ESC to close 3.15 (by 220 users)koinaka
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized koinaka
english Best Friends In Love
literal Love Relationship


genres romance, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 20 Jul, 2015 - 14 Sep, 2015
episodes 9
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.15 of 5 by 220 users
total users 435
rating 692



The story revolves around two childhood friends, Aoi and Akari, who suddenly meet again after several years. But now Akari is dating someone. How will their love story turn out?


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Miura Aoi
Serizawa Akari
Aoi Shouta
Kanazawa Kouhei
Miura Nanami
Yamasiro Kokone




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02 Nov, 2015
Akari and Aoi are friends for so long already, they know each other inside out. But then one day, Akari and her father have to run from their hometown because they took money from loan sharks and can't pay them back. Aoi and Akaris last encounter is during the fireworks festival, where she kisses him and says goodbye. Before she leaves, she puts a not in his desk at school. But the new guy, Shouta, finds it and takes it. He likes Akari and doesn't want Aoi to meet her again. So Aoi feels like he has been left by the person he thought he new best. And he has to live with that feeling from now on. Until one day, Akari and Shouta appear before him again and declare they are dating now...

This is one of the rather rare romance-centered dramas recently. And it was not bad! Akari and Aoi had a gread depth and were nice characters, they developed and had their weaknesses an strenghts. I really liked them. But if they make Shouta the bad guy, I would have wished for him do be deep as well. I feel like they didn't want to work on his character more. He just got thrown in there to have a problem in the story and I did not understand why he did the things he did half of the time. For example, why meet him and tell him about dating Akari in the first place? And also let her meet him again? That's like the stupidest thing you can do, if you are already feeling unsure of her feelings for you.

Also, there were many tiny mistakes in the drama, that made me feel like they might have produced it too fast. For example, one second Akari is wearing her school uniform-jacket and the next, she only has her blouse on. One second, the door is firmly closed, the next the main character peeks inside to listen what they talk inside. Oh, and they were supposed to go on a drive with 6 people in a car that fits only 5. Luckily one person couldn't come, so they didn't have to play janken over who has to sit on the roof!!

Anyway, aside from that, I enjoyed the story. They moved on and at times it reminded me of Proposal Daisakusen. I might be a tiny bit too nice with my rating, since there wasn't anything too good to point out, but I just liked the overall feeling of the drama and the acting and characters. It was cute enough, so 4* from me. If you want to watch a romance drama in japanese style, go for this one!
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bluediamonds 24 Jan, 2016
How could this drama be so boring. I don't know if it was indeed boring or just plain bad. It was really annoying, most of the actors couldn't act and i saw the last 4 episodes in 1+ hour.

There were some funny parts, really, i loved them cause i laughed out loud but GOD i couldn't stand watching anymore. The plot was sooo classic and pointless and also, Honda Tsubasa.. ah Honda Tsubasa, it's been how long(?) 4-5 years and she still sucks at acting. For the love of God girl do something with your acting.

Big disappointment.
watashiwachiaki 30 Nov, 2015
I had high expectation coz I thought it'll be like Architecture 101. I've seen too many tv series to know what the writers had in mind doing this. Except the production team failed bec of the leads! I have nothing agains Sota and Tsubasa Honda coz I like both of them BUT I dont like them together!! They fvcking lack the chemistry!! Kohei and Nanami have more chemistry!! LOL
inukko 06 Nov, 2015
A mixture of sweet and frustrating.
kkaoru 31 Oct, 2015
I wasn't expecting much from this drama, but right after the first episode, I fell in love with the story and its characters. It's very sweet and quite previsible, but I just love this kind of J-dramas! 5/5 ♥
beautifur 19 Sep, 2015
So sweet ♥
natsumi5577 09 Aug, 2015
@suketeru thank you! But I dont think that is the song...I did some research after I posted here and found that is actually an unreleased song by Hiroko Sebu, it will be out on 26 of this month. ^^
suketeru 09 Aug, 2015
According to answers online it is 『BABY BABY』by 銀杏BOYZ.
I don't remember it exactly (and I'm too lazy to recheck the ep now ^^;). Is it this one:
natsumi5577 08 Aug, 2015
Anyone knows the name of the song they were listening on headphones and years later at the end of the movie ? Thanks in advance! :D