ESC to close 3.7 (by 368 users)pao mo zhi xia 泡沫之夏
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Taiwan

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romanized pao mo zhi xia
english Summer's Desire
literal The Summer Of Bubbles
aka paau moot ji ha

Based On

based on book
title pao mo zhi xia
author Ming Xiao Xi (明晓溪)


genres drama, romance


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV
network FTV


date 30 May, 2010 - 29 Aug, 2010
episodes 14
duration 90 minutes
air day Sunday
at 22:00 - 23:30
status released


avg. score 3.7 of 5 by 368 users
total users 713
rating 1363
favorites 25


pao mo zhi xia
2016 film ch
same setting
pao mo zhi xia
2018 TV ch
same setting


Xia Mo had a near perfect life -- a loving foster family and a great boyfriend, Ou Chen, who is the heir to a powerful company. That all changes when her parents take in Luo Xi, a boy who instantly takes to Xia Mo. Ou Chen, jealous, forces Xia Mo's father to send Luo Xi abroad. However, Xia Mo, unable to forgive Ou Chen, breaks up with him. As the result of an accident, Ou Chen gets amnesia -- his only connection with Xia Mo being a repeating nightmare. Five years later, Luo Xi returns to Taiwan as a superstar. Xia Mo, who is about to enter the entertainment circle, gets caught up with him as part of training. Meanwhile Ou Chen, who too has just returned from France, sees Xia Mo and becomes determined to figure out why he starts feeling odd whenever he sees her. Five years ago, Luo Xi lost out and Ou Chen suffered the consequences, but this time, will history repeat itself?


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Yin Xia Mo
Ou Chen
Luo Xi
An Hui Ni
Jiang Zhen En
Yin Cheng




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jeaudrey 14 Jan, 2017
Dropped. I really couldn't stand the three main characters. (3)
greyhippo 22 Oct, 2013
I'd give it a strong 5. Wasn't really a fan. Don't get me wrong I didn't put a gun to my own head to force myself to complete it but I wasn't looking forward to the next episode.
Maybe it's just me but the ending was weird. I just couldn't help but think that Luo Xi looked like he was the pied piper with all those kids following him. I also just didn't feel like she actually cared about Ou chen or at least not as much as she did Luo Xi.
mjulia 15 Oct, 2013
from my point of view this drama is a masterpiece ! and the ending... sooo unexpected :X:X:X
sami00 25 May, 2013
At some point I hoped the main characters would kill each other...

the drama got really stupid near the ending with Xia Mo having depression... come on, she would not talk to anyone, show no reaction to nearly anything but she would audition for a movie and act without a problem and as soon as the cameras stopped rolling she would go all silent again? It was exaggerated.
I'm happy she ended up with Ou Chen.
Oh! And, I really like Peter Ho, he's cute and all but the scene when he was forcing himself on Xia Mo kissing her we all could see he was squeezing his lips. I get it, scenes like this are hard and you don't want to force someone to kiss you for real but at least they could've showed it from another angle or shoot it the way we could not see him pretending to kiss her...
ashrjs 22 Jan, 2013
i was disappointed :(
natss 03 Dec, 2012
Nossa, muito ruim D: Não consegui nem terminar o primeiro episódio O.O
natss 03 Dec, 2012
Dropped. I really couldn't stand the three main characters. [2]
sarah 19 Nov, 2012
Dropped. I really couldn't stand the three main characters.