ESC to close 3.75 (by 355 users)d day 디 데이
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized d day
aka d-day, di dei, 디데이


genres drama, medical, disaster


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network JTBC


date 18 Sep, 2015 - 21 Nov, 2015
episodes 20
duration 75 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:40 - 21:55
status released


avg. score 3.75 of 5 by 355 users
total users 711
rating 1333
favorites 12



The effects are catastrophic when a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hits Seoul. Buildings collapse, roads are blocked, rations and medical help are needed and people are more than desperate to save what's left of their lives.

In the midst of this natural disaster, two people continuously clash in a battle of moral values: Lee Hae Seong, a trauma surgeon at Mirae Hospital, and the director of said establishment, Park Geon.
Lee Hae Seong values every life and wants to save as many as possible, while Director Park wants to close down the hospital to save his reputation and prevent being sued in case something goes wrong with a patient.

Soon, Hae Seong finds himself pushed to his limits while he tries to manoeuvre between selfish higher ups, greedy politicians, the lives of his patients and the consequences of the disaster.




Lee Hae Seong
Jeong Ttol Mi
Han U Jin
Eun So Yul
Park Geon
An Dae Gil




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17 Mar, 2018
In both dramas, the medical teams have to deal with the aftermath of earthquakes and lack of resources.


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ellenasabina 01 May, 2016
This drama is masterpiece. I have so many reasons for watching it ....

But there's one single thing that can ruin your sanity...

When some seconds can decide someone's life and death how can the scriptwritter, or whoever is responsible for the story, make their characters like they can hardly speak and move, who can act like idiots in this kind of situations .... If they think this can make any suspense they are terribly wrong. They need a hole in their head.... This made me so angry that I can't imagine if I've ever been so angry before in my life.
nimnz 07 Apr, 2016
Kim Yeong Gwang does look like Lee Min Ho! especially when you see him from the side and the back.
here's a photo
nimnz 01 Apr, 2016
This drama is epic! I've never watched any medical drama, tv show or movie before, and this is my first time; I never thought I would love this genre so much! Watched 10 episodes so far and still watching.

For some reason, I kept getting City Hunter vibes while watching, I thought it was only because there's a slight resemblance between Kim Yeong Gwang and Lee Min Ho, they're both tall, and the way they walk is very similar, and something about Yeong Gwang's face reminds me of Min Ho, not sure what it is, maybe the eyes or something.
Also, Kim Sang Ho XD ! he was in City Hunter too, I like that he was in both dramas.

Later on, I noticed that the screenwriter of D-Day is the same screenwriter of City Hunter!! Wow, I guess it's something about her style that creates a certain atmosphere. I love it!

One of the things I like about this drama, the soundtrack! Really amazing and powerful, and I'm really glad that there aren't many pop songs, the first pop song played in episode 9 so I think that's great.
jangminhae 28 Feb, 2016
I started watching it when it aired, but I put it on hold around the 5th episode.
I can't find the strength to keep watching, so I'm dropping it..
Average: 2/5
ilate 26 Dec, 2015
Let me kick off by saying that I consider drama to be a good one if it can emotionally wreck me. Well, that's exactly what "D Day" did to me and it is the first drama since "Road No.1" which I've watched over a year ago.

It was so good in so many aspects (I can think of only one bad point at the moment):
1. First of all, I expected this drama to be very predictable, but damn, it was everything but predictable. Of course, there were some scenes which appear in almost every drama (not only medical or disaster) and it was getting overly dramatic at some points, but it kept me surprised throuhout all 20 episodes.

2. What made the drama predictable, were the evil characters, especially director Gun. His actions were very foreseeable and it got me very annoyed at times. I think this is the only bad point about this drama, but unfortunatelly, it got dragged on for way too long.

3. One of the best aspects of this drama is its soundtrack. I'm so glad it did not include a lot of pop songs because they would only ruin the overall feeling. The main theme was just perfect and it played the biggest part in wrecking me emotionally.

4. I also wanted to aplaud the acting because Kim Yeong Kwang and Jung So Min did a very good job. Their chemistry was amazing and some of the scenes were very genuine.
Especially the scene where she was angry at him for not operating on her father.
It literally broke my heart. Even though I have never been in that kind of situation before, I could feel their emotions. Can't remember when was the last time it happened to me while watching a Korean drama.

Another scene that felt real was when
Lee Hae Sung lay down in bed for the first time since the earthquake. It was exactly what it feels to me like whenever I finally lay down in bed after a long, tiring day
. Very well made.

5. Also, what I like in dramas, is when the writers leave us the right to judge characters. That's exactly what they did with Gu Ja Hyuk. It was all up to us if we consider him a bad or a good person.

To sum it all up - amazing drama!
vanityfull 05 Dec, 2015
I love how there are almost no songs throughout the drama. Just two really, but the rest of the soundtrack is AMAZING. Brilliant move, I personally think it was for the best, feel like other potential songs might have ruined the atmosphere of the series.
deema 04 Dec, 2015
its so good but there is tooooo much drama T^T !!!
U will cry till Ur eyes get swollen :(

For Romance category :
i expect more romance scenes , but still sweet

for the OST i cant believe that there is only 2 songs for the 20 EpiS !!! however the background music where Great
katt6 20 Nov, 2015
the suicide in 16 episode - I just can't xD
it supposed to be tragic!