ESC to close 3.4 (by 499 users)yong pali 용팔이
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized yong pali
aka yongpari, yong pal


genres drama, romance, medical


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 05 Aug, 2015 - 01 Oct, 2015
episodes 18
duration 75 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.4 of 5 by 499 users
total users 879
rating 1695
favorites 8



Kim Tae Hyeon is a surgeon with extraordinary skills. Unfortunately, faced with financial problems and trying to save his ailing sister and escape from debt collectors, he decides to perform illegal operations for the upper classes. Everything changes when he meets Han Yeo Jin, who lies in coma. After she suddenly awakes, he decides to help her take revenge on the people who put her in that condition.




Kim Tae Hyeon
Han Yeo Jin
Lee Chae Yeong
Han Do Jun
Section Chief Lee


martial arts director


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10 Oct, 2015
Yong Pal is a show that starts of with a bang, taking its' intriguing premise all the way, before slowly languishing.

The first few episodes of the show are strong. We have great character development that plays alongside a fast paced narrative that keeps you on your toes. The directing is amazing and you always finish an episode wondering, "What's next?"

However, the show does fall victim to the strains of live-shooting and chaebol ministrations. The developments that kept it interesting fall to the wayside for corporate machinations that have little to do with the premise. And while many of the characters remain endearing or just entertaining, the key plot falls short.

That being said, it never fully becomes terrible or melodramatic as you would expect. It retains some of it's heart. Unfortunately that heart is a shadow of the premiere.

Watch as a fan of the actors, or because there are worst shows that could be seen.
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02 Oct, 2015
I wasn't really going to watch this drama, I was not excited about the plot of another doctor as the trailer wasn't really informing or even the Synopsis didn't express how much the first episodes were really breath taking!


A friend recommended it strongly, and I'm glad she did, this drama was really exciting.

But like all of the dramas there was a little set-back at the middle with the exciting plot, when Yong Pali stopped being a Yong Pali! and the story want completely romantic!


I wasn't really into the love story but I'm glad that the actress is pretty, they are both eye-candies xD.


------------------- SPOILERS-------------------

I liked Lee Chae Yeong at the beginning as she was smart and was helping out Kim Tae Hyeon, but then she turned pathetic after her husband died! She wasn't treating him well, when he was doing everything to get her attention and love, then she wanted to revenge him out of guilt after he died!

It's human of her to want everything she got when she was married but I thought she was better.

Our Evil Cheif Lee was amazing, I liked that he turned good, he has a cute face and his acting gives evilness a whole another meaning ;D




Action, Love, Death and Ju Won tears T^T !

Good Job Dear Writer o/
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neo9000 09 Feb, 2017
Really well done. Has some typical korean drama sickness moments but still overall amazing watch.
jeaudrey 05 Jan, 2017
it started so good, i was actually impressed, and then started to get unbearable. had to drop this one. (2)
serendipity92x 03 Jul, 2016
I decided to power through this after keeping it on hold from episode 11 for so long. It was a fast paced, entertaining show but if it wasn't for Joo Won I don't think I would have completed it. He was the only thing what kept me going. Watch this if you're in the mood for something action/revenge based but if you're here for the romance don't bother. It was good but quite lacking compared to what other action/revenge dramas can be.
alechan 23 Dec, 2015
Excelentes atores, trama promissora mas PÉSSIMO roteiro!!! Nem o meu querido Joo Won salvou esta joça!
beeesseoul 08 Nov, 2015
I think I see what people mean when they say this drama was bad but I've definitely seen worse and watching back to back instead of weekly definitely helped. If you rest while watching you'll probably lose interest. The romance was definitely created in a strange way, it happened too fast and there was almost nothing to look forward to in terms of the romance. The reason why I enjoyed this drama to a point was the characters individually. I loved loved Yong Pal and I loved that YeoJin was such a strong female character. I loved the warm instances of friendship and the butt kicking parts also. Most of all though what I really liked was that it was an easy drama despite being a revenge/medical drama, I like my revenge but I absolutely hate stressing extra. What made it bad was that it was disorganized...I mean these kinds of dramas don't end at 18 episodes. It seemed that after writing the main scenario inside the hospital room, the writers were picking out a hat to keep the plot going. Some supporting characters were super inconsistent and not in a believeable way, they were just a mess. And yeah, I agree, that ending was pretty much trash. Definitely not one of the best stories especially not what I was expecting having the cast that it had but also definitely not the worse. So yeah good but I think definitely forgettable.
liyirna 08 Nov, 2015
Cool cinematography, awesome villains including 'Queen of Crocodiles'.
A lot of craziness but in that savage pool nobody can keep their sanity including Lee Chae Yeong, they just can't switch manipulations mode off.
Besides I got a lot of my personal kink - intersex friendship!
mack 13 Oct, 2015
it started so good, i was actually impressed, and then started to get unbearable. had to drop this one.
stellybish 07 Oct, 2015
One thing I can say - what a MESS!!
The start was soo good!! So different and intense! That all changed really fast.
I really like Joowon and Taehee and they looked nice together BUT the way their 'love' story was portrayed was awful... and I could never really feel their love.
I couldn't understand some characters... specially Chae Young!
All she wanted was to get rid of Do Jun and when he died she dared to poison Yeo Jin for that...
What happpened with her feelings for Tae Hyun?
I also didn't like the ending... bringing Yeo Jin back to life in the last 5 minutes... sorry but it's a no-no for me.
If she had died in Tae Hyun's arms at the Windy Hill I think I would've liked it more.

Only because of the first half of the drama & some people from the cast - 3/5.
But sadly, even this feels like too much, I had much higher expectations.