ESC to close 3.35 (by 127 users)dugeundugeun spike 두근두근 스파이크
  • 2016
  • web
  • Korea

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romanized dugeundugeun spike
english Thumping Spike
literal Pounding Spikes
aka we have something special


genres romance, sports, friendship, youth


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format web
network Sohu


date 20 Feb, 2016
episodes 20
duration 15 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.35 of 5 by 127 users
total users 275
rating 425
favorites 1


dugeundugeun spike 2
2016 web kr


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Hwang Jae Ung
Gang Se Ra
Baek U Jin
Pyo Jin Ha
Jo Won Ryong
Kim Gi Jun




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calm 18 Oct, 2017
I watched this because I liked Song Jae Rim in WGM.
The story is pretty basic and predictable, like a traditional sports/romance drama, it kinda reminded me of Heading to the ground. But I still liked it, it was simple and cute, and the main actress wasn't annoying.

Since the episodes are short (took me 2 days to watch the whole thing), I recommend it to people who have time and want to watch something that's fun and easy to watch.

...also her boss totally reminds me of a younger version of Bang PD X'DDDD
ally 17 Sep, 2016
I didn't had high expectations with this, but omg this was so bad. The story was a mess, actors were terrible and the characters were so awkward.
nimwoo 11 Jun, 2016
I really like this web-drama. My bias aside, Jaerim's character was one of the most charming roles he's played (side note: he was so tsundere here I couldn't stop screaming
especially when he yelled at her "I'm telling you that I like you! A guy called Hwang Jae Woong likes a girl called Kang Sera". God, this killed me so much. He was all so sweet and cute ;;;

I'd seen Hwang Seong Eon in 'Madame Antoine' and I liked her a lot, so I was glad to see her again in another drama which role I liked, too.

I think the general cast wasn't that young as the previous comment pointed out and I didn't think Jae Rim looked tired or awkward around the youths. I think he just looked kind of too old next to that girl following him around or Tae Hwan. But the rest weren't that young so I think it was overall okay.

Something that did creep me out was
Se Ra being older than him :/ like, when they first met, she called him 'ahjussi' and I thought he would be considerably much older than her (irl he is 3 years older) but it turned out /she/ was older, on top 3 years, and at the highest top, she became his coach. It was maybe because of the actress who looks a lot younger, but if was a bit hmmmm.

I found a lot of similarities between this drama and 'High School King' as in:
1. There's a love line between a guy and a woman, in which the woman is much older (although I don't think 4 years is that much) and she feels wrong for dating a high schooler, even though he sort of had dropped school.
2. She decides to wait for him until he graduates high school.
3. The main purpose of the drama is an important coming up match/championship of a certain sport, or at least this was an important part of the plot in HSK, too.
4. That championship decides who gets accepted in the University.
5. There's a girl who is in a one-sided love fantasy, who follows the male lead around and pulls away all the other girls. She gets pissed after finding out he likes another person, and on top of that, an older lady.
6. He doesn't despise her but always ignored her (and gave the gifts he received to his friends, typical) and only until he discovered his feelings for the other girl, he sends her away.
7. Tae Hwan is part of the cast xD ok this was kidding.

However, I enjoyed the drama. I actually started it today a few hours ago and finished it today because it's really addictive, and since it's short, you think you don't spend too much time on it. But each ep is around 18mins long, and 20x18= 360÷60= it's actually 6 hours you spend without even noticing because you just see the short episodes, lol. Although this is nothing for people on this community, since almost all of us are used to watching lots of episodes in a row.

Anyway! I originally gave it 4/5 stars and I'm glad that I changed my mind to fill all the stars. It's really fun to watch and there's not dramatic moments or annoying misunderstandings. It's overall cute and enjoyable. I had a good evening today because of it.

Also, Song Jae Rim wearing shorts thorough the WHOLE drama AND a high school uniform is something I didn't know I needed to see, and y'all probably don't know it either, yet. So go watch it and see how much important this will become.
nessssbm 21 May, 2016
yea this was kind of cute and very light material. idk i dont think this role was very good for song jae rim, however. he looked kind of tired and out of place amongst the other youths. :p who really stood out for me, though, was the secretary, haha. she was so cute in the final episodes
somiboo 15 May, 2016
A really cute and fun web drama, could have easily been made into an actual tv drama with success.