ESC to close 3.35 (by 68 users)ishi no mayu: satsujin bunsekihan
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized ishi no mayu: satsujin bunsekihan
literal Stone's Cocoon
aka 石の繭 殺人分析班

Based On

based on book
title ishi no mayu (石の繭)
author Asami Kazushi (麻見和史)


genres crime, mystery, suspense


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network WOWOW Prime (WOWOWプライム)


date 16 Aug, 2015 - 13 Sep, 2015
episodes 5
duration 60 minutes
air day Sunday
at 22:00 - 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.35 of 5 by 68 users
total users 129
rating 228


suishou no kodou: satsujin bunsekihan
2016 TV jp


A body is found in the basement of a Tokyo building. Soon, a person calls , identifying himself as 'Ptolemy', and claims to be the murderer. As he threatens to commit further crimes, the police respond by sending forth a young negotiator, Kisaragi Touko.




Kisaragi Touko
Takano Hideaki
Hayase Yasuyuki
Kadowaki Hitoshi
Tokushige Eiji
Birukawa Keisuke




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reyascapes 16 Oct, 2016
Not my cup of tea. The plot started out intriguing enough, but after a while it got predictable (for me).
majorzero 14 Sep, 2016
This is one episode of Criminal Minds extended to five episodes miniseries. If you've never seen the standard, generic American police-procedural from CBS, then you may like this drama.
d0npian0 16 Nov, 2015
Just so that people don't make the same mistake I made: If you have a weak stomach, don't watch it when you eat dinner. It's definitely not as bad as most gory movie, but for a TV drama it has some pretty bad scenes.

I think this was very typical WOWOW stuff. Very serious, very grim, very good story, rather short, and ultimately a little forgettable. Kind of like a crime novel you finish on a long train ride.
If you like crime dramas, I would definitely recommend it though. The big stations tend produce crime dramas that are a little corny, but WOWOW usually stands for quality. I also was a little meh about the last episode, but the first episodes were really good.
rikatokato 17 Oct, 2015
great drama , I had agreat time watching this drama , recommanded
hidde 27 Sep, 2015
@lonelily Yes, I also think the last episode was the weakest, but still an exciting drama overall. :)
I don't hate him either, but I think he need more experience in acting.
lonelily 19 Sep, 2015
@hidde yep, same ! i agree on both your spoilers~
i thought the last episode was not up to the first ones, and was a bit of a let down and disappointing, which is a bit of a pity and too bad because i thought the rest was very good.
and at the same time, as much as i like him and have nothing against him, Furukawa Yuuki isn't such a great and exceptional actor (imo) so i guess his acting didn't help. *shrug*
hidde 19 Sep, 2015
@lonelily Thats what I thought too. xD
When a popular actor appear as cameo/supporting guest = suspicious.
I think I can use this theory for tantei no tantei too.

Nevetheless, it was a well done show, nothing really new but exciting and well directed. Especially the part when they are searching for the victim, so thrilling.

But I'm getting tired of those crazy cartoony villain who like to laugh and shout. So when Furukawa act like that it was a bit dissapointing.
lonelily 16 Sep, 2015
it was nice !
although, you pretty much figure out everything with just the first 2 episodes...
i mean, come on ! who uses Furukawa Yuuki as a cameo ??? to me it was so obvious he was Ptolemy ! -.-

there wasn't any REAL BIG revelations, but, it somehow was still very gripping and thrilling, i enjoyed it a lot.