ESC to close 3.18 (by 448 users)madame antoine 마담 앙트완
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized madame antoine


genres romance, psycholog.


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network JTBC


date 22 Jan, 2016 - 12 Mar, 2016
episodes 16
duration 75 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:40 - 21:55
status released


avg. score 3.18 of 5 by 448 users
total users 847
rating 1425
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A fortune teller, Madam Antoine, has to share the same building with a famous psychologist, Choe Su Hyeon. Su Hyeon hates fortune tellers and therefore hates everything that Madam Antoine represents. He makes her agree to participate in a psychological experiment which sends the two of them down the road to love.




Go Hye Rim
Choe Su Hyeon
Choe Seung Chan
Go Yu Rim
Kim Mun Gon
Bae Mi Ran




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14 Apr, 2016
Madame Antoine is a drama that should not be taken seriously in any shape or form, either as a psychology based show, a romance or a comedy. That being said, it's not a terrible show by any means, just not the best one out there.

The premise is fairly simple. You have the easier going, more whimsical female lead fighting - and falling in love with- a science/fact based male lead. Throw in some shenanigans in the form of a psychological experiment and what you should end up with is a fun, light-hearted romantic comedy.

And that is what you get, somewhat. The show is fun, light-hearted and a romantic comedy but it lacks a punch.

The writing is nothing groundbreaking, oftentimes missing out on potential conflict moments. There are the typical cute moments between the leads along with the requisite conflicts, and the characters are fairly cookie cutter but nothing that stays engraved in your mind. And the story is fairly predictable.

The directing and acting as well do nothing new, neither elevating nor detracting from the story. They tell the plot in the barest sense possible.

A good watch for a really dry spell, but not something to go out of your way to watch.
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15 Mar, 2016
It's a story about (Madame Antoine) a fortune teller who have to share the same building with a famous Psychologist. Choe Su Hyeon hates fortune-tellers and everything that this woman represent so he gets her to a agree on a psychological experiment which puts both of them on a journey that makes them fall for each other.

This drama handled a couple of real-life issues that we could relate to and solve by being nicer by taking other people issues into prescriptive before acting.

Personally, I loved this drama and I really love both of the main actors.

I've always known that Seong Jun is an amazing actor and in the last episode he totally owned the crying scene! I couldn't ask for a better finale!

Sadly, I could see a redundancy; Seong Jun have also taken a previous role in (Hyde Jekyll, Me) where he is a Psychologist with an issue that gets to be solved in the drama. I hope he doesn't take another role as a Psychologist! He can do better!

The beautiful Han Ye Seul is stunning !

I've come to known her from her previous funny drama (Birth Of A Beauty) and I can honestly say that I can't wait for whatever she would offer in the next years!

She makes me laugh and the way she handles the role grasps all of my attention with her sincerity!

I'm not sure if I'll watch it again but it was fun while it lasted!
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30 Mar, 2016
In both, the protagonist is a single woman past her prime, who is approached by an attractive man with an ulterior motive.


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laydii 11 Jun, 2017
Legit so many negative comments I enjoyed watching this... it's worth the watch for Some hilarious romance
vivien0928 31 Dec, 2016
I wasted my time watching this till the end. I liked the cast but it was meh.
frannam 11 Nov, 2016
Tiver que droppar. História chata, casal sem química e é o sétimo drama que eu tento gostar do Sung Jun atuando, porém acho que desisto!i :\
mad4u 02 May, 2016
I don't usually drop dramas but this one was just... nah.
sami00 12 Apr, 2016
Unfortunately I have a few things to complain about. I just finished it a couple of hours ago. I liked it at first although I didn't like YeSeul's character for acting very childish. I was hoping that she would "grow up" further in the drama but sadly that didn't happen. The drama looked promising but went to BSland pretty quickly with all the characters acting childish. After 8 episodes I wasn't even curious what happens at the end but I tend to watch everything after seeing 6 episodes because I didn't suffer over 6hrs of my life to just drop it... but then I suffer a lot more if it continues to suck or goes downhill even more... well.
PS: Seong Jun seems to get similar roles in nearly all of his dramas.
jihye 06 Apr, 2016
O que o lindo do Sung Jun não faz hein? O drama não é de todo ruim mas eu definitivamente teria dropado se eu não gostasse tanto desse ator. De novo em um drama que eu assisto esse ano em que os secundários tem um desenvolvimento/história mais interessante do que a trama principal, que foi bastante arrastada, uma pena pq tinha potencial. E devo concordar que no quesito química a nota foi zero, msm o Sung Jun se esforçando.
emmeline 03 Apr, 2016
I'm so disappointed with this and there's zero chemistry between the two of them, ugh
ilate 31 Mar, 2016
I had to take a short break from all K-Dramas I'm currently watching, but after coming back I wasn't even curious how this drama ends, so I'm dropping it.