ESC to close 3.44 (by 930 users)papa to musume no 7 kakan
  • 2007
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized papa to musume no 7 kakan
english Seven Days Of A Daddy And A Daughter (literal)
aka papa to musume no nanokakan, パパとムスメの7日間

Based On

based on book
title papa to musume no 7 kakan
author Takarashi Takahisa (五十嵐貴久)


genres comedy, family, romance, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 01 Jul, 2007 - 19 Aug, 2007
episodes 7
duration 54 minutes
air day Sunday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.44 of 5 by 930 users
total users 1378
rating 3200
favorites 16


appaneun ttal
2017 film kr
same setting


Kome and her father can't communicate at all. One day while visiting her grandmother the two of them change bodies. Now they have to live each others lives without knowing how to get back to their own bodies.


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Kawahara Koume
Kawahara Kyouichirou
Oosugi Kenta
Nishino Wakako
Nakajima Koukai
Kawahara Rieko




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04 Dec, 2010
These dramas are about a man and a woman who had problems with their mutual understanding of each other; the undesirable result of their misunderstandings and quarrels and the unknown magic that led these people to exchange their souls for the sake of knowing each other better. Secret Garden is about two people with romantic feelings towards each other, while papa to musume no nanokakan is about a father daughter relationship.


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pyapi 18 Dec, 2014
The actors do a really good job. Overall, I'd say it's a great drama. I just have one issue with it - it doesn't offer anything original. From episode 1, one knows exactly how things will progress and how the ending will be like. Nonetheless, it's still good - the actors really pull through and make the drama enjoyable despite it being unoriginal. 3/5
jisuoppa 17 Jun, 2014
This drama was truly entertaining and funny! I caught myself smiling and laughing all the time.
The storyline is just like Freak Friday's, except that it's daughter x father, not daughter x mother.
Tachi Hiroshi did a WONDERFUL job portraying a high school girl, it was very convincing.
kamereon 03 Oct, 2013
first two episodes are hilarious. I sure hope they can keep up the pace. 2007 was such a good year with j-drama :-)
infidence 02 Jun, 2013
I started watching this with no expectations at all. It was far more funny than I had expected and far less erotic(good thing...).
kirtil 13 Jun, 2012
it is really good. The main theme is exactly like freaky friday but the execution is so much better.

Tachi Hiroshi and Aragaki Yui were so funny and good.
yamapixluver43735 26 Dec, 2011
hmmm... i agree with one of the earlier commenters, it sounds like freaky frieday. i hope its not a lot like it though cause then it will not be as much fun. but i will watch it
misa88 13 Oct, 2011
the plot isn't thaaat great but just seeing the father act is worth watching this! it's pretty good as a stress-relieving, funny show in between your everyday work ^^
moonriver 09 Aug, 2011
sounds almost like the movie "Freaky Friday" with the exception of the father ... but since it doesn't sound as cliche as most soul switching stories I'll give it a try :)