ESC to close 3.56 (by 54 users)songgot 송곳
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized songgot
english Awl
aka the awl

Based On

based on webcomic
title songgot
author Choe Gyu Seok (최규석)


genres drama, life, work


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network JTBC


date 24 Oct, 2015 - 29 Nov, 2015
episodes 12
duration 70 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 21:40 - 22:50
status released


avg. score 3.56 of 5 by 54 users
total users 171
rating 192



After leaving the army, Lee Su In starts working in a large supermarket. One day, his boss tells him to lay off all temporary staff. Rather than listening to his employer, though, he decides to join a work union.


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Lee Su In
Gu Go Sin
Hwang Jun Cheol
Mun So Jin
Nam Dong Hyeop
Ju Gang Min


original creator
martial arts director


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sukimatsuura 02 Apr, 2016
It is not like the regular kdramas that we familiar with..
I can say it's one of the best korean drama with perfect scenario
jessicarose 20 Feb, 2016
After 8 episodes I just can't finish this. It's sooo boring! I watched this much because of Gu Go Sin! That character is the only thing that was actually good here. Actually, the idea for the story was really interesting but somehow it turn out like this...
vanityfull 07 Dec, 2015
Fabulous drama. The narrative, the plot, the characters, the realism, the acting (even the youngsters did well). All around perfect little drama.
One of the nominees for Most Underrated Drama of 2015 I am afraid lol It's cable after all T_T
victorique 23 Nov, 2015
@bayanoh Yeah, narration is amazing! I totally agree. Also about Mun So Jin, hope it won't ruin this drama, cause it really is a mastrpiece for me right now.
victorique 23 Nov, 2015
For now I'm totally satisfied with this drama. Story is so close to my heart since I also work in a big supermarket. I love the actors play, especially the main character, Lee Su In. Also mr Koo seems to be an intersting person, so charismatic and all :)
And also acting by Yesung & Park Si Hwan is so good! I was worried about them since they're singers & it is their debut, and the drama is quite serious, but they're doing so well!! I hope to see them in another production soon, not only because I like them xD
Next thing, the OST - I totally love it!! Fits the drama perfectly.
Altough the topic presented in drama is quite serious, but there's also a lot of good humor ;) I'm really happy that my bias Yesung is taking a part in creating this masterpiece drama :)
bayanoh 03 Nov, 2015
Smart drama. love the narration, it feels like I'm inside Lee Su In's head. Great directing, great screenwriting, great characters, and I presume a great comic to turn into drama. I just hope the romance won't ruin it, especially since the character Mun So Jin feels out of place, and I really hate her hair.
milisia 28 Oct, 2015
Well first episode wasn't very special but also not bad..let say it's just begining of the story, so i will not complain a lot :P anyway i was hoping, that Lee Su In will have little different character, but oh well :P also Hwang Jun Cheol, seems to be quite cute character <3 and i'm curious about Gu Go Sin, he seems to be quite bold person. Anyway ok start, waiting for more and still i'm not sure, should i wait for something in Misaeng or Cart style or it will have totally different flow. Will see.
victorique 17 Oct, 2015
OMG! My ultimate bias, Super Junior's Yesung & one of my favourite solo artists, Park Si Hwan together in a drama!! I definitley have to watch this :) Can't wait until it'll be finally aired :D