ESC to close 3.76 (by 200 users)rak lon chai nai klaeng chup รักล้นใจนายแกล้งจุ๊บ
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Thailand

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romanized rak lon chai nai klaeng chup
english Kiss Me
aka playful kiss, rak lon jai nai klaeng joob, รักล้นใจ นายแกล้งจุ๊บ

Based On

based on manga
title itazura na kiss (イタズラなKiss)
author Tada Kaoru (多田かおる)


genres comedy, romance, school


language Thai


country Thailand
type real
format TV
network True Vision


date 05 Oct, 2015 - 08 Dec, 2015
episodes 20
duration 60 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 19:00 - 20:00
status released


avg. score 3.76 of 5 by 200 users
total users 379
rating 752
favorites 7


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18 Apr, 2017
If you are an Itazura na Kiss fan, this version cannot be missed! When compared to the previous Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese versions, though it does change the backstory a little, this is by far the best adaptation of the manga to date.

The production value is decent, but not outstanding, which is similar to some of the other versions. For example, some of the effects, such as the exploding propane tank, are downright cheesy. However, the quality of the cinematography overall was very high. Many of the locations were very beautiful, for example, the house sets were lovely. The title song was a little juvenile and heavy on the synthesizers, but it was catchy and fit the drama well, especially as it was sung by the main actors.

The best part of the drama is, hands down, the chemistry of the cast, who brought a wealth of emotion and realism to the story. The interactions between Taliw and her friends, TenTen's little brother and Taliw, the parents with the children, and of course, TenTen and Taliw, gave me the feels over and over again. Perhaps it's because I'm more the age of the parents, but the most emotional scenes for me were when the parents consoled TenTen and Taliw. I could remember back to my own heartaches and how my own family supported me. It made the scenes all the more touching to watch.

I also applaud the scriptwriter for making Taliw's choices more meaningful and understandable to the audience. Instead of blindly following TenTen as his shadow, she grows as a person and learns to stand on her own two feet. She was much more capable in this version than most of the others. Also, I was glad to see TenTen suffer repeatedly for his decisions and actions, not just at the last moment like his manga character. And, darling King was a stand-out supporting character with his encouraging and caring yet unobtrusive love for Taliw.

This version of Itazura na Kiss did not disappoint. While it wasn't perfect, I would happily watch my favorite scenes again and again.
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irresi 26 Sep, 2017
Watched because of the chemistry, just like others (I know the story too well XD). And I enjoyed it A LOT. But to be honest I would be so hurt if I were Taliw.
He literally played her feelings, kissed her and then acted like nothing happened, wasn't sure what he thinks of her for too long.
frannam 20 Dec, 2016
Essa foi a única versão de "Itazura na kiss" que eu realmente gostei, justamente por ser a menos fiel ao original.
Retiraram praticamente todos os traços que eu odeio nos protagonistas das outras versões: o Tenten, embora continue introvertido e um pouco frio, não é um idiota que pisa sem se preocupar com os sentimentos da prota, e a Taliw está longe de ser uma burra sem amor próprio. Resumindo: eu AMEI! Mais uma vez, AoMike me fez gostar de uma versão a qual detestei no original e remakes, mesmo caso de Full House! :)
samarjune 29 Nov, 2016
I love the drama and I love Ten Ten and Taliw they make an amazing couple. I don't like the kissing scenes though.
ally 06 Aug, 2016
Not a fan of the plot itself, but I watched it only because of the main couple, they had a great chemistry on Full House. I consider this the best version so far (excluding the taiwanese one, haven't watched it), because:

+ Ten Ten is the least jerk of all, doesn't mistreat the female so much and the actor actually delivers emotions. He's not a cold-hearted and expresionless dude compared to the other versions, which I think is very important because that makes the story a more bearable.
+ The little brother is also the nicest of all, he treats the female very good after a couple of episodes.
+ Although a little too late, I think this is the only version where the female actually stands for herself! Finally someone had to tell that douchebag that he needed a more than a simple apology.
aayan 24 Mar, 2016
I skipped the beginning because I thought it was awkward, but it's an amazing drama! The main roles were perfect and I can say Mike with brown hair is sexy. ♡
jaimeedarling 09 Mar, 2016
OH. MY. GOD. The fighting scene in episode 13, just kill me now it's so awkward. I most definitely could have lived without that.

So right now I really hate ten ten because he's being the biggest ass of all time, but this is the fourth version I've seen so I have no doubt I'll be flipped back soon. This version most definitely gives me the second lead syndrome thought, lol.
aries 02 Feb, 2016
There is no other pair with this much chemistry! They made me watch this drama in just 2 days, thank god it already had stopped airing haha.
I really hope they'll make another season as in the chinese one.
minako3 17 Jan, 2016
I realy hope for season 2 as soon as possible. This version is great and the chemistry between the main couple is just *___*