ESC to close 3.78 (by 393 users)dubeonjjae seumusal 두번째 스무살
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized dubeonjjae seumusal
english Second Time Twenty Years Old
aka my second 20s, twenty again, twenty for the second time, urideurui cheonguk, 우리들의 천국


genres comedy, family, life, romance, school


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 28 Aug, 2015 - 17 Oct, 2015
episodes 16
duration 75 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:30 - 21:45
status released


avg. score 3.78 of 5 by 393 users
total users 707
rating 1487
favorites 7



Due to an early pregnancy, Ha No Ra could never fulfil her dream of being a dancer and going to college. After almost 20 years, fate is smiling at her and she decides to fill the gaps in her education. The problem is that she lands at the same university as her son, Min Su.




Ha No Ra
Cha Hyeon Seok
Kim U Cheol
Kim Min Su
Seo Dong Cheol
O Hye Mi




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22 Oct, 2015
On paper, Twenty Again sounds like it could go either really well or really wrong. And luckily for us viewers, the show succeeds exceedingly well.

No one character is particularly hateful- they all are tinted with shades of gray, some more than others- but all are everyday people trying to succeed in life.

The entire cast was great in their roles, encompassing all the flaws and making them memorable. The interactions were heartwarming, keeping you invested because you cared for the characters. So while the plot may not be the most groundbreaking or fast-paced, it's slice of life aspect allowed the characters to grow and stay in the spotlight.

A definite recommend for any fan of the actors or those looking for a light, fun show.
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07 Sep, 2015
Those Korean drama are about middle-aged women who return to school/college for different reasons. Both women are confronted with the real lives of their children in the progress.


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ralphina 01 Mar, 2018
Unexpectedly cute. The chemistry and acting were very good. Although it gets a bit draggy in the second half and has way too many backflashes of same things, it was enjoyable.
goguma 14 Sep, 2016
It was hard for me to watch Ha No Ra in the first two eps (which was of course on purpose but still) nevertheless her transformation is absolutely wonderful after that. All characters are lovable and even though all of them are frustrating at some point in the end you just have to forgive them and smile. It's a very pleasant and entrtaining watch (I think I didn't get bored for a second which is amazing). And I officially adore Cha Hyun Suk. Such a great male lead for a change. Not a stupid, dominating and prideful guy but a really kind, respectful and sincere man who can reflect on what he's done wrong (at least for a kdrama). And he's hella CUTE! <3
alechan 15 Aug, 2016
Um dorama inspirador <3
Mais do que uma história... No Ra é uma protagonista que nos ensina que sempre devemos batalhar pelo que acreditamos. Que nunca é tarde pra recomeçar <3
A amizade e amor entre No Ra e Hyun Suk é emocionante e inspiradora, uma lição mesmo s2
No fim, todas as coisas se encaixaram, foi perfeito ^^
Meu único problema com esse dorama foi a lentidão. O casal demorou um drama inteiro pra se acertar, não me pareceu correto isso. Tudo bem, o foco do dorama não era o romance e sim o desenvolvimento e crescimento da No Ra como pessoa e as lições que ela ensinaria aos seus expectadores, mas para aqueles, como eu, que sonharam com um romance mais intenso entre a No Ra e Hyun Suk, nós ficamos a ver navios =(
magicalzelda 09 Jan, 2016
It made me think about a lot of things. Great drama with a very meaningful message. Loved it.
ilate 29 Oct, 2015
Great drama, had a lot of fun watching it.
I loved how Ha No Ra and Cha Hyeon Seok were stuck in the past in their own ways and for different reasons. I think both actors did a really great job acting like teenagers lost in the adults world, trying to fit in.

I'm sure I will rewatch it in the future!
tamaki 26 Oct, 2015
Lindo. Esse drama pode ser sobre uma mulher com o casamento em crise, mas traz mensagens que se adequam muito à vida que levamos hoje. É sobre não se deixar perder no meio de tantas responsabilidades que temos e, principalmente, em meio ao que as pessoas esperam de nós.
Houve partes bem engraçadas e o que alguns podem chamar de "passo lento" na verdade se traduz em um dorama calmo, que embora trate de um assunto muito sério - o encontro de si mesmo -, nos traz paz e reflexão. Recomendo.

Btw, a última cena não poderia ter sido melhor.
babo 24 Oct, 2015
I know that I go against what most people think about this drama by saying this but, eventhough I really enjoyed watching this drama I don't really think it stands out that much. I agree that the plot is different but I found that the actingstyle was out of context. I was actually annoyed by the leading actress.
beeesseoul 20 Oct, 2015
It had one of the best messages I've seen before in a kdrama. It was so empowering and inspiring. For some reason this drama seemed to go really fast for me also, so it was easy to watch. However, if you're watching solely for the romance it won't be as good for you because it doesn't really develop until the very last episodes. I also found Choi JiWoo's acting slightly awkward at times. Still you should watch it because it's such a beautiful story with so many meaningful things said.