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  • 1995
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized hana yori dango
english Boys Over Flowers (literal)
aka Boys Before Flowers

Based On

based on manga
title hana yori dango
author Kamio Youko (神尾葉子)


genres comedy, romance, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 19 Aug, 1995
duration 78 minutes
status released


avg. score 2.8 of 5 by 319 users
total users 523
rating 894
favorites 6


hana yori dango
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It's a story about girl who becomes a student at Eitoku Gakuen, the institute for very rich people. She was faced with four the most powerful and rich guys at school who called themselves F4.


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Doumyouji Tsukasa
Hanazawa Rui
Makino Tsukushi
Yamano Minako
Sanjou Sakurako
Asai Yuriko


original creator
assistant director


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05 Sep, 2012
Hana Yori Dango - the 1995 version is the same story as all the other dramas with a similar title. Girl goes to a rich university and somehow ends up offending the "leader" of the school, Domyouji, and his three friends - the F4. And so she gets mobbed, until Tsukasa and his best friend fall for her.

I didn't expect much of the movie, since it's from 1995 and the manga was still getting published when this came out. So similar to Skip Beat, this ends somewhere in the middle. Also, the movie is finished off in 78 minutes. It's good if you know the drama or manga, but I bet it's a bit strange if you don't know it. Many details are missing - of course, since it's only a movie - but even though I tend to ignore that most of the time, there were some things I couldn't ignore. She seems to have no parents. I mean, she talks about them but they don't add anything to the story, only if she needs them as an excuse. And the bigger problem was: I didn't see her developement with Tsukasa. With Rui and Shizuka everything is fine, I see how their relationship somehow got closer. But I couldn't see why she would like Tsukasa... So that's what I was missing a lot in the movie.

Aside from the awkward acting and the lack of description for people who don't know the story, I personally enjoyed it a lot. I could laugh about Rui, Tsukushi and Tsukasa a lot (mostly because of their acting and clothes.) and I felt like I was taken back to the good old Hana Yori Dango that I love so much. A good story stays good, no matter how many times you watch it. I think, I have to re-watch HanaDan one more time now... ...
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newdramafan 06 Jan, 2016
I think only fans of Hana Yori Dango will enjoy this. Nonetheless, I still liked the movie for what it is :)
d0npian0 14 Dec, 2014
It was all so rushed, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't really get why Tsukushi ends up with Tsukasa if I didn't know that that's how it's supposed to be. I think the movie is an okay watch if you already know hanadan but confusing if you don't.

And man, Uchida, Tanihara and Fujiki have improved so much over the last twenty years. Their acting here was really awkward
alexadm81 01 Sep, 2013
Old and bad.
cheza 01 May, 2013
@runnizy yeah i have already seen it! thnx anyways :D
runnizy 12 Apr, 2013
@cheza i see it on youtube :) it has sub xD
nsara24 06 Sep, 2012
i laughed alot watching it , dont kno if its thr costume or acting but its total entertaining movie. movie is going tooo fast n director is trying to include many things. yet i enjoyed it so its more thn good for me :)
zaharisa 02 Sep, 2012
I liked the story in this one more than the one in the shows. However- the playing and the costumes.. I rated the show as average.
irate 07 Jul, 2012
i think it was good back in 90s :) i laughed so hard [2]