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  • 2015
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized death note
aka desu nooto

Based On

based on manga
title death note
author Ooba Tsugumi (大場つぐみ), Obata Takeshi (小畑健)


genres suspense, supernatural, psycholog.


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 05 Jul, 2015 - 13 Sep, 2015
episodes 11
duration 55 minutes
air day Sunday
at 22:30 - 23:25
status released


avg. score 3.52 of 5 by 374 users
total users 761
rating 1317
favorites 10


death note
2006 TV jp
same setting
death note
2006 film jp
same setting


University student Yagami Light picks up a notebook that was dropped by the death god. If a name of a person is written in the notebook, the person will die.




Yagami Light
L Lawliet
Nate River
Amane Misa
Yagami Sayu
Himura Shouko


original creator
original creator


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17 Sep, 2015
'Death Note' is a much better drama that one may think at first. Manga and anime fans will probably dislike the first episode and the fact that L's character has been changed too much, but I decided to stop comparing this to anime and manga and ended up enjoying it immensely. Masataka Kubota is perfect as Light, he portrays Kira's crazyness the way it should be, and I also liked Mikami Teru and Mello (if I remember correctly, they were not in the pervious live action films). Maybe I'll even watch this drama again... even though I didn't understand L's final video. Did he really believe that Light understands what justice truly means, gives up his Death Note and becomes a police officer like his father? If that's how it is, I'm really sad about the way L died... not knowing that his only friend is beyond saving.
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dramaaddict 13 Jan, 2018
Finally finished this drama. Well, some things were pretty weird (Near and Mello for example...), but it was enjoyable never the less. I liked the second half of the drama a lot more and at one point I was really starting to root for Light lol.
Overall though, I liked the movies and the casting there a lot more than here in the drama - with one exception: Kubota Masataka was a better Light for me. He is so good at portraying crazy characters, especially when they are nice on the outside but really creepy on the inside. I don't like Fujiwara Tatsuya that much, maybe that was also a reason, but for me Masa really nailed it as Light, especially when he started losing his shit.

I heard a lot of bad things about this drama, but then I don't really know anything about the original material (never finished the anime), so I cannot compare. I really have to say it was fun and interesting to watch for me, so people should at least give it a try!
rozendoll 15 Sep, 2017
oh noooo.... again? manga, anime, full movie (3 parts) DN "garbage" by Netflix, and this? i will watchi it, because Death Note its my favourite manga but... I think that "too much its not good"
and Fujiwara was better actress than Kubota.. and more handsome
mirroro 11 Mar, 2017
sweet lord, why. it really is dissapointing. acting, Ryuk, lack of emotions and... lack of creepiness. dissapointing.
danisensei 05 Nov, 2016
I watched the trailer for this remake and got very disappointed with how L was interpreted. Matsuyama Kenichi did an amazing job interpreting him, since L is 'weird', but in this version, Yamazaki Kento seems to make L a 'sexy weirdo'. Kubota Masaka doesn't seem to have the same 'appeal' as Fujiwara Tatsuya when interpreting Light as well. Now I'm reconsidering if I give this remake a try or not...
dollstar 08 Aug, 2016
Really impressive performance by Kubota Masataka. He really knocked it out of the park. I haven't read the manga, but as far as the anime goes, he embodied Light through and through. The drama was much more enjoyable than the movies for me, even though L's quirks were toned down and he wasn't as nuanced. Matsuyama Kenichi pretty much owns this character at this point, so it made sense to give him a different feel in the drama.

I wouldn't say it's an amazing drama, but it's definitely worth the watch if you're a fan of the story, provided you are able to stomach some tweaks to the original plot and characters. I'd say Kubota's performance alone makes this worth it.
myriadi 06 Feb, 2016
i think it was okay! entertaining, at least. the changes they made didn't really bother me, and kubota was amazing as usual.
yurisama 03 Feb, 2016
oh nevermind..
"was it Necessary to add Near & Mello in one character? hmm.. :I"
I just watched the last ep lol, when I post this I was in ep 10, so~..
luchia07 29 Jan, 2016
I love Death Note anime and Manga. I love this drama too. Kubota Masataka is Really same Light. He is Amazing actor.