear a child. If a woman dies before achieving these goals, she becomes a virgin ghost which is full of "Han" (한) (it's a Korean feeling of sorrow, oppression, unavenged injustice, in the drama it was translated as "grudge") because of unfair, too early death. So it's obvious for Sun Ae to think she can't be at peace as she was a virgin and died before experiencing love with a man. Later when she realizes she was murdered she says: "So I wasn't a Cho-nyo Gwishin." This part for me was totally logical.

Anyways, it was great. I will probably watch it again. For me 4,5/5.
olszyna 07 May, 2017
About virgin ghosts, it's a part of Korean beliefs. There are a few kinds of ghosts. One of these ghosts which don't want to or can't leave Earth are virgin ghosts (Cho-nyo-Gwishin 처녀귀신). It is believed that one of the most important duty of a woman is to get married and bear a child. If a woman dies before achieving these goals, she becomes a virgin ghost which is full of revenge because of unfair, too early death. So it's obvious for Soon Ae to think she can't be at peace as she was a virgin and died before experiencing love with a man.
tamayatz 06 Jan, 2017
Around the episode 9/10 it get's so lovey dovey boring that I had to keep skipping forward. Started out interestingly but started to drag on. I wish they would introduce some action and conflict to it already.
skullcouture 24 Jul, 2016
Very nice drama! One of the best I've seen in a while in this genre. I'm a big Kim Seul Gi fan, so I wanted to watch this no matter if it was bad or good, but going through it was very entertaining. I was a little surprised. The story had some dull moments here and there, but they didn't last too long before something exciting happened. You can predict most of it the drama, but personally I didn't mind that.
I also loved the character's! They all had their own unique charms... it was very nice. Seo In Guk at the end was also a wonderful surprise (huge fan of him too, I didn't know he would be making an appearance).
ilate 27 Jun, 2016
Hands down the best acting and chemistry I've seen in a Korean drama in a very long time! Plot-wise - nothing special and really surprising, but entertaining and fun to watch. I loved Seo In Gook's cameo ! :)