ESC to close 4.1 (by 5954 users)coffee prince 1 hojeom 커피프린스 1호점
  • 2007
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized coffee prince 1 hojeom
english The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince (literal)

Based On

based on book
title coffee prince 1 hojeom
author Lee Seon Mi (이선미)


genres comedy, drama, family, romance, friendship


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 02 Jul, 2007 - 27 Aug, 2007
episodes 17
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 4.1 of 5 by 5954 users
total users 8004
rating 24390
favorites 1320


xing fu san ke xing
2012 TV tw ch
coffee prince
2012 TV th
gao xing yu jian ni
2018 TV ch
same setting


Tomboy Go Eun Chan is often mistaken as male, so when the spoilt Choe Han Gyeol makes the same mistake, she does not bother to correct him, especially after he offers to hire her as his fake lover in order to drive away the blind dates his grandmother arranged. Choe Han Seong, a music producer and Han Gyeol's cousin, is still not over his lost love, Han Yu Ju, a beautiful artist who also happens to be the woman Han Gyeol has loved secretly for nine years. Eun Chan, who delivers milk to Han Seong's house every morning, strikes up a friendship with him that eventually leads to a mutual crush -- just as Han Yu Ju makes her way back into his life. Meanwhile, Han Gyeol's grandmother forces him to become the manager of a run down coffee shop, and he decides to attract female patrons by only hiring attractive 'prince'-like workers. Eun Chan must keep up her charade of posing as a boy in order to secure a much needed job there. As she turns the triangle between Han Gyeol, Han Seong, and Yu Ju into a square, things become even more complicated when a confused Han Gyeol begins to have romantic feelings towards his eccentric 'male' friend.




Go Eun Chan
Choe Han Seong
Choe Han Gyeol
Han Yu Ju
No Sun Gi
Hwang Min Yeop


screenwriter, original creator


24 Sep, 2014
For a drama that follows this type of overused premise, it actually hits a bunch of sweet spots and breaks a couple of cliches along the way, allowing the show to feel fresher than others of its category.

The amount of physical contact (sexual and platonic) was a more than welcome surprise, and I almost teared up when the kiss scenes didn't look like the actors were kissing a piece of cardboard.

The pace towards the end was a bit too slow for me though, and I would've loved a special that showed them all a couple years after the open ending.

The chemistry between the lead couple was the glue throughout the entire show and it reduced me to giggles and stupid grins, while the secondary was a pretty interesting portrait on a relationship going through the test of time and the problems that usually come with it, contrasting fantastically with the excitement and newness of the lead's romance.

The acting and writing were mostly good, even if some characters deserved more than the loophole the writing team fated them to when it came to growth.

All in all, it's a cute, fluffy drama, mixed with surprisingly mature moments, that tries to run away from the usual path of it's kind, even though it loses some golden opportunities to make more of an impression.
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30 Dec, 2012
This was my very first Asian drama EVER. and I have to say it left me with a great and lasting impression. The two main characters are well known, great actors. I even enjoyed the sub plots and supporting characters. I enjoyed the main plot very much and how the main male character become confused about his sexuality and so on. this drama for me was very well developed with solid characters. The love scene was wonderful! Much passion in the acting. Made me realize how pathetic my love life will be. BESIDE THAT! this drama with have you hooked. If you are looking for a good romantic comedy with gender bending this is defiantly for you.
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04 Apr, 2016
In both of those dramas there is a girl who hides her gender on purpose. She is tomboyish by nature, which makes it easier for her to conceal her gender. Aside from that, the romance in both takes a similar course and both focus on a secondary couple too.

29 May, 2014
Both series are about a girl who pretends to be a boy to get a job. Both girls fall for a man within the business and must hide her identity, while at the same time learning to master her craft.


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emmeline 05 Jul, 2018
I started this drama about 8 years ago and didn't like the first ep so I dropped it then. I remember I was thinking how Gong yoo was not attractive. I wish I can go back in time and punch myself in the face.

This drama is so good. I love them. Yoon Eun Hye is suuuuch a great actress and so believable as a boy. Gong Yoo, I love you.
The only thing I mind is why did they drag the whole thing about she not coming out as being a girl, I felt so bad for wrong of her. And that triangle between han yoo ju and the guys, wtf, she was flirting with both of them for years. That was really weird that the both of them were ok with that.
yamapixluver43735 15 Feb, 2018
When I started this dram, it didn't do much for me. It seemed cute but somehow dead, so I had evcery intention of rating this as an average. As I continued watching it, though, it started to grow on me and before I knew it, I actually was interested in what was going to happen next! All of the acting was pretty good, and I liked the character choice of the guy/girl haha she really did look like a guy! A very cute guy. It was funny and cute.
poulminjae 16 Oct, 2017
I've watched this drama 2 times before and now I'm rewatching it again with my flatmates... I loved first 9 episodes as much as I loved them before but now, when I have much more reference to other dramas, I consider later episodes quite boring... Many repetitive scenes. It's a good drama. The gender bender theme is still entertaining but if you only watched new amazing super productions, you'll get bored after 10th ep.

BTW, I really hate Han Yu Joo, and the fact that three guys found her good enough to fight for. She seems wise but she is playing three games at once ;;;; Han Gyeol is annoying as hell too, he is really dumb... I dare to say he is dumber than Min Yeop xD Sun Gi on the other hand is a such a beauty, I can't stop adoring him. But my favorite is the poor lost Han Seong ajusshi..... HE is so lovely it's imposible to hate him ^^
sweetsuga 13 May, 2017
Não acredito que o melhor personagem masculino é o garçom japonês!
eriinnye 10 Feb, 2017
Just reached it for the 3rd time I guess and I still love it ♡
sleepingstar 13 Dec, 2016
I do find this kinda silly but it is still good fun, I guess that is what you should look from dramas often times anyway so high ratings from me even now after rewatching it after many years xD...
yasashiki 22 Jun, 2015
Gong Yoo is really good, and their chemistry is incredible. [2]
I need a The 2nd Shop Of Coffee Prince. ♥ [7]
moonlightangel 26 Apr, 2015
I still lovvveee this drama so muchhh~♥