ESC to close 3.54 (by 108 users)siren: keiji×kanojo×kanzen akujo
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized siren: keiji×kanojo×kanzen akujo
aka saireen: keiji x kanojo x kanzen akujo

Based On

based on manga
title siren (サイレーン)
author Yamazaki Sayaka (山崎紗也夏)


genres crime, suspense, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network KTV (Kansai TV)


date 20 Oct, 2015 - 15 Dec, 2015
episodes 9
duration 54 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.54 of 5 by 108 users
total users 214
rating 382



Shinobu and Yuki work together as a team in the police force and in are a couple in private. After solving a case, Shinbou parties with other coworkers and ends up meeting a mysterious woman, Kara. He continues meeting her over and over and she becomes an important link in solving future crimes. But Shinbou doesn't know her real identity nor her intentions.


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Satomi Shinobu
Inokuma Yuki
Tachibana Kara
Hayami Shou
Miyake Ryousuke
Tsukimoto Kei




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reyascapes 05 Jul, 2017
reonsoru hit the nail on the head lol. My thoughts exactly.
reonsoru 25 Feb, 2016
Finished watching this (a while ago) and was bitterly disappointed. Too many ideas in the plot that were introduced too suddenly. I might be wrong, but in my opinion a plot twist isn't if you suddenly just change the whole story to just make it somewhat "remarkable", but if something unexpected happens that still agrees with the happenings before. The last episode just introduced so many new things at once, it felt cluttered and hard to believe.

The major issue I have with this whole drama is that everyone but Satomi-kun is naive to the bones and Satomi-kun insists on silly pride until - at the very end for some undefined reason - he suddenly changes his mind and asks someone for help. It only took him 9 episodes to do so! *sarcasm* Satomi's character made me pretty frustrated through the drama as a whole, especially since Yuki was hopeless to begin with.

Summing it up, you will most likely end up continuing this show (because Kimura Fumino, Matsuzaka Toori and Nanao are just fab like that) but this is NOT a good drama. The script was horrible. The characters were too naive, making it really easy for "super evil" Tachibana Kara to have everything her way. And a "competition" of wits did basically never happen, which is why all character just fall in Kara's traps and don't get anything done right on their own.

Average drama at best. This had potential, especially with this 1A cast. How could they ruin it like this? Super disappointing.
karinchen 16 Feb, 2016
okay that was really an unexpected end. or shut i say an unexpected final?....
it was realy cool, but yuki.. come on ^^ you don't believe your one boyfriend ^^ and kara... yeah what to say.... ^^ you will understand when you watch it ^^

i think it was at the end too much of it lol BUT it was worth watching it ;)
hidde 18 Jan, 2016
A lot of things just unbelievable and the cops were dumb and slow. But it was still watchable mostly because the villain of the year, Tachibana Kara.

@reonsoru yes, don't waste your time on that drama D:
reonsoru 12 Jan, 2016
@hidde Since your opinion on this drama is the same as mine, I guess I can discard Tantei no Tantei then :D
d0npian0 30 Dec, 2015
So, I've now seen the last episode and
the twist is just too hard to believe.
I get that narratively it probably makes sense for them to be twins. Fake!Kara saw someone with her old face, and all her self-loathing caused her to make the decision to kill Inokuma. I get it and I do like the idea per se but...
The only reason why I didn't mind the twist of how the Kara we meet isn't the real Tachibana Kara, is that no character actually met both the real one and the fake one. I doubt that Tsukimoto's plastic surgery would have altered fake Kara's height, complete bone structure, voice, speech patterns, etc., so personally I figured that anyone who really knew the real Kara would have immediately noticed the difference. I didn't think that she literally turned into Tachibana Kara, but into someone very, very similar.
In the last episode now though, we're supposed to believe that Tsukimoto can completely change everything about a person. Even if we suspend our disbelief and assume that Fake!Kara could have changed back into her old self, what about the other fake Kara? Even if that woman originally already looked similar to Kara, no one noticed anything when they met her, although she couldn't have possibly mimicked everything that perfectly.

The whole episode left me with a really strange aftertaste, because it makes things I could somehow accept as plot points look stupid in retrospect.
d0npian0 15 Dec, 2015
I do think that the characters tend to react in ways that are hard to understand at times, and there are too many much too convenient plot twists.
e.g. Satomi sees Kara and Tsukimoto together before Kara ever even becomes a suspect, Satomi runs into the two girls he met undercover before and they are willing to risk their lives to help him, Kara is connected to Satomi's first murder case,...

Still, so far the show always managed to keep me on edge. Also, there are three things that I think make it somewhat unique in a suspense-obsessed country like Japan:
1) While there are several murder cases, it doesn't follow the murder of the week pattern. That's nothing new, but a bit of a rarity compared to all the episodic crime dramas in Japan.

2) We don't really know their plans and motivations but we know exactly what the villain is doing. We know that they're smart and ruthless and clearly psychopathic, and that's where the suspense comes from. Unlike the usual suspense pattern where we're mostly left in the dark, we now fear for the characters who don't know what we know.

3) The villain is a woman. Tbh, at first I thought that she might be a transgender because they constantly described her as very strong, but at least until now (ep 8) she seems very much female-born.
I like how they created an unapologetic female serial killer who isn't just batshit crazy but also extremely smart. Maybe her characterisation is a little over the top, but she's the kind of character I don't think I ever saw in a TV drama. The last episode might change that, but so far there has been nothing sympathetic about her. She crushed everything.
And I think that's what makes it great. I understand that we can't just completely demonize criminals and I'm against the death penalty, but I feel like in dramas murderers are often shown as weak people who were forced into a bad situation. We're often supposed to feel both pity and disgust for them. Here that's different. We spend so much time in Tachibana Kara's head that we know that she's beyond saving.

The only thing that really bothered me so far is the characterisation of Inokuma.
I mean, she's constantly described as very capable, more capable than Satomi in fact. But what we see is just her acting like a blockhead. Her blind faith in Kara, her constantly endangering herself, her being jealous rather than to trust Satomi,... All those things just make Satomi, the only one who has a grasp of what is going on, look good in comparison. Again, the last episode might change that, but so far I really hated how in the end it's all about Satomi having to save Inokuma from Kara.
susan 02 Dec, 2015
It was an interesting start, but as the series has gone on I find myself less and less impressed with it. Just the shallow scriptwriting turns me off. I love the cast, the concept, but I think it's a poor execution.

The stubborn ignorance of some of the characters. I mean... sheesh.

Dropped after being unable to finish episode 6.
Honestly, Inokuma. You're going to trust the girl you JUST ME and BARELY KNOW over your own boyfriend/partner of years? That makes no sense! If he's suspicious of her, you should be too!