ESC to close 3.82 (by 3408 users)buzzer beat: gakeppuchi no hero
  • 2009
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized buzzer beat: gakeppuchi no hero


genres comedy, drama, life, romance, sports


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 13 Jul, 2009 - 21 Sep, 2009
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.82 of 5 by 3408 users
total users 4790
rating 13008
favorites 380



Naoki's dream is to become a professional basketball player. He's dating Natsuki who's a cheerleader in his team. Riko's dream is to be a professional violinist. Her best friend and roommate is Mai. Riko and Naoki live in the same neighborhood. One day Naoki forgets his mobile phone in the bus where Riko finds it, so Naoki's coach goes to get it for him and falls for Riko.


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Kamiya Naoki
Shirakawa Riko
Nanami Natsuki
Hatano Shuuji
Kanazawa Shion
Yoyogi Ren




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18 Mar, 2011
This was a nice sweet simple romantic dorama without any serious conflict between the characters, though the development of the story was a little slow. The good thing is that the basketball plot didn’t play an important role until the end. It was more like a background thing, and I really appreciated that. Also, I loved how it paid attention to details and the set. I loved the billboard at the park and the apartment where Riko and Mai live, as well as I loved all the clothing style and the basketball uniform.

As for the cast, I think they all did a good job, even Yamashita. I could hate and pity Aibu Saki’s Nanami Natsuki, and I found Kaneko Nobuaki’s Yoyogi Ren unique and annoying. Mizobata Junpei clearly stole attention here for being cute (I didn’t really notice him in Hana Kimi), while Kanjiya Shihori was a very active and funny Mai, just the perfect complement for Kitagawa Keiko’s Riko, who was cute but stubborn and honest. Yamashita Tomohisa was not a bad male lead here; I’m used to see him in other kind of roles, so the nice and sweet Kamiya Naoki was a complete twisting for me in his acting. He didn’t do bad, actually I liked him much more than I usually do.

But the best thing was Yamashita and Kitagawa’s chemistry. It made the thing real and believable, and I found myself liking the couple when I wouldn’t have given a cent for them in the beginning. It’s definitely the stronger point in this.

If you’re looking for some light and cute romantic story, this is definitely your dorama.
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28 Dec, 2014
Both are romance dramas with sport serving as a background.


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yamashita 29 Apr, 2018
Watching again after a long time and still has that sweet feeling
OK, acting is not so good but this is how Yamapi :D
Still love the scenario, how they start from being friend and supporting each other~
yamapixluver43735 14 Feb, 2018
it was a really good drama that kept me hooked... although the last episode was kinda whatever...
addy1884 26 Apr, 2015
omag... should i give this one a go? will someone check out my list (my ratings) and recommend this to me or not lol (pretty please)... i really dislike wasting hours on a drama that ill end up dropping or puttin on hold forever simply because it takes at least 1 or 2 eps to get a grip or and idea on whether its a "keep it" or "drop it" drama =/ meeeeeh
kahoko 19 Sep, 2014
Just finished rewatching this drama and loved it as much as the first time. Naoki and Riko and one of the best couples ever.
phenrir 06 Jan, 2014
Nice dorama, one of my favourites although I have to admit that it's quite simple and predictable. The sports background it's nice and adds some cool and epic moments.

Yamapi plays a solid role but it is Keiko the one who shines here. No matter how many times I watch ep. 7 final scene (when she's shouting and crying at the window) Every time I see this scene I can't stop crying. Very moving. And, oh my god, she's beautiful. I'm in love again xDD
draconia 22 Dec, 2013
only cared about Mai and Shuuji, lol
namihodai 28 Oct, 2013
It might be too early to rate this a masterpiece (just watched episode 4), but it is tempting me to marathon it. I normally don't marathon and only watch one episode a week, cause I like to think a little about what I watch, while the story progresses. I just can't keep my normal pace with this, it is just too good.

Now I have finished and it could keep it's masterpiece rating. I guess I will just watch it again without subs to concentrate on learning Japanese ^_^
dodi1d 21 Jun, 2013
i liked it it's pretty good!