ESC to close 3.75 (by 1122 users)oh my venus 오 마이 비너스
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized oh my venus
aka oh my god, o mai bineoseu, o mai gat, 오 마이 갓


genres romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 16 Nov, 2015 - 05 Jan, 2016
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.75 of 5 by 1122 users
total users 1721
rating 4203
favorites 49



Gang Ju Eun is a woman, who used to be the school beauty and is now an overweight lawyer. Kim Yeong Ho is a man, who had to give up his sports career and now works as a personal trainer. They meet each other and this become a good opportunity for them both to learn a valuable lesson.




Kim Yeong Ho
Gang Ju Eun
Im U Sik
O Su Jin
Kim Ji Ung
Jang Jun Seong


martial arts director


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09 Jan, 2016
A hilarious romantic-comedy, Oh My Venus shows how great acting, amazing chemistry and a plot that knows where to focus its' strengths can lead to a fun, entertaining watch.

The show's strength is by far the leads, who carry it. The chemistry is amazing, their relationship adorable and believable. So while some other aspects of the show falter -such as the business side - the main plot of their growing relationship flies.

And when you add in the minions of the show, it's that much more enjoyable, as the overall friendships in the show help keep it breezy, fun but also heartwarming.

And despite having a somewhat shallow sounding premise - of a woman whose losing weight to be pretty again - there's a lot of heart. Her reasons for the weight loss is more than just about being pretty, and the romance begins early enough that you can believe it's not happening because she's pretty again, but because the male lead actually, truly loves her.

A great watch for any fan of romantic comedies. Or anyone who wants a fun pick me up.
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veydara 31 Jul, 2017
Очень приятная дорамка с отличным дуэтом
bluenvision 31 May, 2017
I watched the last two episodes in 10 minutes. XD The story was over way before the last episode. :(
kitsun 29 Sep, 2016
This drama is very normal. All of the Korean romantic comedy ingredients are in place, but the seasoning is extremaly bland. The lack of real atangonists could be a benefit if not for the fact that there's absolutely nothing else to fill the space and it's painfully visible in the last few episodes. All of the "conflicts" have been resolved long before the finale.

They resorted to showing So Ji Seop exercising for half of the episode.
ally 30 Jul, 2016
What a boring drama! The plot was extremely weak and sloppy. No high points, no climax, nothing that makes you go "omG what's going on? what will happen next?!!!". It's like the normal life of normal people.

The characters were okay, nothing outstading, the main couple was meh, yes they were lovely and cute but MEH. The bandait thingy was nasty and creepy tho.
kirtil 23 Jun, 2016
@ellenasabina I approve this message :P
ellenasabina 22 Jun, 2016
I would rate it 5 stars If its title was "oh my venus, oh my knee", thus.... only 3 stars and a lot of angry :P
jangminhae 27 Feb, 2016
Awesome drama. It was very cute and funny and light, but also touching at times.
The main couple was the best, but I also loved all the side couples and characters.
there were no villains in this drama.. Even Su Jin or Yeong Ho's grandma were normal people even though they didn't look nice at first.

Yes, it got a bit dragging at the end and the last two episodes were copletely unnecessary and full of loooong flashbacks. But I liked it!
I would recommend it..
Very Good: 4/5
tamayatz 21 Feb, 2016
After the 10th ep or so it got so boring I was fastforwarding and I still feel I didn't miss anything. The Drama did not follow trough although the beginning was promissing.