ESC to close 4.05 (by 233 users)one pan man
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized one pan man
english One Punch Man
aka one punch-man, one-punch man, wan pan man

Based On

based on manga
title one pan man
author Murata Yusuke (村田雄介)


genres action, sci fi, parody


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network TV Tokyo (テレビ東京)
by Madhouse (マッドハウス)


date 05 Oct, 2015 - 21 Dec, 2015
episodes 12
duration 30 minutes
air day Monday
at 01:05 - 01:35
status released


avg. score 4.05 of 5 by 233 users
total users 342
rating 943
favorites 10


one pan man: road to hero
2015 video jp
side story
one pan man ova
2015 video jp
side story
one pan man
2019 TV jp


Saitama quit his regular job as a salary man to train and become a hero. He fights different opponents who want to destroy social structures and defeats them with one punch.






original creator
director, storyboard creator
character designer, animation director
original creator
storyboard creator


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19 Feb, 2017
Both series have a similar style and humour, featuring a protagonist with super powers that are far beyond 'strong'.

29 Jan, 2016
They both are parodies about superheros' everyday lives.


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Random chan 06 Feb, 2017
@leviathan yup, I heard :D! I hope it'll continue being as amusing :P
leviathan 06 Feb, 2017
@Random chan there will be one in 2017 ^^ but idk when though ^^"
melody 09 Jan, 2016
i don't have the words to explain the magnificence of the series!! I love the character and how he represents an average person but with extraordinary power. Saitama is more to close to my heart than any other anime character i have seen so far. I felt so bad when he had to made himself the bad guy for the sake of the other heroes.... I immediately recalled the quote from The Dark Knight -"He's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight."
I think that that's what Saitama is - a true knight who will protect the earth even if the stupid easily manipulated public doesn't want him as a savior.
In short - Saitama is awesome!!
Random chan 03 Jan, 2016
I want a 2nd season too!
zaharisa 02 Jan, 2016
I am a person who never goes along with parody(parodies mostly looks stupid to me).. and I must say I really disliked the first 2 episodes.. (they had more gore and ugly and I couldn't stand them much). However- strangely even for myself I continued watching and I found myself laughing at it. And so after that I am here today and I watch an almost-regular-shoujo - and I realize that I miss it again- but- it ended already ;(

Second season?
r0lan 21 Dec, 2015
OPM is not really wow in terms of story or character development, but bc Saitama is such a bland guy who becomes a superhero just for fun and it jst makes you want to watch more, makes you want to watch Saitama kick butt hahaha

quite enjoyable in a weird way imo
limenora 25 Nov, 2015
Hilarious! I love it! :'''D