ESC to close 2.89 (by 19 users)zane: sunde wa ikenai heya
  • 2016
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized zane: sunde wa ikenai heya
english The Inerasable
aka 残穢 住んではいけない部屋

Based On

based on book
title zane (残穢)
author Ono Fuyumi (小野不由美)


genres horror, mystery


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 30 Jan, 2016
duration 107 minutes
status released


avg. score 2.89 of 5 by 19 users
total users 49
rating 55



Many odd things begin happening in Kubo's apartment complex and she decides to write a letter to a novelist who specialises in the occult. The two begin investigating into the history of the place to uncover its secrets.


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Hiraoka Yoshiaki
Misawa Tetsuo
Yoshikane Sanki


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Random chan 13 Jun, 2016
I personally thought that he wasn't involved in this. It was too random otherwise :o. I think that maybe his smile at the end wasn't supposed to come off as 'evil'? idk. Otherwise it would be super odd.
milisia 13 Jun, 2016
@Random chan
i just think, they should done a little better background for this in the movie, that's all :P like hinting it somehow, putting some threads, here and there, and then seeing that last scene, everybody would be "aaahhhh, that was the case!" :P Anyway i'm also in "oh well" mood, so high five :P
Random chan 13 Jun, 2016
yeah, but that made zero sense XDDD. Idk, the ending was weird :P. But I loved the film nevertheless. I'm kind of angry that at this last scene that had no words, the actor failed to convey with his expression exactly what he was trying to do. I think either this scene should have been removed or at least explained in some way. But oh well XD.
milisia 13 Jun, 2016
@Random chan

Oh, ok i get it now. Well i can agree with that also.
About the monk thing: weird incantations, that he's saying to himself, and we can't hear it, wrapped and closed image of a woman + eyes that opens...
Well i suppose, he's...trying to summon her or something? but kill me, i have no idea, why he's doing that? O.o He's doing it with some sort of adoration, than fear, and it looks it's not the first time, he's doing it also. So probably, he's picking up, some..unhappy souls, that want to take some revenge on living people? or taking care of only this one, and somehow help her, to spread misfortune on our world? some sort of evil contract? and like some pointing out at him "he he, that's my doings, kids :P and can't wait for more weird things to happend? " lol...
Random chan 13 Jun, 2016
I thought that the fact that it just ends with pretty much no resolve was very disappointing to a degree. I mean, if the entire film is slow paced and sort of creepy, it needs a really strong ending to really let the entire thing shine... but then they just ended it in a weird way.

Also, how did you understand the last scene with the monk? :o
milisia 13 Jun, 2016
@Random chan well i'm not sure tbh, if that allowed to feel a little bit creepy :P but maybe it because i'm just accustomed to a little faster pace, and that's all :P About ending: well it was odd a little and i was hoping for something more powerful, but in other hand, i think it fitted somehow to the whole story.
but dunno why, i find that hanging ghost (?) at the end very funny :P also these creepy one, in the office, remindes me a little shadows of Image from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers , and it was just funny to watch xp

Anyway, as you pointed out, yeah, that was nice back in time, when the biggest power of the horror movies, was the script and just reliable acting, than some jump scenes, again gore and floods of blood here and there.
Random chan 13 Jun, 2016
@milisia lolol, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I think the pace was really good actually because despite being slow, it allowed it to feel a little bit creepy at times. The only thing I truly disliked was the ending. But I thought that with all the crazy horror people make nowadays such a relaxed work is really cool XD. And reminds me more of horror films people used to make.
milisia 13 Jun, 2016
Well i can agree with @Random chan ;) in tons of gore/bloody/ another murderer in mask, it was quite refreshing movie. Maybe pace was little too slow for me, but still i'm glad i watched it. Also it somehow remindes me Yami Shibai anime: only because we had also some references to old, japanese folklore tales, i think? and somehow atmosphere in this two titles, was maybe not the same, but i was somehow feeling, the same "vibe" ? and i just like it.
And btw. i just like Hashimoto Ai, also she's growing up so beautifully.