ESC to close 3.77 (by 3777 users)gung
  • 2006
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized gung
english Princess Hours
literal Palace
aka imperial household, 宮

Based On

based on manhwa
title gung
author Park So Hui (박소희)


genres comedy, drama, family, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 11 Jan, 2006 - 30 Mar, 2006
episodes 24
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.77 of 5 by 3777 users
total users 5421
rating 14258
favorites 434


gung s
2007 TV kr
princess hours: rak wunwun chao ying chom chun
2017 TV th
same setting


In an alternate reality where the royal family of Korea is still thriving, the young crown prince Lee Shin's wedding is fast approaching. What has caught the public's attention, however, is not the fact that he's marrying, but who he's marrying. Shin Chae Gyeong, a careless artistic girl and a fellow classmate of the prince's, is not exactly thrilled at the prospect of obeying an agreement her grandfather made with the late king, but accepts at her family's persuasion. After the wedding, Chae Gyeong struggles to adapt to palace life, constantly being in the public eye, and her new husband's somewhat icy personality. Though Shin finds himself belatedly falling for his foolish wife, he is unaware the feelings are reciprocated. While their fledgling marriage is made more difficult with the interference of Shin's exgirlfriend and the former crown prince's return to Korea, the young pair must also come to terms with the daunting prospect of being the next King and Queen.




Sin Chae Gyeong
Lee Sin
Lee Yul
Min Hyo Rin
Chae Gyeong's Mother
Hye Myeong Gong




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19 May, 2012
Both dramas are about Korean royal families. Also in both dramas the royal household deals with some kind of difficulty. And in these dramas the main couple have chemistry and adorable skinship.

26 May, 2011
Both are about a arranged marriage. And both couples have to get along with each other and after some time they fall in love.


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yamidesu 20 Aug, 2015
Can the main character be any more annoying??? She acts like a 5 year old, is nosy as hell and has the iq of a fried potato. It's really annoying to watch and I would have definately dropped it if I hadn't been stranded without internet and nothing else to watch on my tablet
missblackrabbit 03 Aug, 2015
Well... the chemistry between the two leads was as hot as the Iceberg that hit the Titanic.

I've only seen Coffee Prince and Gung with 윤은혜 (Yun Eun Hye) but both characters are pretty much acted the same way which is a bummer. As I said before, those damn pouting faces of hers drove me nuts (although there were less in the second half of the show).

I ended up rooting for Shin and Hyo Rin as a couple, lots more chemistry there. Even with the cold character that is Shin, there was some kind of connection and a little bit of tension between them two.

Overall, the secondary characters are the ones who caught my eyes: Hyo Rin, Queen Park, Hwa Yeong, Gang In, Kim Sun Yeong; to name a few.

The plot was interesting at first, then got utterly boring but thankfully picked up again; just before crashing like a flat egg on pavement. Seriously, what was with the
extremely unrealistic
A woman as emperor?? And that took a whole single line of the script? Seriously?
And Shin who fought to stay Crown Prince for the ENTIRE show, just gave up his position? I understand why he did it but it could have been laid out better.
Cut on all those scenes where NOTHING happens to give us a more relevant script!

Overall, it dragged on for about 5 episodes here and there which could have been cut out. Chae Gyeong's famaly was completly irrelevant passed ep.10 and I wish they had cut them out completely.

So why did I stick with it till the end?
Because who doesn't like a story about monarchy, revenge, and a love triangle... make that 2 triangles! It was pure curiosity, and constant hoping that the leads would sweep me off my feet. And other than that one scene of reconciliation around ep 22 or 23 that made me go "thank god!" out loud, my hopes were never fulfilled.

Overall, I can't give this more than 2 stars - watchable but low enjoyment.
missblackrabbit 31 Jul, 2015
Down to ep.8 and I swear, if I see that actress pout one more time, I'm boycotting all of her shows. I didn't think someone could pout more than Karen Gillan but I have been proven wrong.

Also, dear makeup artists, those are called lips, not to be confused with an ice ring. Yes she has bubbly lips, we can allll see that but for the love of god, I can see my own reflection in all that gloss! Come on!
jihye 06 Jun, 2015
Eu ainda não terminei o drama, só assisti ate o 14, mas eu odeio o Shin, que mala ele é, muito babaca. E eu amo o Yul ele sinceramente até agora tem o meu coração e se o Shin não mudar até o final vai ser a primeira vez que eu odeio o protagonista e não a protagonista
edlyn 30 May, 2014
I've finally managed to watch this classic drama. I wanted to watch it long time ago but somehow couldn't. Finally, started to watch it because of Mong Ji <3
I expected more, first episodes were a little boring, then it got better and then started to bore me again. I must say that I hate stupid heroines but Chae Gyeong was so funny and hilarious that I've completely fell for her!
I didn't like Shin from the start, then I started to like him more.
I just loved Yul, maybe not so much when he turned out to be a jerk. I couldn't stop to pity him. He was really selfish but somehow likeable.
I loved the grandmother queen! I had expected her to be cruel one but then she stole my heart :) As for the Hyorin, I was really sad for her. She did stupid things to get back with Shin but he was her first love and I could understand her. At the end she showed that is actually nice. Maybe thas's because Ji Hyo played her I actually liked Hyorin >.<
danisensei 30 May, 2014
@tomoesama Hahaha! See? You'd grab him os his neck or slap his face if you could, wouldn't you? xD
tomoesama 30 May, 2014
I did start reading the manhwa and he did get more on my nerves :P
danisensei 29 May, 2014
Soooooooooo different from the manhwa! This ending was better and the plot was less annoying. Still, I wouldn't watch it again. It even took me some time to be able to finish it.
3 stars only because of Shin's behaviour, its reasons and its development, although I'd rate it only 2.