ESC to close 3.8 (by 385 users)remember: adeurui jeonjaeng 리멤버 - 아들의 전쟁
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized remember: adeurui jeonjaeng
english Remember - War Of The Son
literal Remember: War Of The Son
aka rimembeo - adeurui jeonjaeng


genres drama, law, illness


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 09 Dec, 2015 - 18 Feb, 2016
episodes 20
duration 75 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.8 of 5 by 385 users
total users 802
rating 1464
favorites 10



Seo Jin U can remember every detail of his life and becomes a lawyer to prove his father's innocence.


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Seo Jin U
Lee In A
Nam Gyu Man
Park Dong Ho
Nam Yeo Gyeong
Seo Jae Hyeok


martial arts director


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12 Mar, 2016
Remember is a story about Seo Jin Woo who tries to prove his father’s innocence for a crime he did not commit. He has perfect memory, and using that as his best weapon he fights for his father.

Although, this summary sounds very bland and boring, it’s actually not. I’m not the type of person who usually watches law dramas, I tend to go more for the cheesy ones (then roll my eyes at the cheesy parts). But, this drama was the best one I’ve ever watched.

I don’t have much to say about the characters in this drama, because they were all good (except for Lee In Ah, she kind of got on my nerves sometimes). I really liked how the writers didn’t really give Jin Woo his victory EVERY time he had a case. The reason I mention this is because most dramas set up the scene in such a way that the main character always wins every case. I could be wrong with some dramas, but for the ones I’ve watched, it’s always happened.

I have to applaud the evil side of this drama, they did such an outstanding job. I've never experienced such a hate/love feeling toward the antagonist in a kdrama before, and it was amazing. Also, I feel very happy with the fact that there were no love triangles in this drama. Thank you, writers for not pulling the "Triangle card".

One thing that I feel like I must say about this drama is that the court scenes are not bland and boring like how I expected it to be. Even though most of the drama revolved around the court scenes and Jin Woo’s father’s case, it was very interesting and I was so into watching this drama

I give this a 5/5

I would recommend this to anyone who would want to watch a very addicting drama (and also please be prepared to want this drama to continue until you die because OH MY GOSH, I DO)
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26 Feb, 2016
Remember is a show that on paper sounds like it could be dry; you have the son vying to prove his father's innocence but that automatically means courtroom scenes that can often be boring. Luckily for us, this show manages to stay taut and thrilling despite the law talk.

The most important part of the show are the characters -and the writer who makes them so appealing. Everyone is well written and acted allowing for you to root for the good guys to win and the bad guys to fail. The definite lure though is Nam Gung Min who embraces his role as the big bad in a giant hug; it's so obvious he's loving the craziness and villainy of Gyu Man which makes for an entertaining watch as much as he infuriates you.

Kudos also has to go to the director who manages to keep the courtroom scenes entertaining, with great editing helping to build the tension.

A recommend for a fan of any of the leads or those who like law based shows.
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ellenasabina 14 Apr, 2018
I can't help myself wondering what they have done to PMY. She looks insanely old :O I kept starring at her and when I remember what a wonderful girl she was in any other project ..... I think maybe is her clone or something.
missiealice 18 Feb, 2018
Tá no meu top 5 aqui atualmente e devo ter um review na minha aba de reviews. Enfim, assisti na época e nem tenho muito o que falar. É magnífico. Meu bias Seung Ho se superou nesse drama.
alexadm81 02 Aug, 2017
Not a single boring moment. The thing that makes this drama so unforgettable is the acting, everyone played so good, I usually have complains about certain characters but not here, everyone did an outstanding job. The OST was so good also. I thought the end was kind of bittersweet.

poulminjae 24 Jun, 2016
I liked the drama. It was kinda difficult. I couldn't really feel these father-son emotions and it lacked in love story (don't get me wrong, there was love story, just couldn't feel it...) But! But Nam Gyu Man made everything interesting and entertaining. I loved his complicated character. And Nam Goong Min did really good job portraying such person. I started this drama for Yoo Seung Ho (who was awesome tbh) but ended it for Nam Goong Min. Amazing acting. I was extremely impressed.
Also loved some other side characters like Sang Ho and Su Beom, ooooh and procurator Tak. I just love this actor xD
If you are not easily bored by law dramas I would recomend it. If you search for emotional love story with easy plot, don't start this drama. You will waste time ^^
In the end : 4/5
r0lan 12 Mar, 2016
Not one of the best Seung Ho dramas I've seen (but still worth it haha!) but it does fill one with emotions haha
It started off extremely well in the beginning however after around episode 10-ish I did find it to decline in quality a little.

And I'm glad it ended the way it did
and not with In Ah taking care of Jin Woo; their romantic relationship imo wasn't necessary, not bc she was his noona in the drama but bc i enjoyed the whole older sister/younger brother relationship btwn those two rather than them being lovers.

my other perk with it is just how Gyu Man committed suicide like that. I did pity him long before his father disowned him, but i thought that if the Jin Woo and co took down Il Ho down first from that gas explosion as a main high light, followed by indicting Gyu Man for his evil deeds, it would strike a better reaction from viewers... that last episode where Gyu Man just rolled into jail wasn't that... exciting imo.

but that last few scenes was just so bitter sweet ughk

3/5 frm moi :D
missiealice 08 Mar, 2016
Dorama perfeito, final satisfatório com uma mensagem linda.
Haja coração pra aguentar o nervosismo que dava cada capítulo, mas sobrevivi e bateu até aquela deprê pós dorama kkkkkkkkkkkk
Assistam sem medo, especialmente quem gosta do gênero.
aquariia 27 Feb, 2016
I don't know what happened but I was forcing myself to finish it. The drama have a decent plot and great characters but something was missing. I think I know what. Emotions. My emotions. The courtroom scenes are great but every time the writer wanted me to shed tears I felt bored. I hated those father-son touching boring scenes. I liked Dong Ho but his and his boss's scenes weren't any better.
The other problem is the lenght. The drama is too long. It became repetitive around 14-18 episode.
I also think it's a shame the concept of the drama was kind of abandoned. We supposed to see the man who can remember everyting not the one who got alzheimer.

Regardless of all those complaint I still think this drama is worth watching fot the outstanding characters. The plot is also good if you take out the clitche.
hiroyuki 22 Feb, 2016
I wish they would have opted for another ending. This drama was too good. I want to see more dramas like this. :)